Only Slightly Different From MDMA
Citation:   TheBaron. "Only Slightly Different From MDMA: An Experience with 5-MAPB (exp115823)". Oct 14, 2021.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 5-MAPB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:15 15 - 20 mg insufflated 5-MAPB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:45 15 - 20 mg insufflated 5-MAPB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30 15 - 20 mg insufflated 5-MAPB (powder / crystals)
I obtained some 5-MAPB from a reliable source and decided to try it with a friend. He had to be up very early in the morning, so he didn't want to go all out, so we decided to initially shoot for a low dose. However, reading the trip reports on this drug, there was a wide dose range reported, and I saw enough users report that despite the "usual dose" being somewhere in the 100-120mg range, this seemed too high to many who had tried it at much lower doses in the 50-60mg range.

So, he took 20mg and I took 30mg. We were feeling it but it was mild, so we decided to snort a booster, and we did this 3-4 times, him taking about 10mg at a time and me taking 15-20mg at a time. This is not a responsible or wise way to do do this, but we did feel a pleasant effect and wanted to capture what this drug could do. I think my total ingestion was about 100mg, possibly more or less, over 2.5 hours. I was also intentional about snorting small increments since I do not know what the oral bioavailability of this drug is, meaning, snorting certain drugs can end up doubling, tripling etc the potency of the dose. Always important to be very careful about snorting lesser known substances.

Anyway, for the effects... we started with low doses but it did take well over an hour to start getting prominent effects, which is slower than MDMA. Like MDMA, it felt very warm, empathic, and euphoric. Music was great, hugging was great, talking was great, the desire to chain smoke cigarettes and/or to dance was there, too. We mostly lay around my living room playing music and talking. What I noted as the night went on was that the nystagmus/vibrating vision was WAY more prominent on this drug
the nystagmus/vibrating vision was WAY more prominent on this drug
, and I also felt like my walking was kind of weird, just a little off balance. There was also much more pronounced bruxism and when the empathogenic effects had worn off, largely by 230am, I felt very peaceful but also wide awake... and ended up listening to music until 7am when I finally felt like I could attempt sleep.

I think I liked this drug, just not as much as MDMA. On the other hand, if someone gave me this and told me it was MDMA, I think I would remark on how "this MDMA is such and such" but would not suspect it to be some other drug if I didn't know. I would like to start off next time with 80-100mg to get a better sense of what it's like when done as a single dose rather than the middling slow drip we did, although the "side effects" of this drug are much more intense than MDMA and I would advise caution with this drug to any would-be triers. I can certainly see this one as being one of those drugs that affects people differently and the side effects could be quite intense. I think I would overall say it has a little bit less "magic" than MDMA, a little more bodyload, but is both speedy and also calmly serene. The thing I liked about it least was that after it wore off, the stimulant effect was really potent for several hours after.

I got four hours of sleep, and feel tired today but bright, with the usual enthusiasm, increased empathy for myself and others, and general mood lift I feel the day after MDMA or psychedelics. We'll see how the week goes.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115823
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Oct 14, 2021Views: 2,484
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