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A Drug to Sample at Home, Alone
TMA-2, Cannabis & Etizolam
by magick777
Citation:   magick777. "A Drug to Sample at Home, Alone: An Experience with TMA-2, Cannabis & Etizolam (exp115701)". Sep 25, 2021.

T+ 0:00
30 mg insufflated TMA-2 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:25 35 - 40 mg insufflated TMA-2 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 8:20 2 mg oral Etizolam  

BODY WEIGHT: 75.5 kg

First and Last Experience With TMA-2

I was gifted by a trusted source a wrap labelled ďTMA-2Ē, of which I knew nothing but what was written in PiHKAL, and a few experience reports that I had read. It has sat, unused, for a year or two, and the time had come to use it up before it gets lost, wasted or confiscated. On weighing it, there turned out to be a total of 73mg of TMA-2, so I decided that that would be two doses, effectively 30mg and 40mg.

I read elsewhere that some users had insufflated TMA-2 to good effect at lower dosages they would use orally, so I decided that snorting the first 30mg would be the way to sample it. Most of it ends up in the stomach anyway; I just prefer the convenience and speed of snorting where itís a viable option. As the report explains, I went on to take the second, 40mg dose a few hours later, again by snorting it.

Set: Good. Some recent use of and tolerance to both amphetamine and cannabis, not used a psychedelic for a year or more and quite fancy it, for once. Anticipating some residual benefit from tripping, itís a semi-planned thing although my decision to do so today was spontaneous, as was the decision that TMA-2 would be todayís drug of choice.

Setting: At home, alone, in my dressing gown, Saturday daytime/evening with nothing better to do. Late summer, so 23 degrees Centigrade at home indoors. Times are British Summer Time.

Substances and doses:

T+0 TMA-2 30mg insufflated
T+4h25m TMA-2 40mg insufflated
repeated Cannabis 3-4 joints smoked
T+8h20m Etizolam 2mg oral


1530 30mg TMA-2 insufflated. Mildly unpleasant taste, no burn.

1540 Drip apparent. Can of Nurishment ingested (380kcal, 50g sugars).

1620 Mild back pain, probably unrelated and from sitting too long. Some stretches help a bit.

1630 Yawning is noted.

1635 Some gastrointestinal discomfort, largely relieved by a bowel movement.

1640 Pleasant mood, but not much is happening. Feeling tired and lazy. Some cannabis smoked.

1645 I could cheerfully go back to bed. Warm, serotonergic feel. Yawning again.

1650 Body temperature regulation issues. Temporarily more comfortable disrobed. Decide to lie down soon for a while, mostly to give my back a rest. Feels like thereís some chance of falling asleep, too.

1652 A glass of chilled water goes down well.

1658 Somewhat erotic feeling. Brief erection. More awake. Comfortable naked.

1715 Violent, explosive orgasm. This stuff is quite erotic. Lying down for a bit. Toys are put away.

1735 Cooling down, comfortable in a dressing gown again. Craving something sweet.

1740 Wolfed down two custard slices (550kcal/54g sugars). Nothing obviously psychedelic is going on here, but still a warm, cozy feeling. Tempted either to smoke more weed or to lie down again. Not forced, but tempted.

1750 Yawning again. Back to bed for a bit.

1908 Out of bed. Craving something sweet. Some chocolate was eaten.

1912 Feel bored and a bit achey. Yawning again.

1930 Another joint of cannabis is rolled and a small amount is smoked. At T+4h, the effects of the TMA-2 seem to be clearly past their peak. There is mild gastrointestinal discomfort, which is followed by another bowel movement. This represents increased gastrointestinal motility as compared with the norm.

1940 Definite temptation towards ďsome other drugĒ but no strong appetite for any particular thing. I can see why people have combined this with other psychedelics, but I feel both a bit too tired and a bit too hesitant for that. Wished briefly that I had a line of coke but I donít, so thatís too bad. Vaguely consider redosing with the other 40mg of TMA-2 that I have left; I wonít experience this compound again so Iím tempted to use up what I have left.

1945 Another glass of chilled water. Nothing unusual has been noted regarding hydration and urination; it doesnít feel like Iím on an amphetamine and Iím sipping water rather than downing it. The notion of redosing is seriously considered, less to do with my short term interests for this evening and more to do with maximising the prospective post-psychedelic benefits that often follow the use of just about any serotonergic psychedelics.

1955 The final 40mg of TMA-2 is insufflated. It looked almost as if a few milligrams fell back out of my nostrils, so the actual dose absorbed may be closer to 35mg. A slight increase in body temperature is noted almost immediately, which may be the TMA-2 or could be psychosomatic.

