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Paradoxically Clearheaded and Intoxicating
Citation:   Psychestim. "Paradoxically Clearheaded and Intoxicating: An Experience with TMA-2 (exp115626)". Aug 6, 2021.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral TMA-2 (capsule)
  T+ 4:40   oral Alcohol  
  T+ 6:15   oral Alcohol  
**I didn稚 change much from the original notes I made during the trip so you have a better understanding of how I felt during the trip. My conclusion is at the bottom.**

After having tried 3,4,5-trimethoxyamphetamine (TMA) in February, I decided to check off the other trimethoxylated amphetamine in my collection. TMA-2, is the only compound of the TMA-x family that could also be classified a member of the DOx family, because it shares the same substitution positions on the phenyl ring. The DOMeO nomenclature wouldn稚 make any sense though because the DOx were literally created on the basis of TMA-2. DOM stands for **D**es**O**xy**M**ethyl(amphetamine) which essentially means it痴 TMA-2 where the methoxy is replaced by a methyl. Anyways, TMA-2 is the α-methyl counterpart of 2C-O and generally regarded as a weird, unpredictable and physically heavy psychedelic. My expectations weren奏 exactly high for this one attributed to my relatively unremarkable first trial with its positional isomer, TMA-1. The reports of TMA-2 sounded more promising though and I was just grateful for the opportunity to try this rare substance.

I was gifted 25mg of TMA-2 hydrochloride by a very generous friend of mine, who acquired it from the deepweb. The drug was tested and verified by through GC-MS and NMR spectroscopy.

**Backround infos:**
- gender: male
- weight: 76kg
- setting: at home, together with a good friend of mine
- set: I知 excited, but feel pretty calm
- tolerance: none

I had a light breakfast around 3 hours prior to dosing. No other substances were consumed before this experience.

T:-00:30: BP/HR measured at *125/81 mm Hg - 75 bpm*. Blood pressure is a little bit elevated, but nothing to worry about. One of my best friends (who I値l refer to as *M*) decides to join me and plans to take a dose of 2C-B. We originally thought about taking DOM today, but as he has plans for later tonight we decided to switch substances.

**TMA-2 (25mg, oral) / Trip Report:**

I swallow the 25mg capsule of TMA-2 HCl at 11:20 AM and make myself some green tea to lessen the potential nausea or stomach discomfort. Because the come-up of TMA-2 takes quite a bit longer than that of 2C-B, *M* decides to take his dose later.

My palms are sweaty, my eyes are glassy and my pupils are slightly dilated. A very slow climbing come-up. I feel calm and strangely not really stimulated. The bodyload sets in but is not particularly strong at this point. Pulse is slightly elevated, but not worth measuring. So far there are no visual effects.

*M* takes 1.5 pills now, which probably equates to around 15-22mg 2C-B. Slight visual drifting sets in. My mind is somewhat clear but I feel a bit hazy. Bodyload is surprisingly mild at this point, comparable to TMA-1. Color saturation is turned up a notch but other than that very little is happening visually.

We are beginning to have some philosophical and political talks about consumerism and our society. The desire to communicate is heightened and the social component of this drug is really fun. Conversations are flowing naturally and the slight visuals are dancing in the background. The headspace is relatively hypnotic and impairing compared to other phenylalkylamines in my opinion. A warm energy is coursing through me and radiating from my body. The mood elevating nature of this drug is clearly identifiable now.

OEV's are almost non-existent. CEV's are often bizarre and ugly and take a long time to appear. In this aspect it is reminiscent of TMA-1, but the visuals are more distinct and not as shy, possibly due to the difference in dosage. With my eyes closed, the substance feels a bit intimidating, abstract, and partially delirious. I am in a very good mood though and find the experience very nice. The stimulation is easily manageable at this dose and not uncomfortable, even though I知 not moving around. The physical euphoria is very pronounced at this point and squeezes my eyes shut. My thoughts and worries dissolve into thin air in a strong wave of euphoria.

