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Best of The Bunch
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "Best of The Bunch: An Experience with 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (exp115536)". Erowid.org. Aug 5, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115536

    2-Fluoromethamphetamine (daily)
2-FMA Ė Best of The Bunch

This report is part of an eight-report collection. The collection consists of a summary report that is retrospective and generalized in nature as well as seven [of which this is one] more detailed chronicles of my experiences with various chemicals used intentionally for work or study enhancement. Each report documents a single substance used for thirty days. The idea was to give each material a chance to show its strengths and weaknesses. The summary report has shorter descriptions and comparisons of my experiences with each material, as well as links to the other full-length experience reports for each substance.

The 2-FMA was a fluffy and clumpy white powder of which the dosages were prepared on a freshly calibrated milligram (.000 gram) scale. The chemicals was sourced through a highly vetted chemist and these batches were tested at a > 98% purity. An NMR analysis was completed and analyzed by a third party chemist to verify the chemical was as advertised. When I prepared dosages for oral administration, I used 00 capsules.

I did not have any tolerance to 2-FMA coming into the beginning of my month of using the substance.

Personal Background

I consider myself to be well versed in the realm of substance use. Previous experiences include opiates, stimulants and psychedelics spanning over more than a decade. A fair amount of my substance usage history includes novel research chemicals often in less than common combinations.

This report was written using extensive notes as well as audio recordings taken during the experiences. In addition to these, I penned thoughts, feelings, and descriptions of the effects in my trusty notebook.

Iím going to try my hardest to make this not sound like a massive endorsement of 2-FMA. It will be hard because this stuff, to me, is the absolute baddest mamajamma out there when it comes to study aids.

It is worth noting that of all the substances explored in this experience report collection, this is the drug I had the most familiarity with. Some others came close, but, in recent years especially, 2-FMA is something I choose more often than the other substances Iím discussing in this performance enhancement series.

Study Dosage Timeline

My ingestion schedule was as follows:

Day 1/30: 15 mg Insufflated
Day 2/30: 15 mg Insufflated
Day 3/30: 13 mg Oral
Day 4/30: Off Day
Day 5/30: 31 mg Oral
Day 6/30: 10 mg Oral
Day 7/30: 27 mg Oral
Day 8/30: Off Day
Day 9/30: 22 mg Oral
Day 10/30: 22 mg Oral
Day 11/30: 28 mg Oral
Day 12/30: Off Day
Day 13/30: Off Day
Day 14/30: 16 mg Oral
Day 15/30: Off Day
Day 16/30: 27 mg Oral
Day 17/30: 24 mg Oral
Day 18/30: Off Day
Day 19/30: 33 mg Oral
Day 20/30: 14 mg Oral
Day 21/30: 27 mg Oral
Day 22/30: Off Day
Day 23/30: 20 mg Oral
Day 24/30: Off Day
Day 25/30: T + 00:00 25 mg Oral
T + 08:22 26 mg Oral
Day 26/30: 15 mg Oral
Day 27/30: 24 mg Oral
Day 28/30: Off Day
Day 29/30: 25 mg Oral
Day 30/30: 26 mg Oral

Timeline | Duration Details

While the onset, duration, and intensity varied depending on dosage, what I had eaten that day, my mood, and a myriad of other factors, I constructed the summary below to describe when I felt certain types of effects on an ďaverageĒ day.

T + 00:00
I swallow a capsule or insufflate a line of finely crushed powder. The back drip and sting of snorting the compound are very manageable, I donít think Iíd even label them as unpleasant.

T + 00:15 Ė T + 00:40
By now, Iím feeling the 2-FMA effect my mind and body. First alert is probably closer to 10-20 minutes for me when insufflating and perhaps 25-40 minutes when taking it orally. A smile, followed by a readjustment in my chair to straighten my spine in preparation of the mental boost soon to come, is usually my way of telling Iím progressing past a Ī and into a +.

T + 00:45 Ė T + 01:15
Regardless of my ROA, Iím usually nearing peak intensity during this time range.

T + 01:00 Ė T + 02:30
This is smooth sailing. The positivity and mood lift carrying me through this section of the experience is probably indicative of minor euphoria being released by the substance.

If I am sitting at my desk, Iím laser focused. Not to the point of forgetting to drink water or getting lost in a rabbit hole, but I work with far fewer breaks, such as checking my phone, than normal. While in this enhanced state, I still feel calm, more calm than I do sober at work. I donít feel cranked up, Iím just accelerated. Iím in the Rolls Royce of stimulation; riding smooth and going fast.

T + 02:00 Ė T + 05:00
Depending on the dosage, I begin to notice a plateau in effect intensity and for most dosages, Iíll begin coming down in the latter third of this time range. The come-down is fairly long, which I generally enjoy, gently tapering back to baseline in time for dinner and a sober evening, if desired.