2000 Warm, cozy feeling. Slight tingling in my hands. Some more cannabis is smoked, fairly slowly. The two substances seem fairly compatible, no strong synergy is noted. Smoking seems to have a slightly more inflammatory effect on the heart than usual, so the rate is kept fairly moderate.

2003 Some mild gastrointestinal discomfort and an urge to visit the toilet for a third time. I hold off for a little while to see whether it passes. What passes is some flatulence, for the time being. Soon afterwards, I visit the toilet again, where another stool is produced. Definite increase in gastrointestinal motility from the TMA-2, no nausea, diarrhoea or bloating but Iím defecating a lot more than is usual.

2020 Some more cannabis is smoked. On a couple of occasions, a weird tingling sensation has been noted in my foreskin. Also noted once in my feet. I get up and move around. Again, my lower back aches; Iím not sure if itís muscular or if my kidneys are protesting, but itís a mild ache which I think is muscular.

2025 Yawning again, 30 minutes after the redose. This is commensurate with the first round, I think. There is some sense of body load, and not much going on cerebrally speaking. My mood remains pleasant but rather bored. Itís not unpleasant, just seems to be nothing to write home about.

2030 Feel vaguely hungry, but for what, Iím not sure. Fairly hot, too.

2042 Tired feeling, like I could lie down again. A little more cannabis is smoked. Body temperature continues to rise so I disrobe for comfort. Yawning still. Mild abdominal discomfort persists and repeated flatulence is noted.

2047 Persistent yawning.

2052 General feeling of mild discontent. Some bodily aches and pains, some gastrointestinal disturbance, some impairment of the usual enjoyment of cannabis, slightly queasy feeling. Feel like putting my dressing gown back on but it's still quite hot, so I defer it for a little while. Might consider a lie down instead. I walk around for a couple of minutes, and find that I need the toilet yet again. Mild diarrhoea follows. I recollect that Shulgin noted the same at 40mg, so itís no surprise.

2100 Frankly Iím glad that I donít have more of the stuff, as Iíd be tempted to push higher doses and the body load is more than sufficient at the dose(s) already taken. Itís nice to have tried it, but Iím not left feeling like I wish Iíd bought some. As a psychedelic, itís underwhelming, although some of the mood-enhancing benefits of a serotonergic psychedelic are in evidence. I mostly feel like going back to bed for a lie down.

2105 Mild bruxism (jaw-clenching) is noted, as is more yawning.

2110 Increased anxiety owing to noises from outside, which are probably benign. Nothing transpires of it, I think the neighbours just had visitors leaving. Slightly paranoid feeling, as though whateverís outside is perhaps coming for me.

2115 A round of barking from the neighbourhoodís dogs piques my anxiety, then slightly assuages it as the ďusual chorusĒ of dogs respond. The world outside is probably functioning much as it should; there is no good reason for the flurry of anxiety on my part. My auditory hypersensitivity persists and is triggered again by hearing the neighbours through the wall and again by the dogs kicking off a second time.

2120 The option of using a benzodiazepine for the anxiety is briefly considered, but is dismissed as unnecessary. Further bruxism is noted; I spend a minute or two gurning and stretching out my facial muscles, which feels quite nice.

2122 Still feel both tired and tense. Cannabis doesnít seem to be helping much, either.

2125 I finally finish the joint rolled at 1930. Probably wonít bother to roll another one. There is temptation towards an energy drink but I think that caffeine would push my heart into overdrive, so I abstain. The best thing I can think of is a lie down and some more stretching, thatís the general plan. Dysgeusia is noted, a foul taste in the mouth. Two pieces of menthol and eucalyptus chewing gum should help with that, and might also help with the bruxism.

2128 Further gastrointestinal discomfort. I fear I may need the toilet yet again before lying down. This is becoming rather repetitive. Itís not purgative in the manner of e.g. some of the lysergamides, but itís certainly caused some degree of gastrointestinal upset. Iím glad that Iím sampling this at home alone; it would be pretty unpleasant if two or more people needed the same bathroom at the same frequency.

2130 Visit the toilet again. Severe flatulence but nothing more, thankfully. Decide to lie down for a bit.

2200 Pleasant, spontaneous bodily sensations whilst lying in bed. Occasional tingles in various different parts of my body. I get up again to eat a small portion of Emmental cheese, which is quite enjoyable and a bit more-ish. Some gastrointestinal disturbance persists. The Emmental is good enough to go back for a second helping; food is quite pleasing.

2205 I could cheerfully return to bed, but I don't think I want to settle down yet, so I might leave the light on this time in the assumption that Iíll get up again.

