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A Pleasant Surprise
by supersonic89
Citation:   supersonic89. "A Pleasant Surprise: An Experience with Tapentadol (exp115716)". Sep 6, 2021.

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral Tapentadol  
  T+ 0:20   oral Caffeine (liquid)
  T+ 0:35 200 mg oral Tapentadol  
  T+ 1:35 750 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin  


T + 0: 00: These will be my first opioids of the day and it is around five in the afternoon, I feel extremely bad, having been without opioids for about 36 hours.
I feel extremely bad, having been without opioids for about 36 hours.
I picked up my package with about a hundred Tapentadol 50mg pills and it passed what many say was: an anticipated high.

T + 0: 10: The truth is that I did not last long without being opioid-free for that long, so I took four pills (200 mg) and proceeded to chew them, very carefully so that no pieces of pills were left on my teeth.

T + 0: 20: Damn! I do not know if this is a placebo effect but I feel very good, a pleasant and warm sensation runs through my body and all the hunger I had passed, I have not eaten in 24 hours or more.

T + 0: 30: The pills left me with a little thirst and a dry mouth. Also I don't know where I heard that opioids worked better with caffeine hahaha. It may or may not be a myth, but a can of Coke costs less than a dollar, so we'll give it a try.

T + 0: 45: I bought and drank the Coca Cola calmly but again, I don't know if it was the placebo or what, but I noticed that this tapentadol is doing a very interesting effect. I decided to take the following pills from the box (only 10 per box) which were 300 mg.

T + 1: 00: My symptoms of intoxication are already noticeable, I find it a bit difficult to walk and when talking to people my tongue gets stuck. I feel more sociable and less cold than usual. In general, I have always felt colder than others but when I use opioids, this is the opposite. Also I feel more empathic, I don't usually give money to beggars, but this time, every time someone asked me for it, I didn't hesitate to give them a contribution.

T + 1: 30: I find it increasingly difficult to articulate my tongue, but I feel a euphoria that I had not felt before with that dose of tapentadol (I have a tolerance of almost 1500 mg). As I walk I think about how perfect life is and I start humming Perfect Day by Lou Reed hahaha.

T + 1: 45: I went to a pharmacy where I know that Pregabalin is sold without a prescription sometimes, I took the initiative and gave myself the courage thanks to how intoxicated I was. Luckily, the saleswoman either did not realize it or simply played the ignorant.

T + 2: 00: Slowly, the euphoric effects of Tapentadol wore off, but I was still certainly noticing them.

T + 2: 30: Finally, I got home and the effects of the tapentadol were hardly noticeable anymore (except by the pinpoint pupils), but those of the pregabalin became more and more noticeable. I could hardly even speak and when I spoke on WhatsApp, everyone asked me what the hell had happened to me. I finally went to sleep and it was instantaneous.

T + 12: 00: I want to write this into the report, since there is very little data about the snorted Tapentadol. The next day I ground about 100mg of Tapentadol and ground well, because these tablets are really hard. I'd say I ground them pretty well since I've been grinding them for almost five minutes. I don't know if the myth that it hurts when snorted is false or it's a brand / laboratory thing. The brand I used was Palexis from Grunenthal. The effects were felt almost instantly, the combination of euphoria and warmth that ran through my body. I think that if grinding these tablets were not so much a pain in the ass, this would be my favorite method of drug administration.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115716
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Sep 6, 2021Views: 403
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Tapentadol (495) : Various (28), Combinations (3), General (1)

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