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Sensory Overload, Phenomal
by TrippingArthur
Citation:   TrippingArthur. "Sensory Overload, Phenomal: An Experience with 25B-NBOH (exp115889)". Nov 4, 2021.

T+ 0:00
500 ug buccal 25B-NBOH (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:30 500 ug buccal 25B-NBOH (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:55 500 ug buccal 25B-NBOH (blotter / tab)


Sensory Overload, a Phenomal Experience!

I bought some 25B-NBOH and put it on blotters myself, each containing 500ug. I'm pretty excited about this substance because I expect it to be a bit like 2C-B given its chemical structure. 2C-B is one of my favorite substances. Given that the NBOMe equivalent is supposed to be dangerous in higher doses, I want to be careful although it does not scare me too much. Sidenote: I like tripping alone, which is also the case in this report.

Given my lack of experience with this substance I decide to space out dosing of a tab each half hour with a max of 3 tabs. This dosage seems to be what is suggested on multiple reddit threads. I dosed buccally by putting tabs under my upper lip for better absorption. It's orally not active and when placed under the tongue the saliva might be swallowed.

t+0.00: Dose one 500ug tab

t+0.25: I feel somewhat lightheaded, typical of psychedelic substance come-ups. My upper lip feels a bit numb. I decide to take the next tab in 5 minutes.

t+0.55: The effects are now undeniably there. Colors are becoming saturated. I'm very lightheaded. It's a quite pleasant intoxication. I decide to take my last tab.

t+1.05: When writing down this experience, I begin to see letters twice. It's very visual. My pupils are very dilated. I think will soon go for a walk, which I typically enjoy doing while tripping. On my computer display letters are moving a lot. This is a pretty heavy experience. I'm absolutely blown away by this substance and it's very exciting. It's extremely colorful and I see a lot intricate geometrical patterns beginning to overlay reality in my vision. My desk lights up like a dancing disco.

t+1.24: Visually overwhelming (but not in a bad way): so much geometry and color. Mentally it's quite brutal too, although I'm definitely under the impression that everything will be fine. I decide to go on that walk to my local park. It's already past dawn.

That walk was pretty crazy. I was listening to music at first. It was quite dark already in the park so I could not see well in front of me. I was constantly seeing a high fence in front of me that I had to walk through.
I was constantly seeing a high fence in front of me that I had to walk through.
This is very exciting! At some point I take of my headphones and listen: This world is soo noisy! My senses are very much overloaded at this point: both vision and sound. I hear everything + some load static noise that is likely not real.

t+2.25: I'm back home. I can barely see normally anymore. I'm also so surprised how loud it is outside (I live in a quiet neighborhood)! I'm very stimulated. This is totally not 'smooth' like 2C-B, without a doubt one of the most exciting and stimulating trips I had. Physically I feel fine although I also decide that I'm likely not in a condition to properly evaluate that.

t+2.45: The visuals are breathtaking. Some fear is definitely there but I'm able to master it. Writing is barely possible. A very 'psychedelic' experience.

t+3.12: I showered. I'm tripping hard. I have a lot of auditory distortions which I generally don't like. I'm very prone to this, unlike most of my friends. During the shower I had some music on, but it was interrupted sometimes for ~0.5s. This made me somewhat fearful that my consciousness was being interrupted by the sensory overload. (Turns out to be a bluetooth problem the next day.) The headspace is very confusing and active, somewhat reminiscent of LSD.

t+3.25: Still going strong, upper lip quite numb. Physically quite ok, especially given the mental effects this drugs provides. My time perception is bad. I noticed I have not been nauseated at this point, which is something I commonly experience on psychedelics.

t+3.35: The visuals are very intricate and 'techno', not organic at all.

t+4.22: No more fractals overlaying reality, still a lot of color saturation and rainbow prisms in my vision.

t+4.50: Lots of cramps in my gut. I sometimes have this too on the comedown of other psychedelics. It reminds me of 25E-NBOH.

t+5.25: Visually still a few things, but not much anymore.

t+6.10: Everything is mostly done, especially the gut cramps so I'm glad.

Next day: Tired. It was hard to fall asleep due to residual stimulation and/or excitation.

Tl;dr This drug really took me by surprise in a good way!

25B-NBOH provides such a visual experience that all other drugs pale in comparison. Physically it feels quite good, in fact much more pleasant than most psychedelics. The duration is not overly long like LSD which is also a plus. Most certainly not like 2C-B: 25B-NBOH has less nausea, more visuals, more stimulation, but also more mindfuck/headspace, less 'love'.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115889
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Nov 4, 2021Views: 1,364
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25B-NBOH (614) : General (1), Nature / Outdoors (23), Hangover / Days After (46), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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