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A Mistake I Don't Regret
4-HO-MET, 5-MeO-MIPT & Cannabis
Citation:   lonelytripper. "A Mistake I Don't Regret: An Experience with 4-HO-MET, 5-MeO-MIPT & Cannabis (exp115689)". Sep 15, 2021.

T+ 0:00
7-8 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20 20 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:15   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:00 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
This trip was the result of my own stupidity and recklessness.

Wie es dazu kam:

Before this experience, I had only one experience that I consider a trip. This was when I was smoking cannabis on 230mg DXM. Cannabis already has a psychedelic effect on me, which is however always well bearable, as well as declining in intensity relatively quickly. I particularly liked to combine cannabis with kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) because it has a euphoric effect. The setting of these experiences was almost always on my bed in my room, listening to music.

Despite the fact that it was always fun, it became less and less impressive due to the lack of visuals. So I researched about substances that can compensate for this and quickly came across 4-HO-MET, which is known for its pronounced visuals, despite its relatively clear headspace. Another chemical got my attention, as a pronounced effect is music enhancement. Thinking these two chemicals would make my occasional trips fun again, I went ahead and ordered them along with some other chemicals that seemed interesting to me.

That very same day I recieved my package I initially planned on trying a tab of AL-LAD but then somehow my curiosity for these two substances grew to the point where I decided that I wanted to try them out that day.


I weighed out 7mgs of 5-MeO-MIPT and 20mgs of 4-HO-MET, as well as 20mgs of MET, which I wanted to smoke in a pipe right after the joint. I rolled up a large joint and put a 1mg etizolam tablet ready in case of need. There was no mental preperation for what was about to come.


T- 8:00: I have my last meal before the trip, thinking this would help to minimize nausea.

T+ 0:00: I ingested the 7mgs of 5-MeO-MIPT, plus some bit that spilled while weighing out the doses (<1mg). The taste was the worst thing I have tasted in my life. I didnt even think, anything could possibly taste that bad. The bitterness lasted for at least another 5 minutes. After I took it, I decided to watch some anime.

T+ 0:18: I already feel some stimulation, could be placebo and decide to close the windows in my room because I feel cold (it is a hot summer evening).

T+ 0:20 I ingest 20mgs of 4-HO-MET. It definately tastes not as bad as the other chemical but was still quite gross. I still feel cold and cover myself in blankets and proceed to watch some more anime.

T+ 0:23 I am now shivering slightly and am wondering how it can suddenly be so cold.

T+ 0:30 Shaking, intensifies. Mild anxiety kicking in, definetly coming up. I notice some difficulties reading the subtitles. My vision is slightly blurred.

T+ 0:40 I now feel the first psychoactive effects. It feels kinda similar to LSA with some tingling sensations, but they are not as pleasant as the ones I get with LSA. Still freezing.

T+: 0:45 Things are coming on fast now. I already have a psychedelic headspace that seems to intensify by every minute that passes. I am now unable to continue watching and decide to try some meditation (have never tried before). Some mild nausea is apparent.

T+: 0:51 It seems to me that time is going by very slow. I cant relax no matter what position I lie in bed in. This is already far more intense than anything I have ever experienced before. I am thinking that I took too much, anxiety still present. There are still no visuals to speak of other than some blurring of my vision. Knowing that the 4-HO-MET hasnít even kicked in yet causes me some additional anxiety. Mild nausea and stomach discomfort apparent.

T+: 0:54 The first visuals are starting to appear. Not shivering as much as before. I try to watch some youtube videos. Nausea isnít too bad. Noticing increased saliva production.

T+: 0:57 I commonly find myself laughing at random things, despite not actually enjoying it. The visuals are very apparent now and are making it difficult to watch videos. The anxiety has now faded almost completely. I often find myself getting lost in the visuals and having deep thoughts.

T+: 1:05 I am not shivering anymore and the anxiety is non existent. I am losing control over my ability to prevent getting lost in the visuals.

T+: 1:13 I am getting pleasant, warm rushes of euphoria and am enjoying my time. The visuals are colorful and all over my vision. I occaisonaly regain some control and decide to make things more intense by smoking a joint (reckless idea).

T+: 1:14: Immediately upon standing up, I feel some significant stomach pain but decide to still smoke and do so quickly, so that I can get inside before itís kicking in. Walking is a bit difficult, but possible if I concentrate enough. I am bumping into things on my way to the balcony door but manage to make it all the way and smoke.

T+: 1:17: I finished smoking and managed to get inside, back on my bed. I feel it kicking in already. I put on my headphones and play a previously prepared playlist and just space out.

