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Drowning Cybermen, Didgeridoos, Baleen Whales.
Citation:   D X Meth-Head. "Drowning Cybermen, Didgeridoos, Baleen Whales.: An Experience with DiPT (exp115515)". Sep 19, 2021.

  smoked Cannabis  
  36 mg oral DiPT (powder / crystals)
I have wanted to try DiPT for over 2 years; in my attempt to acquire this audiopsychedelic I have been scammed 3 times by pretend-chemists, ostensibly by my own naiveté. The anticipation was immense, I can finally open up my ear drums to the audial realm of infrasound. I wanted to become a didgeridoo, or develop the ability to seismically communicate like elephants using ultra low frequency vibrations, or by-pass John Lilly's dolphin house and learn to communicate with baleen whales through habitual DiPT ingestion...anyways, I'm getting carried away.

22.48pm : (This day had been drab, I moped about and smoked Cannabis with friends and stole their food because I was too lazy to cook.) Initial ingestion of 36mg DiPT with tap water, toss and wash. After roughly 20 minutes, my throat felt goopy as though I was speaking through wax, my saliva felt coagulatory every time I swallowed. I tap my ears to gauge the onset of audio-effects, like tapping the batteries in a remote control to ensure it is operating at full efficiency, but to my dismay, no pitch distortion was present, just the typical thud thud thud.

23.18pm : Unbelievable horniness groped me from nowhere, electrifying and fluid horniness that perhaps surpassed the erotica of medium-dose 2C-B or GHB. I couldn't sit down I was so horny. There was no direction to my horniness, I just thoroughly enjoyed the carnal pleasure of rubbing my penis with vigour. This also marked the onset of distinctive auditory distortion. I wish I was more musically literate to be able to comprehensively describe how sound had distorted, thus my descriptions will be totally void of technical musical descriptions.

23.25pm : I played Marquee Moon, one of my favourite songs, and it sounded wholly different, an entire new progression of chords, an out-of-tune bass line, Tom Verlaine mumbling through a submarine subwoofer, the ending crescendo resembled jugular bells. This inspired me to masterbate further until I ejaculated into my hair with the final crescendo perfectly coinciding with the time of ejaculation.


I said to myself.

I then played some Joy Division, Ian Curtis sounded like a drowning cyberman. Some parts of songs were unrecognisable. I listened to Marquee Moon at three different points during the experience, with each listening-session sounding like a new iteration of the original song.

The following is a transcription of notes from the remainder of the experience, as I was too lazy to keep track of time. There is no structure to the remainder of this report:

'Disharmonic, syncopated orgasms for my audial cavities! There are different domains of pitch that exist simultaneously without our knowing, constantly. Flushing the toilet chain was an inaudible grumble, like a malevolent toilet using my urine for its own malaise.'

'I play a thought experiment with myself; I imagine how familiar songs sound, and then play them after imagining them. The difference between the imagined and perceived sound shocked me so much that I leapt from my seat like a reanimated, Galvanic corpse. I can think of unadulterated sounds, but I cannot hear unadulterated sounds.'

'1.51am : Sound and introspective meander into my own wonders. I would love to use this chemical as a tool for literary enhancement/studying. I wonder if baleen whales use DiPT as an endogenous neurotransmitter, does N-isopropyl transferase exist?'

'Colloquial sounds like ring tones and elevator tannoys sound the most profoundly distorted, followed by music, and finally voices of others. I call a group of friends, I can only differentiate between their voices via the placement of their breaths. I cannot stop making didgeridoo noises.'

I then fell asleep at 6am, and had to attend a meeting at 10am, where the auditory distortion still lingered and made my tutor sound like a dalek.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115515
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Sep 19, 2021Views: 797
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DiPT (110) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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