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Berries That I Macerated a Year Ago
by @B
Citation:   @B. "Berries That I Macerated a Year Ago: An Experience with Belladonna (exp115783)". Sep 24, 2021.

T+ 0:00
1 fruit oral Belladonna (tincture)
  T+ 1:00 1 fruit oral Belladonna (tincture)
  T+ 1:35 5 ml oral Belladonna (tincture)
Belladonna - Be Careful

Today I found a forgotten bottle of belladonna berries that I macerated a year ago in some brandy... As I finally have some time to experiment, I have decided to eat one.

It is 22:25 now... I might eat another in an hour if I do not see any effects. If you wonder why would 46 old male eat belladonna berries… I have tried to make an experience of all the Balkans plants. I have avoided Belladonna for all those years because I have eaten couple of leaves as a child and was hospitalized after that for a few days. What I remember of that trip is …well not much but agony. It is the time to make my experience with this plant a better one, I hope. I plan to stay at home and write the report as the time passes. Sorry for misspelling if some occur in the further text, it bloody well might according to my previous experience. The berries were picked in a mountain region of Velebit, Croatia.

22:57 I do feel a bit slower than usual, but nothing really tangible… I do make a bit more mistakes typing, but my senses are still just fine. I think I will have more of it in a little while. I do not plan to trip badly, the idea is to find the psychoactive threshold and be normal tomorrow. I do feel some heaviness in my hands typing. I have looked at my eyes, but my pupils are normal… even a bit narrower than usual, which is strange because I have not used any other substances and belladonna should make them wider…

23:08 I do feel very slight nausea, but no other effects whatsoever. I have decided to take more… First I have examined my macerate… There are about 60 berries in about 1.5 dl of brandy. I shell eat one berry more and after that I might take some of that liquid, but I must be careful about it. Syringe might do the trick of measuring the quantity. The juice from the berries is dissolved in the liquid. 1.5 dl divided by 60 berries … 2.5 ml per berry… I will take 5 ml. That would be the two whole fresh berries in total.

23:22 I have eaten another berry. I do have slight physical sensations in my extremities, but it might be the placebo… I will wait with the liquid for another hour. The alkaloid taste in my mouth is strong, telling me to wait.

23:50 Still no serious effects, a bit of the cotton mouth. I have measured my pulse to be 78/minute so I have decided to take the liquid and go to bed. It is a bit cold in the room.

00:00 I’m in my bed. I do feel a bit disorganized, I’m is still fine. Listening to the jackals howling around the house is music to my ears. I’m having the liquid now. Cheers my jackals! I hope for some vivid dreams tonight. (Jesus, it tastes bad!) I do feel my temperature rising slightly… it is a pity I cannot measure it. I do feel my heart beating a bit harder, pulsating the blood in my hands, neck and legs stronger than usual. No psychoactive effects yet.

00:45 I have taken the liquid…

12:08 Yes the night has passed, I have had such a blurred vision that I could not see the keyboard nor could I see what I was trying.

00:15 I am still well and I did not have problems reading and I can walk normally.

01:00 It is coming… My vision is blurred, I have trouble keeping the balance walking. I cannot read or write. I need to go and lie down… My body does not listen to my brain, and that brain does what it does, it is impossible to keep straight thoughts, one comes after the other and there is nothing connecting them. They seem to be chaotically random, not wrong nor delusional. My mouth is dry and I am cold. Probably because of the elevated body temperature. I’m having trouble covering myself. It is impossible to fall asleep. I had to go to urinate like every 10-20 minutes. I was stumbling in the dark, and had to hold myself to keep the balance.

04:00 I have managed to fall asleep, there was no strong hallucinations but my thoughts were seriously scrambled.

12:51 I was wakening to piss every 30 minutes until now. At the moment I am feeling the atropine wearing down. I still have to piss every half an hour. I think I have pissed out about a gallon of water… My vision is getting better but I have to use a magnifier to see the keyboard and my font size in word is 40. It would be impossible to write other ways. My balance is more or less good now. My thoughts are much better too at the moment. The hallucinations during the night were minimal but present. General feeling was neither good nor too bad, but my body did not like it at all.

I am aware that just one berry more would make me run naked through the woods…

I do recommend caution taking this plant. It is unpredictable and takes long to absorb, about 1-2 hours depending of plant potency and the food eaten beforehand. The trippy part is comparable to henbane or datura so this is not to be done alone, one needs a shepherd for this one. It can flip one's brain altogether. It is impossible to avoid what I do not see… I would not take it if I did not have day or two to rest. This one will most definitely wear me off physically and mentally and my vision is going to be very bad for long.

It was used as hunting poison for killing bears and as deadly poison for people. It was also used, where I come from, to get rid of guests that will not go home from some gatherings like weddings, added to wine to screw with drunken brains and produce chaos people running away with no apparent goal, tripping badly.

Addendum Two Weeks Later
I can finally say my eyesight is finally back at its fullest. Damn long time to recover...

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115783
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46
Published: Sep 24, 2021Views: 2,280
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