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Dissolved Into Life
Citation:   Didgital. "Dissolved Into Life: An Experience with TMA-2 (exp115660)". Sep 4, 2021.

40 - 42 mg oral TMA-2 (powder / crystals)
Dissolved Into Life, TMA-2

Recently, I was able to try a compound that I've had a lot of interest in since I ever read Pihkal almost 20 years ago.

This compound is TMA-2 (HCL). I have a 98% confidence that the material was TMA-2, as reagent tests reacted as expected and the melting point was within 5 degrees of all of the TMA-2-HCL melting points listed in the shulgin index.

Previous related experience with: Mescaline, MDxx, DOM, TMA-6 (did not like that one), 2C-X, etc... The TMA-6 I tried several years ago was reagent and melt point tested. I thought it was dysphoric, and trembly, with foggy thinking, and no to little
Visual activity. But, I think all of the 2,4,6 sub patterns are probably not the greatest though time will tell.

I've always considered it a hybrid between Mescaline and DOM, but, I really wasn't sure what to expect. None of the 2C's or DO's ever had any oxygenated 4 substitution. Would it be a mescaline type experience? A DOx experience?? Will it be more like a 2Cx compound or mescaline? I really didn't know...

In the end, it was exactly as I expected, but so much more.

My friends who had tried this particular material had tried it at 35mg. One had described this dose as good, another described it as underwhelming. Both said I could take it higher. As I only had a 150mg total, I was aiming for 45mg, but if I trust my scale it was 42mg, it drifts so I prefer to not use it to weigh individual doses.

In this case I did. I weighed it 3 times @ 38mg, 40mg, and 44mg, so dose was probably 41-42 mg. I should note right here, that in general, I am highly sensitive to psychedelic phenethylamines. 28mg 2C-B has given me a complete OBE. So consider that as you read, that we all have different sensitivities.

Right before dosing, I stupidly mentioned that I was going to be taking this compound on social media as well. I should also mention here that it was my birthday, and morale was high!

I'd had a friend over, and I had offered him a chance to try. I could see he was tempted, but in the end he declined. I weighed the powder a few times, on a few weigh boats, and the average said 42mg. Folded the weigh paper and poured onto my tongue.

Was expecting super bitterness of mescaline or even a DO* and yes it was bitter/medicinal, but a swig of water washed all taste away.

Within 20 min of my dose I noticed a brightness and change in color and seemed very aware of the movement of wind and birds. Me and my friend stepped outside I was able to chill and chat for about an hour. Physically, I felt fine. There were some moments of nausea during this initial come up phase, and had I not been chatting with my friend, I may have made my way over to the bushes to purge. The feeling was never strong enough however and so was easily suppressed.

1:00:00 As my trip began to escalate, I was still able to communicate but as time passed I increasingly wanted to just lay in my bed and allow my mind to wander. I tried to politely tell him I wanted to explore what this material would be like explored alone. GTFO!!!! Lol. I hope I didn't offend him! He asked me if I was getting any visual effect whereas I told him I was having visual effect since 20 minutes in. At this point though, the visual affect was similar to that mirage effect, or where you're seeing hot hair distort objects behind it. Everything was shimmering and wavering in my vision. There was no fantasy or geometry just a constant shimmering of my visual field. (this would later change) My friend bid me happy birthday and left.

1:15 - I make it to my bed, energy is a bit trembly, but not like an amphetamine, in fact heart beat felt normal, wasn't feeling facial muscle tension, my mind didn't pay any attention to minute details like I might have on a stimulant. Maybe just excitement as I was realizing I had entered the beginning of a deeper experience than I'd expected. I lay in my bed and just kind of relax and close my eyes.

As the effects increase, I immediately regret posting on social media that I was going to be taking this compound as I knew hundreds of people were probably keenly interested in what I would post next. I turned off all my notifications, and just lay in silence. Hummingbirds and insects seem to be buzzing around me, so there was definitely some audio hallucination occurring.

Closed eye visuals are very apparent now, but difficult to define. Hypnagogic imagery and breathing 3d rotating shapes. What happened next was completely unexpected and again difficult to describe.

I must have had an OBE/ Ego Death, because the next thing I remember, I was remembering that I was Me and that I had just returned from being not me. I had a deep feeling of satisfaction that seemed to emanate from my chest. In some aspects, it actually reminded me somewhat of a 5-MeO-DMT breakthrough, but not as deep.

Anyway as thoughts of my life and loved ones flooded back into me and also me realizing that I was me, I was filled with an intense euphoria. At this point open eye visuals are very apparent and in the darkness I can barely see past the visuals. I looked at my phone and see I have about 20 msgs, and really all I care about is this one from a particular girl. In fact this is why I had regretted posting about it on social media, because I really didn't want to be bothered by random questions during my actual trip. I ignore all other messages and respond to the girl. We had been talking over the past couple years and we seemed to be getting closer. She messages back, and even calls me. Normally, when I'm tripping, there is no way in hell that I would answer the phone. Our conversation is pretty brief, but afterwards I spill my heart texting and it seemed my love was reciprocated. My euphoria increased a thousand fold. MDMA/MDA in retrospect represent only a portion of what true ecstasy is to me. The only time I've reached this sort of feeling was through trichocereus/LSD combo or a 2C-E/MDA combo, both of which I really can't recommend to others.

This is where I stopped keeping actual notes. The trip continued for about another 7 hours before I was able to sleep. I attempted to take a .5mg of fluoroaprazolam, but my senses were enhanced and the taste was so terrible, I was not able to swallow. "This is Poison!" I spit it in the sink and gagged a few times (my purge?) I suppose its possible there was some sub-buccal absorption, but I felt great physically, and was eventually able to gently fall asleep. Dreams were vivid, but I woke up feeling refreshed and happy and in love.

I wouldn't say this was an entirely life changing trip, but it was pretty damn near a shulgin +4. I would repeat. Best birthday of my 30's!

A Few Months Later:
My thoughts on this compound haven't changed, however just like with mescaline, the memory of the trip is very vague. I look forward to trying it at least one more time in my life, however Proscaline just fell in my lap so that will likely be my next novel experiment.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115660
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Sep 4, 2021Views: 1,046
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TMA-2 (112) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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