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Fantastic Dance Drug
Citation:   TeaVeeEye. "Fantastic Dance Drug: An Experience with 2C-I (exp11582)". Erowid.org. Jan 5, 2002. erowid.org/exp/11582

15 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
New Year's Eve had arrived and I was in the mood for something different. Our destination was a small rave, so I was looking for something that would give me energy and be fun to dance to without leaving me too incoherent. I had recently come into possession of some 2C-I and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it.

Based on other reported experiences I decided that 15 mg would be my starting dose. I really had no experience with the 2C family of substances so I didn't have any idea how sensitive I would be. Although I have a very high tolerance for other hallucinogens like LSD, mescaline, and mushrooms there are a number of published reports of people have extremely strong reactions to very small doses of 2C compounds. With a new compound in a public place it seemed best to be prudent.

I mixed 500mg of 2C-I ( a slightly off-white clumpy powder) into one liter of distilled water. I have heard that the substance is quite stable in water so I intend to store the remainder in this form until I use it. It was not very soluble and I had to shake the bottle for a couple of minutes to dissolve the powder completely. I then measured doses using a 5 ml eye dropper that I bought from a drug store. As a precaution I marked the water level on the bottle so that if I don't use it for a while and some water everaporates I won't surprise myself too much.

T + 0:00 I drank the mixture shortly after arriving at the rave and waited for it to kick in. It had no taste or odor. At this stage my stomach was empty except for a glass of wine an hour earlier. My friends, 'Carol' and 'Dan' each took 10 ml since they were a little smaller then me and also more hesitant about taking a research compound. My wife was kind enough to act as our sitter.

T+ 0:30 At this point I started to feel a slight 'pressure' in my temples, similar to what I feel at the start of an acid trip. I also felt a slightly elevated mood but this might just have been the setting. Carol and Dan weren't feeling anything.

T+ 1:00 I now felt like I was on something but it was extremely mild and I can't really pinpoint what was different. When I closed my eyes I got very minor visuals, mainly spiral swirly patterns in black and red. I thought that maybe I should have done a little more, but the 2C family is notorious for luring people into boosting and then sending them on a wild ride so I had half expected this urge. I had a bit of a dry mouth sensation, similar to Cannabis dry mouth except I was not very thirsty and drinking water didn't seem to help it for very long.

T+ 1:30 I was now getting a fairly nice case of perma-grin. The closed eye visuals were excellent and dancing felt really nice though I wasn't nearly as energetic as I am on Ecstacy. I found myself dancing with my eyes closed a lot so I could enjoy the visuals. My thoughts were clear and I was still quite lucid, though I really didn't feel the need to talk to people. There was very little body load though my nose felt slightly stuffy and I had a bit of a taste in the back end of my mouth (like a nasal drip). Although I was not thirsty I drank lots of water to make sure I stayed hydrated.

2:00 Carol and Dan decided they wanted a little bit of help so they smoked some pot in the hopes that it would find the 2C-I and bring it out of hiding. By now I was feeling great and decided not to smoke anything since I wanted to experience this compound on its own for a while. I was feeling tired but I didn't feel like sleeping. This was different from feeling wide awake like I do on some other drugs. My stomach felt very slightly uneasy, almost numb. Dancing felt good and the closed eye visual continued. I was still very lucid and felt I could easily talk to people without them knowing I was high.

3:00 A new DJ came on and the music switched from trance to psychedelic noise. We couldn't really dance to this, so we swayed on the dance floor. I was still getting incredible closed eye visuals. Typical visuals were patterns repeating in spirals or grids, which morphed from one shape into another. I noticed that the flashing lights in the room as seen through my closed eyes seem to effect the visuals. My mind was racing with lots of interesting thoughts. I thought for a little while about serious things but decide that this wasn't really a good setting for introspection and was able to easily switch into other thought patterns. My friends were now also feeling some effects.

I now knew how high the roller coaster would go so I smoked a little bit of pot to boost it one level. The pot really potentiated the effects. I was still not getting any open eye visuals, though when I headed outside to look around everything looked shiny and unnatural and lights seemed to have very slight fractal patterns around them. I still felt very lucid. I was really getting into the strange music, swooping to the noises and twirling around.

I now felt wide awake although throughout the evening I continued to yawn from time to time. The yawns seemed more like tired yawns then hallucinogen yawns but I had no urge to go to bed.

3:30 The dance music was back and I was now dancing like crazy. I was still getting great CEVs still, and whenever I closed my eyes I would 'trip out'. At one stage I felt like there colors coming out of my head like they were being sprayed by a hose. When I closed my eyes and rotated my head I could feel them sparying out and I could 'see' the results in my mind. Some of the visuals were quite realistic including metalic objects and even fairly complex scenes. This was probably the peak of the experience and I was having an awesome time.