2320 The experience is mostly over. Lying in bed stretching was pleasurable. Another round of gastrointestinal disturbances results in another mild episode of diarrhoea. Occasional body shivers are pleasant.

2325 A further joint is rolled and lit; about a quarter of it is smoked. This seems to further stimulate my stomach. I want something to drink, but Iím not sure what. A further glass of chilled water is the safe option. Whilst at the fridge, a bottle of strawberry flavoured Actimel catches my eye, so I drink that first and I quite enjoy it, more so than I expected. Further abdominal rumbling follows.

2335 Relit my joint, but not certain that I want it. A few sips of water go down well. More flatulence follows. Though the gastrointestinal effects of TMA-2 are fairly mild, theyíre some way beyond amusing, and the constant borborygmi and flatulence are becoming rather wearing. Years ago, Iíd have found this quite funny, but I think Iím growing old. My stomach settles down a bit with more water. The jaw clenching still persists; more chewing gum is considered and the last piece of the packet is eaten. I have another packet of chewing gum if needed, but Iíll probably save that for another day.

2340 The menthol and eucalyptus is nice, clearing my airways. I find myself ceasing to chew the gum and falling back into bruxism, a few times over. I walk around for a couple of minutes to see how I feel; all right but indifferent, with mild tingling sensations in my feet. I flick through a TV guide, but nothing really takes my fancy.

2345 I return to my computer (where I am taking notes) and relight my joint. I feel disinterested in further stimulants or psychedelics for tonight, so the experience will be allowed to wind down naturally from here. This is also why Iíve stuck to drinking water and yogurt, and avoided the strong temptation to consume a caffeinated energy drink and the weak temptation to have a beer.

2350 I ponder whether 2mg of etizolam would be advantageous to assist with sleep. Nothing about the trip or the present sensations particularly calls for it, I just think that sleep might be preferable to meticulously documenting the rest of the comedown.

2355 I decide that it wouldnít do any harm, and therefore ingest 2mg of Etizest branded etizolam. Shulgin reported that he could sleep 8h after dosing and Iím hoping to shorten that to 5-6 hours, so the use of etizolam should help. I use *diazepines sparingly and donít have much if any current tolerance, so the usual 2mg pharmaceutical dose should be enough.

0005 I continue to smoke intermittently. Some further gastrointestinal disturbance is followed by more flatulence. Farting at this rate, I probably need to vent the house out before I sleep!

0015 I go to stand at the front door for a few moments, taking in the street scene and the night air. All is serene and calm outside; the experience is pleasant but fairly short-lived. I feel fairly close to baseline, although at T+20m after ingesting etizolam, thatís probably just about starting to take effect now. Yawning again.

0020 Another shiver runs through my body, and bruxism persists. I finish my spliff, this time in around an hour, which is a more typical rate of use for me, and fewer adverse effects upon smoking. I think there was definitely some degree of interaction between smoking and the TMA-2 on a cardiovascular level, which is reduced with elapsed time and possibly suppressed by the etizolam. My hands tingle briefly, suggesting that there is still some level of cardiovascular impact. I finish off my third glass of water during the experience; hydration levels should be roughly in order as the diarrhoea was very mild and Iíve consumed water slowly but consistently throughout the experience.

0025 I ponder whether I would like another joint before retiring, and conclude that I would. This will probably also entail finding another drink, I would imagine. The etizolam is starting to kick in but Iím not quite ready for bed yet. I donít really know why not. The etizolam seems to have some synergy with the relaxing side of TMA-2 and I find myself pleasantly tired, still perhaps a bit too tense to settle down and sleep.

0030 I roll another joint and go in search of another drink. Against my better judgement, but suddenly craving more sugar, I allow myself a glass of Coca-Cola. This will contribute a small amount of caffeine, but with the etizolam already in place, I donít see that being disruptive. The cold Coca-Cola is most enjoyable and I get the feeling that Iíve had several glowing experiences of food and drink whilst on TMA-2. There seems to be an enhancement of the pleasure normally felt from the food and drink one chooses, or an enhanced appreciation of that food and drink, perhaps.

0040 I light my joint and smoke a little of it. It seems to go well with the cold Coca Cola and I wonder whether there are other readily available foodstuffs that I can appreciate before bed. This might even be close to a case of ďthe munchiesĒ; I suspect that the appetite stimulation comes from the cannabis, whilst the sensory pleasure of eating and drinking is enhanced by the TMA-2. I decide on a packet of cheese and onion crisps, and again I find the flavours and textures of the crisps to be somewhat enhanced, and very pleasant, washed down with another swig of cold Coca-Cola.