The peak of the experience has fully developed now. At this point TMA-2 reminds me a lot of methallylescaline. I haven't tried mescaline yet, but I imagine this is pretty similar. The CEV's are more inviting and colorful than before. They池e still rather unappealing and simple though. MAL had very similar closed eye visuals but more complex, organized and beautiful. TMA also had similar visuals, but they were less intense and even more abstract. TMA-2 is the way TMA would like to be. It's more euphoric, exciting and, at this dose, just better than TMA-1. I munch on some grapes and they are absolutely delicious. The strong color saturation catches my eye again. The grapes are very, very green. Unbelievably green, they look almost fake.

The trip is very positive and strongly euphoric, almost entactogenic. Again, this reminds me a lot of methallylescaline only with no nausea or stomach issues. TMA-2 has a darker and more mysterious vibe though. It痴 very pleasurable, don奏 get me wrong, but it壮 not as cheerful or upbeat as MAL. As the peak settled in, TMA-2 changed quite a bit in character. With TMA the peak went nowhere, which may have also been due to the low dose. The TMA-2, on the other hand, is in full swing and I enjoy it very much. The effects could be stronger, though...

The bodyload is heavy and tiring in parts. The whole trip has not been stimulating at all for me, I actually find it rather sedating. I just took a shower because my body temperature regulation seemed off. Mental and physical euphoria are still persisting. Headspace is unchanged. Still rather hypnotic and intoxicating, although clear at the same time. If I had to rate this experience on the Shulgin Rating Scale at the moment, I would say I知 at a decent ++.

Peak effects drop off surprisingly quick. It doesn't seem to last as long as I expected, but that doesn't bother me. I feel a little tired and worn out. I had the same feeling on TMA-1 when the peak faded. I feel exhausted and was also a little worried about the physical safety of the TMA-x family for a short period of time. However, I'm sure my head was playing with me and I was never even close to any imminent danger. I believe that at a higher dose, one is more likely to be distracted from the side effects, as the other, positive effects are more prevalent.

*M* and I are now preparing ourselves a gin tonic. The effects of the TMA-2 are slowly fading into the background. Slight visual changes are still noticeable and I find myself in a lovely plateau stage. Conversations are flowing smoothly and the sociability enhancement is further amplified by the alcohol.

Albeit being on a low dose of alcohol, the effects are clearly noticeable. The synergy between the two is pretty nice. I知 relatively hungry by now so I shove a frozen pizza in the oven. My appetite is still suppressed, but eating is not too difficult. We drink another gin tonic.

Posterior head pressure is present. This is expected to turn into a headache, like I know it from other related compounds.
Blood pressure and pulse measured at *154/97 mm Hg - 99 bpm* (left arm) / 152/94 mm Hg - 97 bpm* (right arm).
Highly elevated readings compared to my normal ones, but considering I combined alcohol with an amphetamine I don't think that's particularly surprising or worrisome.

Effects have almost completely dissipated by now except for the head pressure, which probably won't go away anytime soon. Blood pressure and pulse are now approaching normal values again.

*124/74 mm Hg - 83 bpm* on the left side, and *129/83 mm Hg - 86 bpm* on the right side.

Head pressure has now clearly morphed into a headache, which is located in the back of my skull. I hope it goes away with some sleep and fluids and doesn't drag through tomorrow. I proceed to drink plenty of water.

Bedtime. The alcohol probably helped me fall asleep a bit faster. It probably took me around 30 minutes.

**The day after:**

It痴 07:40 AM. I slept fine, but I知 still a bit tired. Headache is still there, which honestly doesn't surprise me.

A hot shower, some coffee and breakfast got rid of my headache. Emotionally I feel fine, but I知 more lethargic than usual.


TMA-2 is a pretty interesting drug and worth trying out in my opinion, if you like physically intense and strange phenethylamines. I知 pretty sure it痴 not going to become a favorite of mine, but if you池e looking for a novel, unique, mescaline-like drug this might be for you. At 25mg, TMA-2 doesn奏 have a lot to offer visually or auditively. It does however provide a unique headspace, sociability enhancement and strong physical and mental euphoria. From my limited experience, I would say TMA-2 is superior to TMA, but I need to try both substances again in higher doses to draw definite conclusions. If I租 ever try it again I租 go for a 35-40mg dose to see what TMA-2 is really all about.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115626
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Aug 6, 2021Views: 2,303
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