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The Mother of Unconditional Love
by Fantastic Mr.T
Citation:   Fantastic Mr.T. "The Mother of Unconditional Love: An Experience with Changa (exp115632)". Jul 25, 2021.

3 hits smoked Changa


So, this experience I had was in November of last year. I was at a mini psytrance festival was the last day out of the 3.

I was chilling at my tent with the people I was camping with, and my friend Brayden came running to me with a dose of liquid DMT in a vape pen he technically stuck it in my mouth while I was sitting in my camping chair. Anyways the pen didnít work ... so he asked me to follow him to his other friendsí tent where he stacked me a dose of Changa in a glass pipe. I donít know why the pen didnít work really I think the coil was burnt or most probably it couldíve been the battery, because it didnít make any smoke to start with. (The vape pens for the DMT liquid are not that common, my friend use to work for a big supplier so he had access to all this stuff that u aren't really able to get at any local dealer.)

Iíve smoked DMT once before but didnít have the full experience because of the fact that I didnít take that last hit as you should.

The changa was the caapi leaf, it looked exactly like tobacco but just black. It lasted about 10-15minutes. I cant really remember exactly how long it was but I was definitely on another plane of consciousness for at least 8-10 mins.

I held the pipe and he told me to smoke the whole dose in 3 pulls no matter what. I took the first pull, I blew out and didnít feel anything at first. After the second pull my whole body just numbed. I wasnít able to hold the pipe and I remember the last sight I had was the fact that the pipe morphed into this giant crystal in my hand Öby that moment I knew shit was going down.
I canít exactly remember that I took my last pull, but I found out that apparently, I didÖ

I laid on my back and took a deep breath Öand let the experience guide me. I saw thousands of geometric patterns, I saw this weird ancient language creeping from the left side of my vision in bright red while all these mandalas and patterns filled with love surrounded me and all the colours made feel an emotion of being loved unconditionally. I didnít know what the language meant all I knew is that I was amazed out of my mind by what I was seeing, it was something so surreal (the random language that appeared faded as far as I remember it was just for a few seconds, but Iíve never seen it in my life thatís for sure!) Ö I felt constant female presence and this woman, or female energy that I felt made me feel that Iíve been here before I felt very overwhelmed by the experience because of the fact that Iím being welcomed in such a friendly manner.

I didnít break thru though, I could still physically feel my surroundings in a way while coming out of it I just saw a bunch of random patterns and colours. While in my trip I felt very comfortable with my surroundings, because I was in a tent with my best friend who I have been thru allot of experiences with. I remember I held him laying in his arms crying and laughing because of the beautiful patterns and energy that I was feeling and seeing, while lying in my friendsí arms, I could feel his positive energy, I could feel his joy by seeing how I was enjoying the experience and it felt like my arms and whole body was like roots growing into his bodyÖI know it sounds weird, but it is actually how the experience was. Also couldnít really see my friend's face it also just looked like moving patterns and and energy flowing around almost like a peak on a strong acid tab with heavy visuals, and tears running down my eyes because of the love I felt and beauty I saw although I cant 100% comprehend what I saw ...

Itís eight months later and Iíve done DMT twice since, I decided to write this specific experience because this is the one that I remember the most of, since you donít really remember much after a trip Ö surrender, observe, learn.


Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115632
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 25, 2021Views: 757
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Changa (816) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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