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A Dreamy Walk in the City
Morning Glory
Citation:   Summetz. "A Dreamy Walk in the City: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp115787)". Erowid.org. Sep 29, 2021. erowid.org/exp/115787

5 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)
This was my first time using LSA (or any other psychedelic for that matter). Prior to this experience I have tried cannabis, alcohol, cloves, nutmeg, DXM and bromazepam.

The evening before the experience I crushed 10 grams of morning glory seeds, but I didn’t have the opportunity to prepare them otherwise. The next day, I decided to ingest those seeds at my grandmother’s house.

1:30 PM – I chew roughly half the seeds. They taste like nuts and create a great amount of saliva in my mouth.
I chew roughly half the seeds. They taste like nuts and create a great amount of saliva in my mouth.
After I while I swallow them.
2:00 PM – The nausea starts to be noticeable, not too strong though. Also, my sense of touch feels slightly altered.
2:30 PM – I walk outside and watch the clouds. They seem to be getting closer to me. Also they seem to be coiling inside themselves. I only spend a few minutes watching them, but it seems like half an hour to me.
3:00 PM – I decide take a walk. While walking in the city, I feel slightly euphoric and very compassionate. No more visuals appear though.

3:20 PM – After returning to the house, I lay down on a bed and close my eyes. Suddenly I realize I have pretty strong closed eye visuals – first I see the faces of my friends appearing and disappearing in some kind of fog. After that, I begin to feel like I am falling through an infinite number of tiled floors and worlds. Sometimes, the floors are replaced by tunnels. The last thing I see is a vast space around me, on whose round edge I seem to be flying with great speed, as if I was rotating around the hole in a hollow donut (speaking strictly of shapes). After that, I open my eyes, surprised by how difficult it is.
4:00 PM – I leave the house again, this time to sit down in a small nearby park. As soon as I sit down, the park seems to grow bigger, as if the trees and the benches around were much bigger than me. Also, the trees look like they have an interesting visible aura to them (some sort of blurriness).
4:45 PM – I leave the park and head into the city. While walking, I notice that the clouds are affected by my visuals once again. They also form quite interesting patterns, for example a hand, in which I see the sign of Saruman, so I play some Summoning (a Tolkien inspired band) in my earbuds.

4:50 PM – Because of the music and the Saruman’s hand, I start feeling like I am in Lord of the Rings, with the trees among which I walk being the treants that will bring destruction upon humans who have been decimating them until now. While I know none of that is true, it seems fun to believe in that for the moment.
5:20 PM – Ready to give in to the treants' forces, I overact the fall of Saruman from his tower (actually jumping from a small white concrete block) and depart into exile (another park). There I find a deserted island (a boulder in the local pond) and wade to it, now listening to Bell Witch (funeral doom metal) and thinking about isolation and death.
6:00 PM – After spending some time in a nihilistic thought loop (an argument with myself where I always returned to one basic thought, never seeming to be able to leave that thought behind), I decide this was enough and leave. I go to the city centre, where a concert is taking place.

6:20 PM – While passing a grocery store, I suddenly feel a desire to eat some fruit. I buy around a kilogram of various kinds of it. When I walk outside, I see a few homeless men and a sudden urge to give them some of the food appears. I do exactly that.
6:50 PM – I get to the concert. By this time the visuals are mostly gone, instead I feel as if I was on the comedown of a cannabis high, just not tired at all. Also, I feel way more immersed in the music.
8:00 PM – I no longer feel any effect, instead I realize I am tired, so I return home and go to sleep.

The day after: I feel way more connected to nature, almost like it is the only thing that’s worth caring about. Some of the compassion still remains as well. Over the course of a few more days, these feelings get weaker, but are still memorable and I think of them before making any decisions, which feels like an improvement of my daily life.

I am very glad that I was able to experience this. I am probably going to use LSA containing seeds again in the future, but as of now (a few weeks after consumption), my desire to use any psychoactive substances is quite low – I used to be an almost daily nicotine user and have already quit prior to the experience, but only now do I feel no need to be under the influence of nicotine anymore. I consume less alcohol as well, although I still find it fun to use.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115787
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 29, 2021Views: 410
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Morning Glory (38) : Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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