0045 My glass of Coca-Cola is empty :-( I ponder another one, but am unsure of the wisdom of it. Thereís half a glass left in the bottle so I decide to finish it off; with that, I bring in a packet of Jaffa Cakes to see how they go down. I relight my joint and smoke some more of it; this, too, is appreciated and enjoyed far more than it could be earlier on. I donít know whether thatís because the TMA-2 is wearing off or because the etizolam is doing its job, but probably a mixture of both. Smoking feels less immediately hazardous and more pleasurable than it did a few hours ago. Half a litre of Coca-Cola adds 210kcal/54g sugars.

0055 I eat my first Jaffa Cake. There is a separation of the textures and at first I donít like the cake base, of which I am more aware than usual. The chocolate topping was nice. The Jaffa orange flavour seems subdued and sweetened as compared with what I was expecting, which was more contrast. I eat another one and the full orange flavour comes through, very nice. This is followed by a sip of Coca-Cola, which now tastes slightly bitter against the sweetness of the Jaffa Cakes. Itís still delectable, though. This feels like a good combination for carbohydrates, and is quite enjoyable to eat. I munch a third Jaffa Cake and again get a mouthful of sponge at first, but when properly chewed it gives way to a pleasant mixture, more like the first cake and lacking the zesty orange zing of the second one. Well, in that case, Iíll sample another oneÖ which has that lovely orange zing again. Iím not liking the unpredictability hereÖ

0100 I relight my joint and smoke more of it, taking it down to about half way. This will be the last one, I think, after which it will be time to go to bed and hope that the etizolam does its magic. I feel fairly sleepy, but am aware that Iím not out of the woods from the TMA-2 yet. Three more Jaffa Cakes are wolfed down without great appreciation, but two of them had nice hits of Jaffa orange to them. The last of the Coca-Cola is consumed. Iím growing tired of the Jaffa Cakes, so I save the remaining four for later. Seven Jaffa Cakes adds 322kcal with 43g of sugars.

0105 I continue to smoke. The joint becomes harsh and my appreciation of it quickly wanes in the absence of a cold drink. I think thereís about a half a glass of mineral water left in the bottle thatís currently chilled, so thatís probably the logical choice.

0110 Enhanced appreciation of the chilled water, which is blissful. Just what I needed. :-) Whilst walking to the fridge, I could feel that the myorelaxant effects of the etizolam have taken hold. That still does not mean that the TMA-2 is over, but the etizolam is now clearly in effect. This probably means I should finish up and head for bed pretty soon. The etizolam also now feels like a good choice to have made.

0115 I smoke the remainder of my joint and drink the remainder of my glass of water, alternating the two. I feel quite pleased with how Iím actively managing the comedown, as my natural position is one of experiencing a drug as it is and not routinely relying on the use of e.g. benzos to attenuate it or to kill a trip. Iím quite accustomed to just letting it wear off and putting up with it, so the strategy of active management is a positive development, for me. I can go to bed feeling confident that nutrition and hydration have been well managed, that the cautious use of both cannabis and etizolam has been well indicated, and that the remainder of the comedown is as smooth as I need to make it.

0125 I am starting to feel quite sleepy. I am now able to urinate without triggering off any further gastrointestinal grumblings, so thatís another positive sign. Some more chocolate is eaten, largely because I ate half the bar earlier and left the other half on my desk, where itís been tempting me periodically since. Thatís another 55g of chocolate, so 110g all told. Another 600kcal there, with getting on for 60g of sugars.

0130 With a mouth full of chocolate, a glass of cold milk sounds like the perfect end to my various degustations, so I go and pour one. This, too, is welcomed and appreciated. Now, I think itís probably time for bed. Weíll see how long it takes me to sleep.

0300 Still not asleep, I get up for a pee. Itís been nice chilling in bed, though attempts at masturbation were unsuccessful. A bag of cheese and onion crisps is eaten, and I enjoy them enough to go for a second helping. That provides another 258kcal, and 28 grams of carbohydrates.

0310 I need the toilet, again. Defecation (again) was easy and the diarrhoea and flatulence seem to have subsided. Some thought is given to another can of Nurishment, to provide more proteins and vitamins to help with the replenishment of neurotransmitters in my brain. A can of Nurishment (380kcal, 50g sugars) goes down as easily as a milkshake.

0315 Iím tempted by another joint of cannabis whilst Iím awake. This is quickly rolled and lit. Some further gastrointestinal stimulation is noted when smoking. The last of the Emmental cheese is eaten, so thatís 200g of Emmental all told (736kcal).

0325 Gastrointestinal discomfort forces me back to the toilet, where I again defecate profusely and feel better for it. Iíve now used up an entire toilet roll in the course of this trip!