T + 05:00 Ė T + 09:00
This is the descent back to baseline. A lingering effect I almost always experience is a cross tolerance with alcohol. I can drink more than normal, but feel the alcoholís effects significantly less. My appetite, although never severely suppressed, always returned full force by the end. I donít have much to include for this period of time given that it was bland, smooth, and comfortable transition back to baseline.

Expectations | Hopes | Concerns Going In

Given my prior experience with 2-FMA, I was looking forward to this month more than any of the other substances. My expectations were that this would be the best performing study aid substance while having the fewest negative side effects and drawbacks, such as tolerance or dependency. I hoped the substance would retain its magic; this was the most regularly Iíve used 2-FMA in terms of frequency. No concerns to speak of Ė I came into the 2-FMA month ready to go!

Favorite Aspects:
Well . . . I liked it. All of it. Soft stimulation that kept me on task and happy to be working no matter what I was tasked with. This chemical is like a key for me that unlocks otherwise unobtainable levels of focus and productivity. 2-FMA provided me with a good mood, positivity, and mellow euphoria depending on dosage. This substance made me feel smart and happy. In addition to being wonderful while in action, I never felt compelled to compulsively re-dose, increase my dosages, or depart from my dosing schedule.

When I say the substance made me smart and happy, I should offer clarification. Smart meant increased focus, focus that didnít stray from the desired task, the combination ultimately increasing productivity and results. Happy meant that I enjoyed the productivity that resulted from the increased mental abilities. A general lift in mood accompanied by light physical and mental euphoria. The two went hand in hand; getting more done resulted in happiness, which boosted my interest and productivity; a great cycle to be in.

The fact that I could eat and have appetite and no detrimental effects on taste was very useful, especially when considering that ingestion was scheduled nearly every day. I didnĎt run across any stomach discomfort or agitation, which for me, with a chronic digestive disease, was a huge bonus. In general, the substance didnít feel terribly caustic to my body even after such regular usage. Iíve found this to be true in the past as well, including pretty larger repeated dosages when 2-FMA was a part of multi-day stimulant binges.

Least Favorite Aspects:
This section is going to be short. I didnít encounter stomach discomfort as I do on many stimulants. Even on higher dosages, I didnít get jittery or uncomfortable, and never regretted taking the substance. For a worry-wort like me, this last point of total comfort at low and high dosages alike, is remarkable. There were many days when I had some issues regulating my body temperature. My circulation seemed compromised slightly, often resulting in chilly feet and fingers. Adding warm socks or additional clothing layers helped some, but at times I couldnít shake an uncomfortable chill until I hopped into a hot shower. That was really the only ďnegativeĒ.

Neutral Aspects | Additional Commentary:
Once again, not much to write here. Interference with my sleep schedule and appetite suppression spoiling meals; two things I never had to worry about with 2-FMA. This substance really didnít leave me with much to complain about.


In the dosages ranges I explored during this month with 2-FMA, I was always able to find the sweet-spot in regards to leveraging the substance's slight appetite suppression to suit the schedule of the dayís needs. If I was slammed with meetings the first half of the day, Iíd eat a banana prior to my 2-FMA dosage and find that I didnít get hit with any hunger pangs or cravings until early afternoon. I might take a slightly higher dosage, perhaps twenty four milligrams in the place of eighteen milligrams. I found the higher the dosage, the, the more intense, and longer lasting the suppression on my hunger was. As one might expect, at lower dosages, the effects on my appetite were drastically less noticeable. If my afternoon was busy, Iím simply dose low in the morning, eat a tasty meal and larger re-dose before the craziness began. Generally at smaller dosages, the 2-FMA had no effect on my desire to eat, the taste of food, and if anything, increased my enjoyment of the self nourishing process. Consistency in the effects I could expect, at specific dosages, made this substance easy to customize to my exact needs, and feel totally comfortable throughout the day(s).


- Starting weight: 205 pounds

- Ending weight: 192 pounds Ė This month included increased exercise, which occurred without any heart rate issues/spiking, and a better diet including less alcohol. The stimulant potentially helped minimize some mid-day snacking, but overall I didnít see the 2-FMA playing a role in the weight loss.

- Heart rate notes: Nothing noteworthy Ė no slowing or hastening either on a regular basis or singular incident.

- Sexual effects: Desire slightly increased, particularly between T + 01:00 and T + 04:00. After the come-down this diminished. In terms of performance, I didnít find extreme enhancement or setbacks. Stamina was increased to a minor degree on most of the occasions the situation turned sexual.

- Sleep effects: I didnít note any extra difficulty falling asleep on days I took the 2-FMA. I was dosing relatively early, and tend to be a bit of a night owl, so it seems logical I never found the substance disruptive to my sleep schedule. I would imagine dosing with 4-6 hours of a desired bedtime would have caused me issues.

