Primal Fear
DXM with Guafenesin & Diphenhydramine
by Anon
Citation:   Anon. "Primal Fear: An Experience with DXM with Guafenesin & Diphenhydramine (exp115595)". Jul 26, 2023.

T+ 0:00
236 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 250 mg oral Diphenhydramine (capsule)

At 2:10AM, all 236mg DXM (with 2360mg Guaifenesin) cough syrup taken within about 5 minutes. Until about 2:40AM, I was busy pulling up music to listen to while testing out this combination of drugs and doing everything I could to not puke up the cough syrup. During this time, there was a strong feeling of vertigo as I got up to pee, but nothing much else. Then, at 2:40AM the nauseous feeling started to subside and I began taking 10x 25mg DPH capsules over about 10 minutes.

From this time up until 4:30AM, I don't remember a single thing, nor did I write any of it down. As I sat on the pot, some quite heinous diarrhea emerged and I also noticed my mouth becoming sticky with not-quite-snot. When I made it back to my room, I fired up some music and began to see, with intricate detail, closed-eye visuals from futuristic space cubes to red and black striped triceratops and everything in between. While listening to Led Zeppelin's famous live performance of Stairway to Heaven, I suddenly looked down and could see my self and my family left behind as I floated up into space - and yet I felt that something was horribly wrong about this and immediately prayed that I be restored to my body, and so I awoke.

A few songs later, by 5:23AM I felt that the effects were at their peak, rotating entire universes in my mind with immaculate 3D detail, colliding galaxies and somehow re-growing my brain tissue from these actions (or so the drugged-out me thought). By about 6:30, I got up to pee again and had a sense that the positive effects were diminishing substantially, leaving me with only the negatives.

By 7:30 AM, I was convinced that I was dying. I felt a warmth at the center of my chest that flushed through my body. Having sharp pains near my heart the previous two days and always having problems with blood circulation in my legs, I felt for sure I was having a heart attack at the old age of 25. I immediately, in my DPH / DXM'd stupor, got up to have my friend take me to the ER.

On the way, the burning flame would come back and wash over me three more times, each one feeling like more of a death sentence as they came. "Lord Jesus Christ forgive me for I am a sinner." "What God has done for others, he now does for me and more." These two mantras I kept repeating on the 45 minute drive to the hospital. The second, I repeated continuously in my head as I lay there on the ER bed, as suddenly I just knew deep down that I was about to die. My entire body went numb, every limb, every digit, every thing - and I could, in my chest, feel a tightening as if my lungs or heart were ready to give up.
I lay there on the ER bed, as suddenly I just knew deep down that I was about to die. My entire body went numb, every limb, every digit, every thing - and I could, in my chest, feel a tightening as if my lungs or heart were ready to give up.
And the wonderful nurse there looked at me. Sternly, she told me to breathe deeply and slowly, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Then, she asked me why my fists were clenched. And I couldn't respond, I couldn't even open my mouth, and I had no idea that my fists were clenched. I stared into her eyes, silently pleading that she could do something more, but as I remembered my mantras and kept my gaze locked with her... slowly, I was able to calm my breathing down with her there, asking questions as if I could answer them, asking for movements as if I could give them. And soon enough, all of my limbs were back in working order, with a nearly perfect blood draw (lacking a bit of potassium) and a clean x-ray it was concluded as a severe panic attack (although there may be other explanations). Finally, a banana bag and some salt water later and I was free to share my encounter with primal fear on what one might expect to be a mild dose.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115595
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jul 26, 2023Views: 548
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