Only Positive Effects - God and Infinity
Amanitas - A. muscaria
Citation:   Jason G. "Only Positive Effects - God and Infinity: An Experience with Amanitas - A. muscaria (exp115825)". Oct 17, 2021.

2 oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (fresh)
I ate two of these and didn’t die. When I google image search “Most Dangerous Mushroom”, the Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) fills the screen. After lots of research and reading books about this mushroom, together with my friend Chaim, we each ate 2 of them, raw and freshly picked from the forest.

After eating the mushrooms, we fell asleep pleasantly and gradually within 30 minutes on the sunny grass, naked and covered with a tarp (me) and in a sleeping bag (Chaim). If we did it again, we would both like to have a prepared, cozy, shady spot to relax and sleep next time.

During my dreams, the mushroom communicated clearly and in English with me that it was not dangerous, it is a tool to heal on all levels that can be used as often as I like, and to not be afraid. It was a very peaceful sleep. Chaim’s mushroom communicated to him that sometimes you need to let things go that are holding you back, and to take action immediately when you feel it. So, when he awoke, he vomited up some mushroom and things he didn’t need. I didn’t vomit or feel sick at any time, but before sleeping I felt a strong urge to shit, so I did.

Upon awakening and after Chaim vomited, we both felt amazing and started to do exercises because we felt so light. At this point, we both urinated again and drank it immediately, as our body should have alchemized the mushroom for us by now. We decided to pack our things and start hiking again, and now this feeling of lightness was increased substantially. Not only was I light and agile on mental, physical and emotional levels, but intentions for the moment were incredibly clear. It was as if all my bodily senses (hot, cold, hungry, noise/visual distractions, etc.) had their volume knobs turned to 1, and my present moment, well defined INTENTION was turned up to “12”.

Although I could consciously choose to put my attention on my senses, they did not control my choices or distract me significantly. All that mattered is what I wanted to do in that moment, and I was completely focused and in the “flow” state, no matter what. This state was pure bliss and the mind was perfectly clear, essentially the opposite of “ADHD”. I was happy to get a glimpse of how reality can be experienced in that state, which was honestly a first for me. It was a very happy moment for me to realize that state was possible to experience
It was a very happy moment for me to realize that state was possible to experience
, and I am using it as a reference experience now to align myself to in my every-day life.

Our bags didn’t feel heavy at all, our footsteps were floating, and we started walking down the valley, with the intention of returning home to [small town in Switzerland]. Sometimes I also felt a bit uncoordinated, lackadaisical and not perfectly balanced/focused on my body at times, walking left and right for a couple of seconds and then taking my awareness back into my body before recovering posture and balance.

We continued walking down the valley, hitchhiking cars and enjoying being in the moment and the flow state. A van stopped with an older German couple, and we let them know about our mission of finding and eating the Fly Agaric. They told us that we would die if we ate it, and we told them we feel great and “aufgeputscht”. They were very nice, we shared some conversation about their home state, and they dropped us in a town.

We got another ride from a man who loved running. I asked if there is any question that he has that he would like an answer to, and he spoke of his mother’s health diagnosis, and then that lead into a discussion how he thinks all this pl@nd3miç craziness is totally illogical and what steps he is taking to maintain his freedom with his friends. We enjoyed each other’s company a lot.

He dropped us off at the spot we began our journey from, only on the other side. At this point, it was about 3 hours after we had taken the mushrooms and an hour since we drank our urine, and our consciousness and level of awareness was totally shifted.
I experienced Chaim’s reality as if it was my own, and it seemed our voices and beings were one. It was as if I was speaking from both of our viewpoints, and there was no separation/difference between the two of us as to who was perceiving and experiencing reality. As I sat next to and looked at Chaim, I observed myself viewing him from his viewpoint. He experienced all the same, and it was if both of our experiences were simultaneously experienced by both, thus making “both” just “one” in the end. I saw Chaim’s avatar as one in an infinite grid of other beings, all connected in the same way. When we spoke with others, it was with heightened clarity and our intentions were pure and loving. People responded fantastically and happily to us, mirroring our state.

Once we enjoyed our environment and felt like moving on, I decided to hitchhike at the road again. within 10 seconds, a car had stopped and said they were going to our exact destination. Of course.