Mental Effects

- Creativity: Strictly speaking, I didnít feel especially creative or artistic while using 2-FMA. I found some unorthodox solutions to various challenges, but I attribute this to sustained effort, rather than my brain operating in a vastly different way, as it might on psychedelics.

- Focus: 2-FMA really shined here. I was able to work longer and at a higher rate of productivity than I couldíve sober. Period. This substance allowed me to be close to maximum effort for much longer periods of time than I normally can. This is true of most amphetamines for me, but what really stood out to me with this substance in particular was that the focus was easily controlled. I rarely found myself realizing Iíd spent an hour down a rabbit hole, or on some side-project, losing track of my main objective or goal. The increased focus felt very natural. Even at higher dosages, I didnít feel ďcracked outĒ or overstimulated to the point of becoming uncomfortable with the speed of my thoughts.

- Social Effects: No doubt about it, this substance makes me more likely to shoot off a text message to a friend or family member. In the grand scheme of stimulants, I would say 2-FMA was in the lower half in terms of making me a ĎChatty Cathyí. I found my interactions with others slightly more positive than normal, always trying to find silver linings, and put an optimistic spin on things. This was enjoyable, but not intense to the point where I felt I was at risk of saying something I would later regret. I was taking the 2-FMA in non-recreational amounts during this month, so the intensity of the social effects was well within my expectations.

Mood Effects

I chose to divide this section into portions of time because after reviewing my notes at the end of the month, the most distinct patterns of mood changes were correlated to specific timelines. The comments below held true for nearly all of the 2-FMA dosage days.

- Mid Experience: As I have eluded to already in this report, 2-FMA generally lifted my spirits and kept a smile on my face. While this was the initially obvious characteristic, I did gain some wholistic insight as to how the substance affected my mood from taking it regularly over the course of a month. I had a variety of natural moods throughout the month and encountered several seriously frustrating and overwhelming days at work. In these instances, the 2-FMA was not a strong enough agent, at the given dosages, to lift me out of a funk or a ďsky is fallingĒ attitude. Generally the substance resulted in a better mood, but not always. I didnít have thirty days in a row of good moods; when the down days happened, the 2-FMA let them happen. On two occasions I felt as though the extra stimulation from the substance drove me down a worse path than if Iíd been sober in the bad mood, but this wasnít the norm.

- Come-Down: The 2-FMA return to baseline is a gentle one. I never felt my mood crash or drastically change as the substanceís effects wore off. On days where I doses a bit higher or had taken the substance a number of days in a row, I did detect a slightly increase in irritability towards the end of the day. Iíd feel a bit drained, tapped out, and cranky if something didnít go as planned.

- Next Day(s): There was never any sort of hangover or afterglow on the days following 2-FMA usage. Even if Iíd taken the substance all week, or a long continuous stretch of days, I didnít find any sort of withdrawal. There was never any desire to dose again; to scratch an itch.

Physical Effects
2-FMA had very gentle manners, when affecting my mind or my body. It seemed almost apologetic when it forced a less than desirable effect onto me. My circulation did seem to suffer when on the substance. This caused cold feet and hands that were tricky to regulate and make comfortable, often resulting in me cycling through multiple pairs of wool socks each day. Compared to the beneficial effects on my productivity, this was a small price to pay.

My stomach, easily offended due to a lifelong stomach condition, does not seem to be affected by this particular stimulant. I never experienced any cramps, discomforts, or flair ups from my disease. I often used the bathroom about 15-30 minutes after ingesting 2-FMA, but this is pretty normal for me when taking any similar substance, even coffee.

The only other common theme in my notes was that when the drug wore off, or was wearing off, I often felt drained. Like my day was automatically over because the 2-FMA was leaving me. Most days, this worked perfect. I didnít mind a bit of extra drag after a massively productive day. This seemed natural and to be expected honestly. When I was forced to continue work past the come-down however, I often switched substances to alcohol, or re-dosed the 2-FMA. This wasnít necessarily a negative, I actually found this to be useful; a red flag that didnít allow me to try and give 110% for days on end.

Please keep in mind the below commentary is limited to the handful of interactions between my 2-FMA dosages, taken primarily in the morning, and secondary substances which were mostly taken in the late afternoons or evenings. In many cases, Iíd hesitate to say these were ďcombinationĒ and more likely to categorize them as two separate experiences with slight overlap in their timelines. Some of the substances described below are called out as being more legitimate combinations due to proximity of ingestion.

