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A Trippy Vomit Fest of Note
Syrian Rue
by zonked armani
Citation:   zonked armani. "A Trippy Vomit Fest of Note: An Experience with Syrian Rue (exp115814)". Nov 1, 2021.

T+ 0:00
12 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  T+ 0:15 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  


While in Turkey I was going through my Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants, and discovered that the Syrian Rue was common to the region, but not much more was really well known about the plant.

I showed a picture of the Syrian Rue to one of my Turkish friends and she instantly recognized it as a plant that the old people would burn to ward of evil spirits. The next day we went to a herb shop and sure enough they sold bunches of it for 20 Lira or around 2 a bunch. I decided to just buy one and after separating the seeds from the rest of the plant, I was left with around 12 grams of seed.

I took the seeds and heated them in a dry pan for several minutes, stirring them around constantly so they would not burn. I did this based on some trip reports I read recommending this as a means of preparation.

After they cooled down I used a mortar and pestle to turn the seeds into a fine powder. Next I mixed around one and a half cups of water and a shot of fresh lemon juice with the powdered seeds and cooked the concoction on a low heat on a gas stove for around 15 minutes with constant stirring.

After the mixture cooled down, I used a piece of old t-shirt to strain the mixture into one of those disposable plastic water bottles and stuffed it in my bag.

Two days later I was in Cappadocia amidst all the crazy rocks and decided it was time to head into the wilderness and trip. So I walked out to some of the caves and downed the concoction in one gulp.
I walked out to some of the caves and downed the concoction in one gulp.
It was bitter as fuck and had a bit of a lingering after taste. This was at around 12 noon and the only food I had that day was a light meal of fresh fruit for breakfast for obvious reasons. The rest of the day I just drank loads of water.

Here is what followed:

12pm - I drank the vile tasting liquid. by this time a layer of sediment had formed at the bottom of the bottle and I tried avoiding drinking it or mixing it in as much as humanely possible. After I washed my mouth out and drank huge gulps of water. The taste is very weird and not pleasant at all.

12:15pm - I smoked a small bit of a joint that I had kept specifically for the occasion and then went on exploring the caves and interesting rocks.

12:30pm - I had a sort of sense of calmness come over me, like everything was just fine with the world and all my worries faded away. It was more than just what weed usually gives and after thinking it was placebo a few times I made my mind up that either way I would just keep on walking and exploring.

12:45 - nothing much happening. The sun was super hot but I stayed hydrated and was enjoying the interesting environment. By this time I had made my mind up that this sense of well being is the only thing that would come of this experiment and I kept on walking.

13:15pm - All was well and I was standing in the shade taking a picture with my phone when a started noticing something was happening. It was sort of little like LSD wavey aura things everywhere, not super clear but it was there. I put my hand in front of my face and as I moved it there where those visual trails that are so indicative of acid.

I decided to send a message to a friend to tell them that this shit actually works, but half way through the voice note I was dictating the first vomiting hit. I spent the next 10 minutes standing in the shade emptying my stomach through my mouth until only dry heaving. Each time washing my mouth out with water because the moment the taste of the Syrian Rue was present in either taste or smell I would vomit again. After heavy sweating and my stomach was as empty as I thought it could ever be, I set off in the direction of the village I was staying in.

It was a 20 minute walk, but after the vomiting stopped, everything was trippy as fuck. In the road back to my backpackers hostel I vomited a few more times along the way, but now it was just the water coming out that I kept consuming out of fear that I would dehydrate.

When finally arriving back to the hostel (no idea about time at this point, I just couldn't even look at my phone anymore or tell the time), I went straight to the bathroom for a vomiting session and after went to lie down. The hostel was built into a cave and the temperature was always perfect for cuddling in under the duvet. As I arrived in the cave section where the beds where arranged in dorm fashion, it suddenly hit me how hard I was tripping. The pictures on the Persian carpets that cover the floor looked like they were hovering in misty waves about 5 centimeters above the floor. The walls of the cave where morphing from one picture into another constantly.

The nausea subsided when I lay down and this finally gave some relief and I could just look at all the movement in the morphing rocks and the crazy mist that hovered above the carpet.

My sense of time was completely gone and I ran back to the bathroom for heavy sessions of vomiting and diarrhea, probably around 6 times, but to be honest I had lost count by then. Each time I vomited that wildly weird taste of the Syrian Rue would hit me and that would bring on more dry heaving or vomiting. All this was accompanied by much sweating.

Finally after what felt like many many hours, I closed my eyes and just lay there. This was another interesting experience as it was not what I would expect. There where none of the patterns that I usually have on mushrooms. Instead it was more of a clarity of thought where one idea flowed seamlessly into the next
it was more of a clarity of thought where one idea flowed seamlessly into the next
. Like vivid daydreaming almost. This part I only experienced after the vomiting had ended and this was very pleasant. I could still open my eyes to stare at the rocks doing their morphing thing or watch the carpet with its misty movement, but by this time I was dead tired from all the vomiting and not having any food in me at all anymore.

So eventually I fell asleep and had blissful dreams. Not sure if the Syrian Rue had any effect on my dreams directly, but they were vivid.

I woke up at around 7pm and some crazy extrovert had just entered the room and after asking me if I had seen his friend, started a full on conversation with me. I was weak and tired but felt completely normalish again. So I was invited to head out with them and I went out, had a few beers, smoked some weed, and had a great evening.

All in all I would not recommend this to anyone. It was interesting and the Syrian Rue is clearly a potent plant, but all the vomiting really makes the experience far from a pleasant one.

Would I ever do it again, hell no. Am I glad I tried it, yes.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115814
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Nov 1, 2021Views: 608
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