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A Thorough Exploration
by Cellophane
Citation:   Cellophane. "A Thorough Exploration: An Experience with Methaqualone (exp115836)". Oct 13, 2021.

150 - 400 mg oral Methaqualone (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Methaqualone (powder / crystals)


Having a good friend of mine who is a talented organic chemist, I have had the opportunity to thoroughly experiment with Methaqualone (Quaalude) over the last 2 years. The material was LCMS tested and was in excess of 99% purity and the real deal, not some RC analogue.

My main intent in making this report is to fill in some of the gaps, as it seems to me there is a lack of quality experience reports on this substance, and many of the ones that recall experiences from "back in the day" are tinted with nostalgia and, frankly, unreliable as a result.

So- methaqualone- the legendary downer. I have had access to both the freebase and the HCl salt form. I will give brief overviews of my experience with both. For posterity sake, I will relay some of my experiences from taking it when I have been on breaks from alcohol, so I really received the full effects.

Methaqualone HCl- Oral Route:

150-200mg- on an empty stomach, in about 15 minutes I feel a slight euphoric easiness sliding into my mood and my demeanor. Coordination is still fine. The effect is apparent but mild. It is really nothing of significance. Some light sleepiness soon takes effect within about 50 minutes, and I fall asleep, and sleep quite well.

300-400mg Oral- this is a much better dose. Within 15 minutes, a true physical euphoria sets in all over the body. The mind feels somewhat sloppy and stupid. It is not akin to the quite relaxing sedation of a benzodiazepine- no- this is much more crude and intoxicating. The muscle relaxation becomes very apparent. Upon standing up and walking to the kitchen to get a drink of water, multiple things are knocked and damaged on my way. I don't do this drug when I have valuable instruments etc sitting about. The euphoria and physical intoxication quickly peaks within one hour, and then sedation and sleepiness becomes the predominant effect. I can understand why people liked to mix this with cocaine back in the day- there is really a need for a stimulant if you don't want to quickly fall into a sleepy mess. That being said- the quality of sleep is fantastic. Wake up with zero hangover.

Another comment on mental effects at this dose- there is some empathogenic qualities. I may get a bit snuggly with my best bro on the couch, talk a little about how much we love each other's friendship, that kind of thing. Its nice but its sloppy.

In oral doses exceeding 400mg, there isnt much more to gain aside from extreme muscle relaxant sloppiness. I will fall down and hit my head on the coffee table and hurt like hell the next day.

The other half of this report will address smoking the freebase.

Smoking- I have smoked methaqualone maybe 30-40 times now. Pure crystalline freebase, not some crushed up pill with fillers and god knows what.

Upon being touched by the flame, it melts and vaporizes quickly. But more of it tends to kind of melt through into the pipe. I typically have smoked it on a bed of burnt ashes from CBD weed. It melts down into the pipe and turns black. The taste is distinct, not great not terrible.

It takes AT LEAST 2 or 3 good rips until the effect actually hits me. When it does, it is far more novel of a feeling than taking the drug orally. It is almost dissociative for a few minutes then quickly peters out. It is crack like, in that- I can- and will- continue to smoke more of it until I simply fall asleep. The overall effect profile is similar but when smoking it it's much easier to not realize how physically impaired I am and to fall when I go to stand up and try to do something.

Speech becomes slowed down- drastically. I think I'm talking relatively normal but I'm not, I sound like a doped out parody of my normal self.
I think I'm talking relatively normal but I'm not, I sound like a doped out parody of my normal self.
Overall- I find smoking it to be a waste of material. The duration is not as long, and I just burn through tons of material, and honestly it may be somewhat hard on the lung tissues just given the sheer volume of how much freebase crystalline shit I am smoking.

Methaqualone is certainly a fun, interesting, and novel drug among the GABA family, but its not some holy grail of euphoria. Its a very effective sleep aid, and I can see why it was prescribed as such. A little GHB and half a nitrous balloon and you are basically feeling a crude imitation of what a peak effect would be from this drug.

Above all else it just makes me sleepy. Not a huge deal.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115836
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Oct 13, 2021Views: 1,823
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