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Systematic Evaluation
Citation:   pharmakeus bob. "Systematic Evaluation: An Experience with 3-Chlorophenmetrazine (exp115638)". Sep 7, 2021.

1 - 300 mg oral 3-Chlorophenmetrazine (powder / crystals)
Systematic Evaluation of 3-Chlorophenmetrazine

I apologize in advance that this report is probably somewhat dry if you were hoping to read about wild stories and detailed subjective experiences. This is more of a dose-response case study with some (admittedly) preachy but hopefully useful information and tips about this obscure compound.

3-chlorophenmentrazine is a phenylmorpholine type research chemical which is structurally closely related to phenmetrazine, as well as the research chemical 3-fluoro-phenmetrazine. Most of these compounds are monoaminergic stimulants which are mostly selective for dopamine and norepinephrine upregulation and thus exhibit similar in vitro effects to something like amphetamine.

3-chlorophenmentrazine, the subject of this post, is a relatively recent appearance on the research chemical market, but seemingly has not been widely accepted, with people preferring to consume the drugs that they know instead. I wasn't able to find any real user reports, suggesting that few if any had explored this obscure compound thoroughly. It seems that most people were reluctant to test this compound on themselves due to understandable fears of inherent toxicity.

This fear is most likely based on the well-known fact that para-chloroamphetamine is a potent serotonergic neurotoxin, and since 3-chlorophenmetrazine is essentially the phenmetrazine counterpart to para-chloroamphetamine, it is understandable that many people were reluctant to try it.

Due to my first-hand experiences with 3-fluorophematrazine and by taking into account the fact that para-chloro-cathinone is also not particularly neurotoxic, I decided to do a very careful series of self experiments to try to see if the effects are indeed too toxic to make it useful. (Phenmetrazine is essentially a cyclically constrained cathinone.)

After receiving the shipment from a trusted and reputable retailer, I did an independent investigation to confirm its identity and was able to confirm, that the sample was indeed what it was sold as, by using the analytical method of infrared spectroscopy. As a side note, the IR spectrum of this compound is very similar to that of 3-fluorophementrazine hydrochloride, but with a few distinct differences (most likely due to the different halogens present). In the following weeks I received and analyzed additional 3-chlorophemetrazine samples from different sources and all of them were consistently identified using infrared spectroscopy. It also confirmed the absence of any major adulterants and confirmed that my sample was relatively pure. In light of this, it is almost certain that the substance I consumed was indeed 3-chlorophementrazine and more specifically its hydrochloride salt.

When exploring an unknown compound, one always has to exercise extreme caution, even if that means being wasteful at times. So I conducted several self experiments in which I gradually escalated the dose. All doses where weighed out on a scientific lab scale accurate to 0.1 mg.

Trial 1: 1mg. No effects.

Trial 2: 5mg. No effects.

Trial 3: 15mg: Maybe something quite faint. But it could be placebo.

Trial 4: 30mg: Something's there but it's very subtle.

Trial 5: 60mg: Some clear effects now. This is - not surprisingly - a stimulant. Mood lift increased motivation, not distracting in any way.

Trial 6: 120mg: Ok this is now very clearly a stimulant. I feel like I'm on about 20mg of amphetamine or a similar dose of 3-fluorophenmetrazine but somehow less `pushy'. Effects lasted for about 5 hours before wearing of. Quite pleasant and not a hint of a comedown.

Trial 7: 200mg: This is quite euphoric and stimulating now, although I don't think I could tell this apart from 3-fluorophemetrazine in a double blind study. Not jittery or pushy though. I probably could still do certain types of work but it's definitely pushing into the recreational regime here. Wouldn't want to be out in public right now and god forbid driving a car! Again no comedown.

Trial 8: 300mg: At this point it's really mostly recreational. The effects are similar to 3-fluorophemetrazine, but again they seem slightly more mellow and less pushy. Peak effects last about 4 hours with 2-4 more hours of a pleasant afterglow. At this dose I did feel somewhat depleted once it had all worn off, but this was quickly counteracted by eating some food and getting hydrated. This is all consistent with its cousin 3-fluorophemetrazine. Emotionally there still was no period of malaise and certainly no crash. The feeling of depletion earlier was likely mostly a combination of exhaustion and lack of nourishment and water during the experience.

So was this a potent serotonergic neurotoxin? We'll we cannot say conclusively without some rigorous lab work, but at least for myself it didn't cause any negative side effects apart from the usual cardiovascular effects of adrenergic stimulants (increased blood pressure, tachycardia, etc...).

To me this basically just felt like slightly milder 3-fluorophemetrazine, with perhaps a somewhat shorter duration of action and somewhat less potent.
To me this basically just felt like slightly milder 3-fluorophemetrazine, with perhaps a somewhat shorter duration of action and somewhat less potent.
But overall the two are really very similar in terms of their subjective effects. It's also quite anorexic. In fact the anorexia is so extreme it can last into the next day. If one chooses to use this compound at anything about about 80mg one really has to make a conscious effort to eat some food, BRUSH YOUR TEETH (yes, this isn't a joke, without proper oral hygiene catecholaminergic stimulants can wreck havoc on your oral health a.k.a meth mouth).

Finally, I just want to stress that this is only the experience of a single person, just because I didn't experience significant adverse effects doesn't mean other people won't. Keep in mind, there's no need to slam hundreds of milligrams on your first try especially if something is legal. Starting very low and then deciding on what to do next based of that is usually the best way to go.

Also, while it is great that substituted phemetrazines are generally pretty well tolerated, this in of itself can also pose a risk, since it can give the false impression that it can therefore be used all the time. I can speak from my own 3-fluorophenmetrazine experiences that this stuff can be pretty fiendish, and I see no reason why this shouldn't be the case for 3-chlorophemetrazine.

Drugs work best when you don't use them very often and reserve them for the right time and occasion.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115638
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Sep 7, 2021Views: 4,147
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