Journeying With Lady Datura
Citation:   WeAreGod. "Journeying With Lady Datura: An Experience with Datura (exp115844)". May 1, 2023.

  transdermal Datura (tincture)

In my neighborhood, some neighbors had beautiful Datura plants growing near the sidewalks of the road. Every time I encounter Datura, it is a very alluring dark lady attracting me as if sexually but of spirit instead. Yet with all the intensity & allure of sexual magnetism. The mysterious ethereal glow of the large white flowers blossoming in the cool autumn night. The heavenly citrus-mystical aroma that permeates the environment around the plants, casting deep subconscious spells on unsuspecting passersby and lulling them along the dream into a peaceful presence.

But for me, it is very lucid and apparent that this Spirit is very real and powerful. It blurs the usual lines of the Dream in which we roam. Calling us to question the very fabric of this reality, our sanity, and our certainty that what we perceive is real. When approaching the flowers, I look into where the petals reach out from its depths. I feel the intense attraction into the body of this being and deep into the underworld of Earth and the Subconscious Universal Mind.

I've harvested various parts of Datura on many occasions. Every time with the utmost respect, reverence, and caution. Listen to her or perish. I've made tea with seeds, roots, flowers, leaves, etc. I've smoked the flowers & leaves before. I've made flying ointment from roots. The tea was my introduction to her. I would drink the tea and explore my surroundings like a foolish child getting lost in the forest of the mind. Shadows & illusions appearing in the peripherals
I would drink the tea and explore my surroundings like a foolish child getting lost in the forest of the mind. Shadows & illusions appearing in the peripherals
of my visions would approach closer. The world becomes more of a dream than before. Smoking the leaves & flowers with tobacco is amazing for stimulating breathing.

By my early 20s I had already studied & practiced a significant amount of shamanism, magic, healing, and plant medicine work. Datura entered my world again after years of absence. I read about Witch's Flying Ointments. I made it using coconut oil & Datura root. I rubbed a very small amount on my forehead. I laid down and very rapidly expanded my awareness. There is a distinct feeling of flight, up up up out of body expanding into parallel realms. I had many visions during this experience which were not necessarily pleasant. Actually, the beginning of the experience was rather "scary". However I transmute fear quite well. So all of the fear was converted into flight and expansion.

Visions of Spirits, Magick, World Leaders, Demons, Angels, Heaven, Hell, etc. I cannot recall much else, other than it was only one night and wasn't very overwhelming. It was overall quite nice actually. Much better than making Tea.


Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 115844
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 1, 2023Views: 1,029
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