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The Divine Realm With Greater Clarity Than Our Own
by Katrina
Citation:   Katrina. "The Divine Realm With Greater Clarity Than Our Own: An Experience with DMT (exp115761)". Sep 22, 2021.

1 hit smoked DMT
    oral Morphine


I have discovered, from experience, the benefit of purification of the physical being. This includes bathing thoroughly, cleansing of the mouth and ears, evacuation of any waste along with an untainted state of mind. When encountering an examining body (as I find common to the majority of realms), this encourages a sense of instant acceptance and rapid connection. I believe it is crucial to always offer a similar acceptance, humility and joy, for the most successful journey. To this end, despite being prescribed a substantial amount of morphine, I schedule medication in order that the minimum possible is present at this time
despite being prescribed a substantial amount of morphine, I schedule medication in order that the minimum possible is present at this time
. There are no secrets here, so it would appear deceitful to attempt to conceal such a toxin.

On this occasion, I used a hard piece of yellow "jungle" D.M.T. I maintain the habit, of holding on to some item to position my physical being in this realm, so as to have no difficulty finding my way back.

Usually, it takes a few seconds, once I have started the music, had a good lungful and closed my eyes for the presence to approach. However, on this occasion it was soon apparent that this was a very different and special realm. I was filled with a strong sense of submission. The usual colour spectrum had a soft radiance, apart from which there was very little to observe.
But this time, I encountered three beings who displayed almost no interest in my presence whatsoever. It must be noted that this realm appeared more "real" and had greater clarity than our own. The beings were very tall, but I was filled with a feeling of unworthiness, which deterred me from any attempt to even glance at their facial appearance. They were positioned surrounding an entity of undeniable (as if radiating) presence filled with such importance and value, I completely appreciated that I was witness to something very few were aware of, largely due to the number of entities that had examined my status whilst entering alternate realms. The object of purity and perfection was a human foetus, being guarded by the three tall beings.

With extreme humility, as if leaving a royal court, I exited without turning my back on the scene. My mind was filled with the gravity of the spectacle that I had been privy to. Unlike other journeys, the return was comparatively direct and uneventful. Yet I remained consumed by a couple of possible explanations for this revelation. Initially I felt it was some kind of messenger intended to rescue humanity and as such, was filled with a conviction to relinquish all material possessions and commit myself to finding and dedicating my life to them.

After some time in a state of shock, I began to question if it could possibly be connected to my daughter. I immediately sent a message to her, enquiring of a possible pregnancy. She explained that there was indeed a chance, although at a later date this was refuted.

Of the countless realms I have travelled to, none were akin to this. I still feel truly honoured and believe it was a powerful omen that will gradually be revealed to what remains of our species when the fighting is done.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115761
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 48 
Published: Sep 22, 2021Views: 392
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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