T+ 1:20: The visuals are beyond anything I have ever thought would be possible. Music sounds amazing but I feel like I took it too far. I am thinking about the MET-pipe I have prepared and it seems like a joke that I thought this wouldnt already get me tripping hard enough. I notice that time is going by extremely slow and am wondering why the same song seems to be going on forever, despite being only 2.5 mins long. A common problem I have while being high on weed is the feeling that my breathing changed from automatic to manual which often causes anxiety. This however was not a problem in this case.

T+ 1:23: I am tripping harder than I ever thought would be possible. I feel like I realized what we are all here for and got answered every question I have ever had about the universe and us. It made all perfect sense and I was wondering how this substance combo wasnít more popular. There are moments of extreme pleasure and bliss. I have a thought about me dying right here and now which doesnít feel unpleasant (I am not normally depressed). I have a crazy thought about redosing but I am realizing that I would probably die because there is no possible way I could measure out such small doses while tripping so hard. The moment I realize, I canít even orient myself in my room, this idea seems insanely ridiculous.

T+ 1:30: I feel like I just met god and knew who he was. Everything seems to make so much sense and I feel like I have to tell humanity why we are here. I feel like I lost every connection to reality and am just overwhelmed by all these new insights.

T+ 1:38: I regained some control again and managed to note down some things on my phone that seemed very important to me at the time, but are not making much sense to me afterwards. I continue to have very deep thoughts and insights. I feel a sense of amazement of how a human being can experience something like this.

T+ 1:45: I am still tripping hard and I managed to regain some connection to reality. I decide once for all that smoking the MET-pipe would probably be way too much to handle for me. Music sounds amazing and accompanies me through the visual masterpiece.

T+ 2:00: The euphoria is not as strong as before. But I am still enjoying it immensly. I am wondering how I am able to handle this kind of intensity of a trip, without having experienced anything comparable before. The thought of taking etizolam to calm things down didnít even come to my mind, as I was enjoying all of that way too much.

T+2:18: I decide to change the playlist and listen to some songs, I listened years ago. I am getting intense dťjŗ vuís from the time when I was listening to these songs. It feels like I am getting all the feelings and emotions I had when listening to these songs back then.

T+2:25: I go to the toilet, look in the mirror. Pupil dilation is as far as it gets. I get lost, looking myself in the eyes.

T+ 2:40 I watch some psychedelic visual videos on youtube and decide to listen to some psytrance. The music sounds too perfect to be made by humans. This seems to increase the intensity of the trip again.

T+ 2:46 I decide to watch some trailers of some series, I watched in the past. One series I liked in particular, I suddenly got a strong urge to rewatch it. Like with the music before, some scenes seem to be too perfect to be made by humans. I occasionally take screenshots, because I think it some scenes are made for people tripping on 4-HO-MET and 5-MeO-MIPT.

T+ 3:15 I feel like the effects of the cannabis have worn off. The visuals are nowhere near as they were before, but I still found them impressive. I think I watched all trailers on youtube about this series. It brought back so many emotions. I continue to watch some other trailers.

T+ 3:40 Still watching some stuff. The psychedelic headspace is still pretty strong.

T+ 4:00 I have a grapefruit-beer and proceed to watch the anime I watched during the come up.

T+ 4:30 Watching this on these substances is much more fun than it is while sober.

T+ 5:00 Visuals have suddenly completely vanished. Still quite far off baseline.

T+ 5:30 I finally decide to sleep but realize I am still too stimulated. I get a feeling that I want this to end now, wich causes some mild anxiety.

T+ 5:40 I decide to to give the libido enhancing effect a try.

T+ 5:50 I finished, it was amazing. I decide to watch some more stuff on youtube and end up watching a full documentary about the 2011 tsunami in japan. I have such empathy for the people while watching it.

T+ 6:45: Finished the documentary, trying to sleep now. There are still some effects taking place.

≈ T+ 7:00 I finally manage to sleep.

T+ 12:30 I wake up feeling well rested, despite having slept only for 5 and a half hours. I feel wonderful and motivated. This lasts for the entire next day.


I greatly underestimated the effects and am still wondering how I was able to handle this without basically any experience in psychedelics prior to this. I will never be so reckless again to just mix some chemicals I have never even done before. This could have gone very wrong, I donít even want to imagine what a bad trip feels like. Or just think about what would have happened if I had redosed. All in all I have to say that these are two wonderful substances and definately derserve more attention.

Thank you for reading and please forgive me for my bad english. Happy trips!

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115689
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Sep 15, 2021Views: 1,373
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5-MeO-MIPT (287), 4-HO-MET (436) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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