0330 I resume smoking my spliff. I could use another drink with it, but donít want to drink more or Iíll be peeing all night.

0335 Out of curiosity, I weigh myself, and weigh in at 75.5kg. This is 1.9kg heavier than my previous weigh-in, so I have not defecated out more food and water than I have taken in. It certainly felt like it, which is why I weighed myself. Much of this additional weight may be from fluid intake, as I have not urinated very much during the experience, and have consumed over 2kg of fluids.

0340 I take my blood pressure, and itís 135/85 with a resting heart rate of 106bpm. Thatís pretty good as compared with some of my recent blood pressure stats, so nothing to worry about there. I think we can safely say that the TMA-2 has largely worn off; my consumption of cannabis is back to usual rates without ill effects, and my blood pressure is surprisingly reasonable. My resting heart rate is still high and probably amounts to tachycardia, so there is still some residual body load going on.

0345 I finish my spliff and prepare for going back to bed. I still feel a little restless, but quite enjoyed my last smoke, again in half the time it took to smoke the previous one. I am mildly conscious of the continuing effects of the etizolam, but it is not proving strongly hypnotic. Rather, it is providing some balance on the comedown; it still seems like a wise move but I question my earlier reasoning and am forced to admit that Iíve ended up taking etizolam to help with the comedown. It should also still serve the intended function of facilitating sleep, I hope, but this doesnít feel entirely guaranteed. Back to bed.

0645 Up again. A few mouthfuls of chocolate are welcomed. Back to bed.

0745 Up again. Some milk is drunk, and a small spliff is rolled and half smoked. Back to bed. I feel a bit groggy from the etizolam, which has been less effective than I hoped. No obvious signs of the TMA-2 are still in evidence, but my mood is still slightly elevated post psychedelic.

0930 Up again. I finish my joint, which hits hard. Feel quite hot and a bit groggy. Back to bed again, I think.

1315 Out of bed again. I no longer feel groggy from the etizolam, my stomach has settled down, and I feel pretty much back to normal. I choose an energy drink (180kcal/43g sugars/160mg caffeine) and roll myself a joint; both are taken quite slowly. Waking up, I feel slightly tired but generally all right, and pleased to have sampled another psychedelic.

My summary verdict on TMA-2 is that it was vaguely pleasant but uninteresting, spoiled somewhat by the sheer extent of gastrointestinal nuisances and the need to visit the toilet so repeatedly. It feels like I spent the majority of my trip defecating, farting and squirming! There was some enhanced appreciation of food and drink and enhanced appreciation of most sensory pleasures, from stretching and squirming around in bed through to masturbation. The drug seemed very erotic on the first round, but this was not repeatable, so I donít particularly see it as a drug for sex. My enjoyment of cannabis was variable, and smoking with the TMA-2 did not feel entirely sensible in cardiovascular terms, so I had to pace it carefully. Nevertheless, I think that my use of cannabis helped with the overall experience, not least because it increased my food intake, and that my use of etizolam helped both with the comedown and with catching up on sleep. I feel quite pleasant the following day, albeit not glowing radiantly like Iíve felt after certain other psychedelics.

I have no regrets about sampling TMA-2, the doses taken, the combinations used, or the experience as described here. As I wrote above, Iím actually glad that I donít have more of it, because there are better psychedelics out there and pushing the doses of this one doesnít feel wise. It was definitely a drug to sample at home, alone, because of the extent of the gastrointestinal problems, the (fairly mild) thermoregulation issues and the desire to squirm around in bed stretching and relaxing. None of this would be very compatible with tripping in company or outdoors, so Iím glad that I sampled it at home and fairly happy that I wonít be sampling it any more. In summary, Iíd damn it with faint praise and strident farting...

Afterword: my fleeting temptation towards cocaine after snorting something underwhelming became difficult to resist, and I ended up pursuing the acquisition of some cocaine the same evening after my experience with TMA-2. I had no luck finding any, and the delay is probably to my benefit, but I note my increased appetite for a highly addictive stimulant with some caution. Iím not sure that this is merely because the TMA-2 was experienced as ďunderwhelmingĒ; rather, I think that the mood enhancing benefits of the TMA-2 have been enabling, putting me back into a mood where I could fancy some further experimentation. This effect could have resulted from just about any ďsuccessfulĒ use of a psychedelic and/or a drug novel to me, but it still seems worth noting. Prior to this experience I had been vaguely tempted, but not tipped into action; last nightís activity has flicked the switch in my brain, and now I want some cocaine, rather than another psychedelic. Interesting.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115701
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 41 
Published: Sep 25, 2021Views: 354
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