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0.5 - 4.5 g oral Kratom (capsule)
Experiments With Kratom

Before I start this story I feel the need to mention that Iím a fairly experienced drug user. Iíve done all manner of psychedelics, use marijuana on a relatively regular basis, and have had an experience with opioids due to a surgery. My first experience with kratom, if you could even call it an experience, was about seven years ago. I donít remember how much I took, but I believe I attempted to smoke it. After one try, and no noticeable effects, I gave up on kratom. That was until about two weeks ago.

I rediscovered kratom while browsing an online forum discussing drug usage. I had all but forgotten about it by this point, but upon reading an experience report I was intrigued. I decided to order 125 grams of white bali off of a reputable online retailer, and a week later, the kratom arrived.

My first experience with kratom was a simple allergy test. Whenever I try a new substance, I always test a very small amount of it to make sure I have no adverse reaction. I took 0.5 grams of the green powder in capsule form, and experienced no real effects. I felt hotter and slightly more anxious than usual, but that could have easily been a placebo. The following day I took 1 gram right before hitting the gym. I felt an incredible boost in energy that I wasn't expecting, especially at such a low dose. I had an excellent work out, but was still very cautious and suspected that the effect was just another placebo. The following day I took 2 grams and felt no effects whatsoever. I went to the gym, and performed just as I typically did with no perceived increase in energy or muscle output. This more or less confirmed my suspicion that my experience at 1 gram was a placebo. So far my experiences with kratom had been subpar, but at such low doses I wasnít expecting anything else. Then came the weekend, and I decided to double my dose and see what happened.

I woke up at around 10:20am, and the first thing I did on an empty stomach was consume 4 grams of kratom, which I followed with a hefty breakfast. An hour later I felt absolutely no different from baseline. From what I had read, the come up was supposed to take only 15-20 minutes. I was highly disappointed and I thought that maybe kratom really had no effect on me whatsoever. I just went about my day as normal, did some cleaning, and was sitting on the computer when I started to feel my face getting flush. I didnít attribute it to the kratom, as it was quite hot in my apartment, but within the next couple minutes I felt the warmth spreading around my body. With it came a sense of calm, and drowsiness. Like I had just been roused from a deep sleep.

I laid down, and started feeling more and more comfortable and warm, very similar to my previous experience with opiods. By about three hours in, the effects had fully taken hold. Every part of my body felt amazing, it was like being in a waking dream. The closest comparison to another drug I could describe would be as if you had smoked an enormous amount of marijuana, specifically an indica. The really heavy body and head high, but without any of the mental confusion typically associated with weed. My mind was as sharp as when I was sober, maybe even more so. My words and movements however, were extremely clumsy. When I got up after lying down I felt almost like there was a wave pushing out from my chest, bringing more and more pleasure around my body. I would say from ingestion to peak was roughly three and a half hours. I also felt a profound sense of nostalgia whenever I listened to music. I could remember when I started listening to specific songs, how I felt at the time, and what my life was like. I could picture it all vividly. I found that to be one of the most enjoyable effects of the drug.

Some of the negative side effects that I noticed were an increased heart rate, a tight chest sensation throughout the trip, and a fairly unpleasant comedown with moderate nausea and light tremors in my extremities. The nausea subsided after a couple hours, and eventually I fell into a deep and peaceful nightís sleep.

I really genuinely loved the sensation of kratom, it felt very similar to an opioid induced bliss. It was truly unbelievable for something that you could legally purchase online. I decided that another experiment was in order, but this time I was going to record it like a traditional trip report and keep notes during the experience. The following report was written on during the kratom experience, and has not been altered in any way except grammatically. I also kept track of my resting heart rate (RHR) throughout the experience as I was concerned about my high heart rate during my previous trip. This experience takes place a week after my 4 gram dose.

T + 0:00
RHR: 62
I just downed nine 0.5 gram capsules of kratom on a mostly empty stomach. I hadnít eaten anything in about six hours by this point. Getting the pills down was challenging as there were so many, but at least I was able to avoid the taste of kratom that most people despise. Right now I feel more or less anxious, Iím going to try to get some work done while I wait for the come up, which was about two hours last time. Iím also going to eat a salmon sandwich because Iím very hungry.

T + 0:30
RHR: 62
I definitely feel the come up spreading around my body. Unlike other drugs, where the effects seem to spread from the chest and outwards, the effects of kratom spread from the limbs inwards. Starting with my hands, my hands have a pleasant pins and needles effect primarily on the surface of the skin. As if Iím being lightly massaged. My toes feel it as well, but less so. My face feels warm, and my neck has a very similar sensation to my hands. As far as uncomfortable side effects go, my chest/heart feels somewhat tight, Iím experiencing some mild anxiety, and I have some discomfort in my abdomen. Other than that, it feels pretty good overall.

T + 1:00
RHR: 60
The tingling feeling has left my extremities, and now I just feel warm. My whole body feels warm and comfortable, and much more sensitive to touch. My eyes feel heavy, I feel fairly drowsy but also alert. My mental capacity seems to have diminished, and my thoughts are slowed. The online work Iím doing has become harder to focus on. Iím experiencing a small amount of gastrointestinal distress in the form of excessive gas and the need to poop, but thatís not really out of the ordinary for me. Overall, I feel pretty good. Anxiety has more or less disappeared, I just feel floaty, dreamlike, and carefree

T + 2:00
RHR: 45
I feel incredibly relaxed and sleepy. I feel as if I am in a semi-lucid dreamlike state. Nothing much in the way of visuals except everything seems much farther away than normal, like Iím sinking into my head. Gastrointestinal distress continues, but not to such an extent that it greatly disturbs my experience. Iím having a hard time focusing on the online work that I have to do, and will soon stop. The online work brings me some frustration as Iím encountering serious technical difficulties that make my job nearly impossible. But this will pass, once Iím done I will attempt to meditate and explore this state of mind more.

T + 3:00
RHR: 50
I spent a bit of time meditating, drifting in and out of a strange dreamscape. In the throws of kratom, perspective and perception really feels like youíre in a dream. However, I feel like Iím coming down now. The body high has mostly faded and the only remnant is a warm feeling in my face. My stomach is still bothering me a bit, and my movements are slow, but I feel alright overall.

T + 4:00
RHR: 60
The effects have subsided almost completely. Really the only subtle effects that remain is a feeling of tightness in my chest, much like anxiety, and counterintuitively also a feeling that everything is going to be alright. My body is still warm, my face feels somewhat flushed, and my depth perception still feels a little bit off. My stomach feels a mix of very very slightly nauseous, but also hungry. I figure this experience is at an end.

Overall Iíd say my experiments with kratom were really interesting. I donít think Iíve ever experienced such a potent effect from something that is so readily available. I am cautious to use it recreationally too often, as it is certainly habit forming. I feel the need to mention that after my first 4 gram experience, I felt a great need to do more kratom - almost like the first signs of an addiction forming. However, after my second experience I didn't feel that same addictive quality. Really, really interesting substance, and will certainly be trying more in the future.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115739
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Sep 28, 2021Views: 6,948
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