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Psychonautic Bioassays with a Soporific Enigma
Citation:   D X Meth-Head. "Psychonautic Bioassays with a Soporific Enigma: An Experience with Gaboxadol (exp115859)". Nov 2, 2021.

18 - 48 mg oral Gaboxadol
Gaboxadol has been a compound I've been eager to try since the vatic psychopharmacological ectomorph Hamilton Morris wrote about in Harper's. Oceanic sleep has been a dream of mine since I was a child; I've been tormented by night tremors for over a decade, and bouts of insomnia have been recurrent throughout my teenage years. Perhaps gaboxadol could grant me a depth of sleep that could bypass the oneiric imagery of me being eaten alive by my therianthropic tormentors from the past every night, and give me an opportunity to experience deep sleep...

I recently acquired a sample and embarked on some psychonautical bioassays. Noted below are transcripts and translations from my notebook written during and after the experience.

+Day 1: 18mg, oral. 32 minutes after ingestion, a cosmic slumber approaches. I feel reflective, at ease, and majestic (my bed becomes a throne in outer space, I sit looking down on the stars). A sonorant 'EEEEEEEE' crescendoes in my ear drum, I approach sleep almost asymptotically with time, being fully conscious until the sleep-penny finally dropped. I wake up just as suddenly as I fell asleep, it felt like no time had elapsed, a deep-blue oceanic sleep that passed in a click of the fingers.
I wake up just as suddenly as I fell asleep, it felt like no time had elapsed, a deep-blue oceanic sleep that passed in a click of the fingers.
A cosmic siesta. I'm refreshed, and continue with daily tasks fluently as if on a low-dose of amphetamine. The hangover from zolpidem makes my thoughts feel truncated and dumb, there was no such feeling with gaboxadol.

+ Day 2: 28mg, oral. (15 mins after ingestion) It appears that sonorant auditory hallucinations mark the psychoactive onset of gaboxadol, resembling those found when hit in the head or leaving a loud music theatre. I have a hypnagogic hallucination in my mind's eye of a scientist that decides to (consensually) eat his friend's leg. He puts him under anaesthetic but punctures one of his arteries during the amputation process and kills him. The hallucination ended here. I have a cigarette, it kisses my lungs with cancerous tar and sardonically grins at me.

I top up with another 20mg, totalling to 48mg within half an hour of the first bite. Thoughts are slow-paced as though caked in toffee. I counteract the sleep by chewing nicotine gum (which was beautifully synergistic) and read 'The Colour Out of Space' by Lovecraft (which, too, was synergistic with the ambience of gaboxadol). Thoughts largely revolved around cosmology at this point, I felt a grandeur to my presence in the room which juxtaposed the puniness of the humans in Lovecraft's story. (Perhaps there exists a race of angels known as the Gaboxadolians that approach the sleeper during GBX intoxication, carefully lullabying them to sleep as they balance an outstretched finger onto your philtrum...) I stood up and danced robotically to silence for 10 minutes, each move following a logical, defined order and direction, thoughts became discombobulated similar to that felt from the arylcyclohexylamines. I'm neither taciturn nor joyful, I simply am. I develop temporary strabismus (I'm cross-eyed) and I remain there for a period of minutes...angelic/psychedelic ideation flows through me. I cry over H P Lovecraft and how I empathise with his loneliness, I kiss his collection of short-stories. I peek through my window at the stars in stupefied amazement. All I can say is


(45 minutes after 20mg top up) I write in my diary : 'Reading feels scattered like listening to my mind's voice at 2x speed spat through a video-tape. Squeaked mumbles, I over-ride passages of importance because the pace of reading is too fast. Cosmic tinnitus. Thoughts are syncopated, jumpy and arpeggio. The colour of my thoughts is split through a prism into its constituent parts, I listen to primal snarls and intonations, basic units of the speech of thought. Reminds me of the olfactory domain of ketamine.'

I felt nauseous at this dose, and placed a bucket near my bed in case I threw up, but nothing came of it. I'm a hypochondriac about my bodily health, so perhaps this was merely psychosomatic.

+ I am a prolific dreamer, I have dreamed almost every night that I remember and record them in detail unless I've smoked weed that night - where my sleep becomes tarry and comatose. The dreams during gaboxadol intoxication were markedly frightening
The dreams during gaboxadol intoxication were markedly frightening
, undergoing about 3 bouts of sleep paralysis - dreams ranged from drowning in a bath whilst watching my face in a ceiling-mirror turn into that of the Linda Blair exorcist; watching a father kill his two children in the cinematographic style of a Japanese horror film (in which I was initially a passive observer directing the movement of the camera, gradually becoming a victim of the father's murderous rampage), to me forming a group named AMT (all-man tryptamine (association)).

This series of experiments took place over a fortnight. It became clear that I was markedly more alert in the mornings after a structurally sound sleep. I began to understand the pharmacokinetic portrait of gaboxadol, scheduling its ingestion into my daily timetable. Higher doses were almost psychopharmacologically synonymous with 60mg insufflated ketamine, although the bodily effects of gaboxadol were serene, whereas I find those of ketamine to be quite abrasive, like rubbing dried bone marrow on bone marrow, or screeching chalk on a blackboard. I spent many hours writing under its influence, mostly in praise of the fact that I am one of the few Homo sapiens to have tasted its essences. The lore of the Gaboxadolians became all the more richer - they were now crystalline beings utilising human organic synthesetes to further their propagation.

Further, before falling asleep, without fail, I would get an erection. I doubt with absolute certainty that GBX has any influence on PDE5, so I cannot explain this phenomena in biochemical terms. This report isn't enough to cover the full breadth of my experiences with this compound. My plan for my post-graduate thesis was to work on DiPT analogues, but my experiences with gaboxadol have been enough for me to question that quite thoroughly. In conclusion, gaboxadol is an unparalleled hypnotic and one that I will forever saviour in my psychopharmacological vocabulary.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115859
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 2, 2021Views: 1,228
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Gaboxadol (943) : First Times (2), General (1), Alone (16)

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