I still had no body load, but I had some interesting thoughts. For example I realized that one of the reasons that I sometimes have insights on drugs in that I don't really spend time just thinking in my daily life. Drugs offer me a unique oportunity to close my eyes and just think about my life, where normally I am just rushing from one activity to the next or passively consuming entertainment. I felt connected to those around me and was very tolerant and accepting of everything going one, but I didn't have the same lovey feeling I sometimes get on Ecstasy. I would probably have been nearly as happy in a room by myself listening to music with my eyes closed.

T + 4:30 I had a very nice 2 hour peak and was still going strong although I was now down a bit. I tried jumping up and down a bit on the dance floor and it felt wonderful to do some high energy dancing. For a short time I was very concious of the feel of my body. I could feel muscles and how they hung on the bones and the way they contracted and pushed to move me around. It was an extremely pleasant sensation but I quickly got distracted. My friends were now sitting on the side watching. They were tired and looked to be done for the evening though they still seem wide awake and did actually get up and dance a few more times in the next two hours.

Dancing became the focus of my activity for the next 90 minutes. It felt wonderful to jump around and I was dancing very energetically for a long time. I can do this even when I am straight so I am not sure how much the drug contributed compared to the great music. The CEVs were still there but didn't seem as interesting and now I was having just as much fun with my eyes open.

T + 6:00 I STILL had energy, but was feeling a lot straighter and the CEVs had faded significantly. My wife and friends were ready to head home even though I could have danced another hour or so. When we got outside I saw some very minor fractal patterns around lights and everything still seemed slightly shiny. I felt the cold extremely acutely but since it was -25 ( Celcius) that was not be surprising. I later found out that Dan had been cold all evening, and I had also felt chilled a number of times. I have no idea if this was due to poor heating in the venue (old warehouses are hard to keep warm in a northern winter). Next time I will probably take a blanket. I was able to talk and think very clearly and actually surprised myself a few times with witty comments that seemed to come from nowhere.

T + 6:30 I was extremely hungry when we got home but food tasted pretty normal. The hunger was likely due to pot munchies, but certainly my apetite was unimpaired. After making a serious dent in the fridge I took a bath at home to warm up a bit. I had a hard time telling how hot the water was and was a bit worried that I might burn myself. The sound of the tub filling was very strange. I was very aware of the way sound reflected off the walls in the bathroom. I had this senstation earlier in the evening when people once or twice but this was a lot stronger. The bath felt great and I was still not tired even though it was now 6AM.

T + 6:45 I went to bed. I was still not really feeling tired, but I fell asleep rapidly and slept soundly until the cat woke us at noon (6 hours later).

NEXT DAY: The first hour or two in the morning I felt slightly drained much like I do after doing Acid or Ecstacy. By later in the afternoon I felt pretty much back to normal although I'm not sure my concentration was back up to 100%. Overall the hangover was mild to non-existent and is probably related as much to having stayed up all night as to the 2C-I.

SUMMARY: At 15mg I found 2C-I to be an excellent dance drug. It was very pleasant and friendly with great closed eye visuals and lots of energy. It also left me very in control. I could easily drop out of the drug state to do things, and then drop back into it when I wanted to dance or trip out. The drug lasted a couple of hours longer then Ecstacy which was nice since E always runs out well before I'm ready to go home. I experienced almost no body load or hangover.

Carol also enjoyed her experience although she would have liked a bit more then 10mg. She isn't nearly as fit as I am which likely contributed to her tiring out much earlier. She didn't report any CEVs, but she did have increased energy and a nice case of permagrin. She also had no hangover the next day.

Dan didn't enjoy his experience nearly as much as Carol and I. He had some weird body load effects. In particular, he kept feeling like he needed to urinate even when he didn't. This was annoying and distracting. He experienced some CEVs and even some open eye visuals (at one stage everyone around him had lego in their hair). However, he said that overall he would have prefered to have been straight over taking the drug. The next day he was tired and washed out. He did only 10mg compared to my 15mg so I think our caution with the dose was justified. I will encourage any other people I try this with to also start with 10 or 15 mg and work up. It is worth noting that Dan had very little experience with hallucinogens so this may have contributed to his problems.

This is a wonderful substance which I have every intention of enjoying again. It would be my choice over Ecstasy for a night of dancing due to it's longer effects, although a peak Ecstasy experience is much better then what I experienced. Because this is a research chemical I intend to use it carefully and sparingly on exceptional occasions. Those of us that are trying these research compounds need to be very careful to not harm ourselves and to not do anything stupid that results in these wonderful substances being scheduled.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11582
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 5, 2002Views: 11,410
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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