- Cannabis: I combined cannabis and 2-FMA fairly regularly both during the workday as well as abstaining fro cannabis until after work. This included both lose dosage edibles and vaporizing oil products. At lower doses, two or three medium sized hits from my vape pen, the traditional cannabis effects were hard to detect. In this type of combination, I found a small boost, perhaps five to then percent, in the 2-FMAís effects. This was handy when I had dosed the stimulant a bit lower and needed a little pick me up. All the edibles ingested were low intensity home-made cookies, so I donít have an exact dosage of the THC content. They acted in the background, giving a little goofiness to my mood, but overall I didnít find they helped my productivity, perhaps the opposite in fact, with a clouded mind.

Larger cannabis dosages also magnified the 2-FMAís effects. A strong flush of euphoria almost always followed large successive hits of cannabis. This was a treat, but after the initial rush, I often lost some of the critical performance enhancing aspects of the 2-FMA. My focus might be retained, but it often became misdirected to ideas or tasks that had nothing to do with the work I was supposed to be doing. Overall this wasnít a combination I enjoyed all that much.

- Alcohol: During the month of 2-FMA usage, I was cutting back on my drinking, but still consumed alcohol on 1/3 of my dosage days. The alcohol was typically introduced no earlier than T + 02:00 after my capsule or line of 2-FMA. A cold beer with lunch or an afternoon snack often felt extra refreshing. Unfortunately, taste was one of the only pleasant pieces to this combination unless the dosage of alcohol was increased dramatically. Even at the tail end of the stimulantís duration, I noticed that I could consume far more alcohol than normal without feeling proportionate effects. Only with heavier consumption, ten or more beers and a few cocktails, would I get the sedated, uncoordinated happiness that I would have expected at about half of that liquid diet.

- Benzodiazepines: I used several benzos during my month with 2-FMA. These were: clonazolam, clonazepam, etizolam, and flualprazolam. I didnít find that any of these interacted with the 2-FMA differently than the others, so have grouped them together, rather than repeating myself for each individual substance.

The benzo usage was more of a true combination than any other substance during this month. On several occasions I took the benzo before, or shortly following my stimulant dosage. Dosages were critical to achieving the effects I was in search of; 2-FMA on the higher side and benzodiazepines on the lower side [Ex. 38 milligrams of 2-FMA orally combined with 1-1.5 milligrams of etizolam orally at the same time]. This was like taking already smooth wood and giving it one final sanding using the finest grit sandpaper imaginable. Although this amphetamine doesnít have much of an ďedgeĒ and angstiness to it, the low dosage benzos smoothed over whatever limited roughness existed. The stimulation became smoother than smooth and I was able to settle into an even deeper groove than the 2-FMA provided on its own. With this type of pairing, I was cool, calm, collected, and operating at peak capacity. These were productive and dreamy pleasant days of work.

If the benzo dosages got too high, the balance of the experience would be off. Iíd suddenly be in the mood to watch a movie, or shop online, or nap; many things seemed attractive Ė except working. That isnít to say that higher dosages didnít play well with the 2-FMA. Timing is the key. Coming down from almost any psychoactive experience, I enjoy benzodiazepines to ease my transition to baseline, a meditative state, or sleep. This amphetamine was no exception, once its effects were dwindling I enjoyed the way the various benzos let me avoid the Ďempty and drainedí sensation 2-FMA sometimes left me with after a strenuous day and instead enjoy basking in seductive relaxation. Given my reduction of alcohol consumption and poly-drug addiction mindset, the benzos were useful in bridging the gap between substance induced stimulation and the end of my evenings.

Outcome | Summary | Takeaways

I came in with towering expectations and hopes that 2-FMA would solidify itself as the ďbest performance enhancement / study aidĒ substance for me. The lofty bar was met and exceeded.

One thing that was extremely enjoyable, and surprising, about the regular 2-FMA ingestion was that I didnít seem to go through any dependency or increased desire to dose the substance. In fact, the opposite was true. Multiple times my journal notes mentioned that after a day or more of dosing in a row, I didnít feel in the mood to take my morning dose. This got to the extent of me debating not sticking to the ingestion schedule. Most other stimulants do not have this effect for me, especially at such low dosages, and a few friends who are familiar with 2-FMA have not experienced this either. Your mileage may vary I suppose. A self regulating characteristic to a substance that I should want to do everyday? Another check in the win column.

In general, I found ten milligrams to be about as small as I cared to dose. This would provide me with some appetite suppression, which was useful as I was trying to lose some weight at the time, and a minimal amount of increased focus and energy. Twelve to twenty milligrams was probably my sweet spot for an average day where I wanted to feel some legitimate stimulation, but not run any risk of feeling uncomfortable in any work scenario that might arise, such a surprise meeting with higher up employees. Beyond pure stimulation, the 2-FMA always felt smooth and positive; giving me mood and empathy levels a boost. It was like moving from hard light that one might find in an operating room at a hospital, into a welcoming warm sun soaked atrium. With this type of mental state, I was more productive even without the exaggerated attention span and desire to perform.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115536
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Aug 5, 2021Views: 6,373
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