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A Beautifully Therapeutic and Safe Benzo
by Pheniballs
Citation:   Pheniballs. "A Beautifully Therapeutic and Safe Benzo: An Experience with Pyrazolam (exp115570)". Sep 15, 2021.

1 - 4 mg oral Pyrazolam


My background:
25, male (ish), I have used probably like 80 chemicals, heroic doses of psychs and dissociative benders, a small handful of different benzos, plenty of phenibut, gabapentin, etc. I could keep going but I don't find it necessary or relevant. I studied psych in school and do plenty of pharmacology and other drug related research in my free time. I have been using pyrazolam 3-6 days a week for the last few weeks.

Whether I will regret this is yet to be determined. It got me the fuck away from gaba-B agonists and gabapentinoids for a bit which was my goal. But so far pyraz actually seems to be worthy of keeping in my rotation of drugs going forward, after a break. [btw I had demoted other benzos to "not worth it" for me]

Pyrazolam specifically targets anxiety unlike any other benzo.

Side Effects:

The levels of sedation and amnesia I have experienced in reasonable doses have been negligible. At higher doses, the amnesia will creep in - but I still remember the night and what I did- I just miss small details.

The main negative side effect I've noticed is benzo rage. At doses around 2mg-4mg, I can get quite fucking angry if people act like pricks, as I find it harder to control my emotions and I'm very good at keeping my judgments and dislikes about people inside. Sometimes this is helpful and cathartic. But mostly it risks creating problems with people who I deal with on a daily basis. Other factors in my life influenced this- but I am very nonconfrontational, and I started some shit with a coworker one time partially from pyrazolam's reduction of emotional inhibitions. I almost walked out of a job that I very much should not have. Thankfully it blew over and I took it as a lesson learned.


For sleep:

Pyrazolam is mediocre at getting to sleep after stimulating drugs. Instead, it makes me feel better by reducing my anxiety, and the residual stimulation rides out while I don't give any fucks- therefore I end up staying up later. However, a high enough dose with copious amounts of THC and other supplements will manage to knock me out. Also, a single or double drink with a moderate dose of pyraz.

I am undecided on pyrazolam's effect on sleep in general. I've been having weird dreams but can't pinpoint that to pyraz. It does make it easier to fall asleep from reduction of anxiety, and I don't feel like a bag of horse shit in the morning.

For combinations:

Combining pyrazolam with other drugs does NOT bludgeon the effects like i.e. etizolam or alprazolam. This is something I want to explore more. Phenibut used to be my go to LSD recreational combo. But I'm curious to see what I can get out of pyraz with various psychedelics. Like what would 5 grams of mushrooms with 1mg of pyraz feel like? It may result in a very pleasant relaxed yet intense trip?

Functional stimulants like 2-fma plus pyrazolam allowed for some very intense and effective work done- as well as next level flirting. I mean levels even surpassing phenibut. 2-fma plus any other benzo may have resulted in me being a bit less "with it," or present, which girls can pick up on, so another point for pyrazolam.

Pyrazolam's interaction with THC, psychs and NMDA-antagonists (dissociatives) (yes, at the same time) is less upsetting than other benzos. On the comedown of trips where I combine the above three, I have taken etizolam and I have taken pyrazolam. Pyrazolam allows me to still have the capability to follow my thoughts and keep track of them, and I'm able to write. Etizolam synergizes with the above 3 hallucinogens to create this state of hyper amnesia, and I get upset that I feel good but am unable to keep track of thoughts even when writing them down. The lack of sedation helps too. This was a very cool finding for me - I love writing on all of these drugs but the combination is amnesia city. Pyraz sort of reduces that negative effect.


Pyrazolam's unique subtype receptor affinity for the a2 and a3 binding sites - along with its complete lack of metabolites - makes it my favorite benzo I have encountered. It is a drug which makes me excited for the future of pharmacology- as well as even more disappointed in the disgusting psychiatric field (I say this as a disgruntled psychology graduate). People should ABSOLUTELY be receiving pyrazolam scripts over other benzos, in MANY cases. Pyrazolam should also be used to help people in their tapers from more serious benzos.

I am not yet seasoned enough with it to conclude on addiction potential beyond the fact that it is absolutely 100% more forgiving than other benzos in rebound effects and physical addiction. This is, in my educated guess, due to the selective binding as well as the lack of metabolites. But I am curious to see what happens if I run out without access to a week-long gabapentin taper.

Bless this chemical, and may we see more like it in the future (as well as more OF it).

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115570
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Sep 15, 2021Views: 262
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