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Fractal Inferno
by izan
Citation:   izan. "Fractal Inferno: An Experience with LSD (exp115571)". May 16, 2023.

400 ug   LSD
Acid Trip Report: Sat, Jun 26 - 6:41 pm 400ug Probably one of the most terrifying and enlightening trips I have ever been on.
6:41 pm - Positive mindset going in, friends seem to think differently about this, we will see.

6:47 pm - Extremely happy, very talkative amongst 3 friends.

7:05 pm - Feeling light visual distortion. This is the event horizon, and I am but a rocket ship careening on the edge, about to be sucked into the infinite spiraling horizon. I know I went for a walk that may have lasted either 30 minutes to an hour. It was a park in the middle of a slightly overwhelming “residential” area and there was a stream cutting through the middle, with twisty trippy trees on the bank and around the park. The mosquitoes were swarming us, with no end in sight, but my friends somehow convinced me that it was a part of my trip.

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm - I came to know the truth of “reality”, or whatever my reality was at the time, and it felt like I had just stepped foot into the world of Dante’s “Inferno”. It was absolute hell from this point forward. Walking outside felt like I had baked in hell, the dehydration wrought by, well, not drinking water haha, baked my skin dry to the point I felt like a child’s sidewalk chalk, left out in the sun after a long day of use.

9:30 pm to 12:00 am - My friend is addicted to codeine tablets, I didn’t know until as of writing this but “codeine psychosis” might explain the shit that happened here, basically I remember him entering the room, talking frequently about a “moose” then leaving the room, then going into the bathroom to pop more codeine, and 20 minutes later it happened again but this time it was about these “planets” he made as a kid, I have no idea but it tripped me right back into hell whenever he would try to talk to me about this useless shit.

2:31 am - A serene tranquility is in the air but not calm. I have reached the peak, the calm before the storm. I am sweating terribly, the sweat pours from my pores like rain. I experience harsh nausea. It is around now that I peak. I start to loop. Again and again, I experience infinite fractal realities, each one spiraling into a short psychosis, then breaking off and looping over again, however it is slightly different and more nauseating with each rewind.
I experience infinite fractal realities, each one spiraling into a short psychosis, then breaking off and looping over again, however it is slightly different and more nauseating with each rewind.
This lasted for around 3-4 hours, and my heart rate was stagnant at best, whilst my breathing patterns were terrible, on and off with short panicked bursts of epiphany as I “tasted” my own blood in my mouth.

6:14 am - Finally just starting to come off, with a slight, although short-lived afterglow that probably masked how goddamn hungry I really was throughout that fucking acid-hell. Still don’t really want to eat. Or drink.

Post-trip: this absolute reality bender of a trip changed me as a person. I truly believe I emerged “victorious” from the fight with this one. I probably overdosed because I don’t do acid often, and I remember throwing up at some point throughout the trip. Altogether I would say it was absolute torture. Sitting through all 12 grueling hours of that fat bastard was a fever dream.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115571
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 16, 2023Views: 998
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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