We arrived, got out of the car and started walking. I began to perceive everything, infinity, and the looping, perfect-circle nature of the universe. I saw in my vision an infinite number of “screens”, each 1 “frame” after another, of the same life timeline. For every moment in life, there are an infinite number of alternative spontaneous decisions to be made by everything and everyone, and each separate decision creates its own entire timeline and infinite number of offshoots. The universe is limitless and all possibilities have already happened, are happening and will happen.

I was watching the universe and all the possible timelines from a zoomed out perspective. I was able to perceive the greatness and unity of it all, from the creator’s perspective.

I felt myself experiencing pleasurable body sensations, breathing, taking in visual beauty with my eyes, and pleasant noises, then a few seconds later I would experience shortness of breath, an unpleasant vision and noises, and then the feeling of internal pain, and tripping on a rock and hurting myself, all within a few seconds. I wasn’t directly experiencing it as my physical body/avatar and I wasn’t actually hurt, all the sensations lasted for less than a second, it was more like a “sampler plate” of experiences that I was being shown, to indicate that they are all part of the same life and are equally valuable. I was being taken on a tour of the universe, infinity, the looping nature of life, and what the human experience is made from.

After many such incredibly beautiful visions that seemed to overlay and occupy my entire “visual field”, surely not fully conscious of everything around me that I would normally be conscious of when “sober”, my consciousness zoomed with a magical whooshing sound back into my body on Earth, and I found myself walking alone without Chaim, at sunset, about 2 hours after my last memory together with him. All I remembered was walking with him near another lake, then I regained “consciousness” next to my current location again. I had no memory of how I got there, but I was already walking when I regained consciousness.

I was unsure if I was in the same reality as before, as I had just experienced and explored many different timelines. Did people still speak English and French? I walked into a bar, gave everyone a “bonjour” and luckily they seemed to all speak French. I wished them a good evening and started walking again, wondering where Chaim was and how to find him. I thought he might have gone back to my apartment, so I walked home. I was still unsure if I was in another reality where someone else was renting my apartment, so when I successfully entered and it was our stuff, it was a relief. I didn’t find Chaim in the apartment, so I decided to sleep and wait for him. I woke up at 5AM the next morning, still dark outside, and decided to go outside to find him. We had slept 2 nights ago directly on the moss in a beautiful forest meadow close-by, and my intuition told me he might be there again. I walked 30 minutes and arrived at the meadow but saw nothing. I called out “Chaim!” expecting nothing, and was shocked and relieved to hear “Jason!” all the stuff, my backpack, and Chaim was there, healthy and just fine. I asked him what happened to me after my memory ended near the lake, and apparently I was responding and speaking still after that point, but eventually we were only communicating telepathically. Or at least, Chaim was trying to do so. In an attempt to pick up on what he thought was my telepathic communication, Chaim laid down on the nearby meadow and closed his eyes. I kept on letting go of my backpack and dropping it on the ground as if I didn’t need it, and I walked off alone.

We then both had our own solo experiences, and met afterwards.

Main learnings and takeaways from the experience:

- If I consume this mushroom again, I would always have an experienced trip-sitter in a controlled environment to stay safe, especially with higher doses like mine where I was having out-of-body experiences for hours at a time, but apparently still walking around and interacting with the world.

- The mushroom has had no negative effects or after-effects on me so far, the light and pleasant, focused feeling on all levels has remained to a lesser degree, even 3 days after. I feel more connected to myself and the rest of the world, and shed a lot of fear after experiencing the nature of our reality.

- There is always free will, meaning you can always make a choice. That is your birthright.

- Love is God and God is love, and whatever seems to be happening, the underlying truth is always love, and its inevitable consequence will always be love.

- There is a lot that needs to be experienced to be understood, especially when it comes to this mushroom.

- If I want to live a life of a certain essence, I need to consciously take action and let go of anything that is not part of that essence. Only then will it manifest.

Phase Analysis / Timeline of the mushroom’s effects:

1st Phase:
After consumption of raw, fresh (1 day old after picked, kept outside in paper bag) Amanita Muscaria mushrooms: Gentle, gradual sleepiness within 30 minutes, seemingly no matter the time of day (we became tired at 12 noon after a restful night’s sleep and no tiredness at all before taking the mushrooms), ±2 hour nap with visions and the mushroom clearly communicating.

