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Trip to Hell
Amanitas - A. pantherina
by AmaNitas
Citation:   AmaNitas. "Trip to Hell: An Experience with Amanitas - A. pantherina (exp115768)". Sep 20, 2021.

3 g oral Amanitas - A. pantherina (dried)


I have taken MANY large doses of psychedelics, including more than 15 hits of LSD a one time in my youth. I had tried Amanitas Muscaria, so ordered Pantherina. Figured I would just make me feel happy and upbeat, like Muscaria did.

15 minutes after sauteing the dried mushrooms with onions and soy sauce (tasted great), I knew I was in for something severe. Right away incredibly strong visual patterns grew out of the air. I have no idea what happened next, other then that I went to lie down. Worse, I was staying at my folks house though they were asleep.

The hallucinations became incredibly intense. Similar to 10+ hits of LSD. Ultimately I found myself flopping on the floor, my parents came in, called 911 and took me by ambulance to the hospital. I spent a good 6 hours screaming, sure that police in the next hospital room were going to kill me (no one was there, needless to say). I was combative with nurses, and really, truly out of my mind.

They tested me for drugs, of course nothing showed up other than marijuana (I do NOT do powder drugs). So, they were baffled and wrote it off to a bad reaction from a common sleep medication.

I want to warn you - the strength varies intensely between batches and while many do not hallucinate, I tripped balls for like 12 hours. Be careful with this stuff - WAY stronger than psilocybin, way stronger than peyote or San Pedro cactus Yes, it's legal, but I hope no one goes through what I went through.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115768
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40 
Published: Sep 20, 2021Views: 931
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Amanitas - A. pantherina (71) : First Times (2), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Alone (16)

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