2nd Phase:
Wake up after 2 hour nap with a feeling of effortless weightlessness in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Buzzing joy for “no reason”. Desire to use the body, work out, run, walk, hike, breathe, do yoga. UNTIL NOW, NO URINE HAS BEEN CONSUMED AFTER CONSUMING THE MUSHROOMS. At this point, we peed out around 300-400ml and drank it immediately before starting to hike.

3rd Phase:
Within 30 minutes of drinking our urine, the weight of our backpacks and bodies became meaningless, and I felt like I was longer controlled and a slave to my bodily sensations, but I was controlling it externally and it was a tool to “BE” in, and accomplish whatever I liked. Bodily needs and sensations became less prominent and urgent, as if their volume knobs were turned down to 1. If I chose to, I could focus on my level of hunger, thirst, warmth, cold, discomfort, comfort, pain, or any other sensation, but none of them could steal my intention from my top priority and focus, which was my INTENTION FOR THE PRESENT MOMENT. The volume knob was turned permanently to “12”, while all possible distractions were turned to “1.”. It was as if I had a vibrating, prompting text box at the top of my vision, asking “What is your intention?” and I was fully engaged with whatever I chose to put my focus on. I was zig-zagging a little bit occasionally as I walked and wasn’t focusing on my path fully.

4th Phase:
About 1 hour after we drank our urine, I felt a feeling of connection and telepathy with everything and everyone, and began to see the underworkings of our universe. I experienced other people’s experiences simultaneously with my own. Still being conscious of my avatar and all its senses, it felt like the ultimate playground and I felt immense gratitude for having chosen to inhabit my body in this time and place, and I was sure that I am an infinite soul that has chosen this particular experience, all is one. INTERESTING NOTE: Our pupils were not dilated at all in this state, and perhaps even more narrow than normal.

5th Phase:
About 90 minutes after drinking our urine, I started having visions of infinity, unity, the nature/inherent beauty/humor of our universe, all possibilities happening infinitely and simultaneously, and all different possible layers of our human experience and the experience of all beings and things. IMPORTANT: I was not aware of my physical body and where I was walking, and during this entire phase I was indeed walking and interacting with the world, but not conscious of it. This entire 5th phase period was a “blackout” period for my awareness of my actual physical body on Earth before I entered my human body and consciousness again in the 6th Phase.

6th Phase:
About 3 and a half hours after drinking our urine, with a deep and whimsical whooshing and jingling noise inside my head, my consciousness came back to my human body, as I was walking along a lakeside. It was as if I just hit “restore savegame” in a video game and I instantly teleported to that moment. I had no memory of anything even seconds earlier, and the earliest memory I had, judging by the sun, was around 2 hours ago walking together with Chaim, my trip partner. In between I had no memory, and I was now alone and without my backpack. In retrospect, this period of time was taken up my 5th phase visions, but when I regained consciousness, I didn’t realize that those visions were inside time, and didn’t remember them, and it felt more like a blackout. This was disconcerting because I didn’t know what happened and I was slightly worried about Chaim, and I wasn’t sure if the reality I was now in was the same one I started in. I wondered if people still spoke French and English, and even if my apartment was still mine or had someone else occupying it. Luckily, I was still in the same universe/timeline, and we found each other again. I was still feeling the same abilities and in the same state as the 3rd Phase. I fell asleep for a few hours, dreamt very vividly, and woke up a few hours later.

7th Phase:
After waking up from a short nap, 9-10 hours after drinking our urine, the sensations from the 3rd phase were about 50% intensity, all still very pleasant.

8th Phase:
12-16 hours in, the effects are mostly gone
12-16 hours in, the effects are mostly gone
, with clear memory and awareness of that heightened and focused flow state, that I plan on referencing every day to get closer and closer to it in my natural state with no external substances.

This mushroom must be extensively researched, 100% properly identified, and read about *by the person eating it* before deciding to take it or not, as anyone could have a very bad experience if they are not prepared for what it has to offer, or even take the wrong mushroom. Expectation management is key, and everyone is responsible for their own life, health and choices.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115825
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Oct 17, 2021Views: 5,174
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