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Like a Free Trial to Life-Changing Trauma
Phenibut & Cannabis
Citation:   CoyoteBrains. "Like a Free Trial to Life-Changing Trauma: An Experience with Phenibut & Cannabis (exp115894)". Dec 4, 2021.

T+ 0:00
4 g oral Smarts - Phenibut (capsule)
  T+ 4:30   vaporized Unknown  
  T+ 6:30 6 hits smoked Cannabis  
I've had phenibut before, about 3 to four capsules at a time on rare occasions (I've probably taken it two times in total). The most recent before this event being 4 capsules about 5 days ago. I've never felt anything before. I didn't feel dizzy, good, bad, or kinda drunk. Nothing. I've attributed this to the fact I've always been too distracted by work when I take it (I work out of my car with my coworker, knocking door to door. Yes, hello Jackson it's me). I guess some part of me just can't say no to free drugs because I've never taken Phenibut out of pocket or sought it out. I've only been handed a dose and popped it.

That's what happened this time. At approximately 3:30 pm I took 8 capsules filled with 0.5 g of phenibut powder. I had nothing in my stomach and wouldn't eat anything until much later in the night. Having no idea it was a pretty high dose as well. I was driving when I took it, went to a laundromat for the next two hours, than went couch shopping for the next hour, brought home a mostly metal fold out couch from the 90s, and than proceeded to do the most intense manual labor I've done in three months for the next three hours. I and my to-be-husband-in-24-hrs moved the couch from the car, to the apartment stairs, where we tried to lift up a couch by ourselves on a 40 degree angle through a tiny Victorian home staircase. We were dripping with sweat after an hour and a half went by and the couch was still lodged at the bottom of the steps. After our kind 80+ year old landlord told us "you guys aren't going to be able to do that" we called for back up.

Waiting for my brother-in-law, we took a break, went outside, and vaped by the car for 15 mins. At this point I was feeling light headed and a tiny bit giddy. Of course, that's on top of the exhaustion a workout gives you. I was started to feel a bit afraid of the amount of phenibut in my system as it had been made aware to me it was a high dose around that point. Once my brother-in-law arrives, I start to feel pretty pumped up and very light headed. Another hour and a half passes and the three of us hustled that bitch up two flights of stairs through incredibly tight spots. We're exhausted and I'm starting to look like an aged pear from the amount of bruises I got from being at the bottom end of a folded bed.

The phenibut my fiance has taken has officially made him "ready to go" (his words not mine) and before I know it we're breaking in the new couch. My brain at this point is starting to become mushy and weightless. The sex has made me mentally relax more and I'm starting to disassociate from my body a bit. It reminds me of the unique combination of being violently shaken into soberness by a large hit of adrenaline after getting decently stoned (which is an easier combo to experience than you'd think right?). More time passes and I'm starting to have trouble focusing my eyes and lots of things are blurry. When I move my head or my eyes I start to get very dizzy.
When I move my head or my eyes I start to get very dizzy.
I get nauseous and drool like a rabid dog over the toilet but I don't throw up. I try listening to music and distracting myself. Music feels longer for some reason and each detail in the song feels "equal" (similar to how I notice elements to a song better on other drugs. But this time it just felt like the vocals, the instruments, and the beat were all equal in volume and noticability). It's about 9:00 pm now and I've dry heaved into the toilet a couple more times now. My fiance has ordered pizza and I eat one slice and drink a coca-cola. The caffeine doesn't affect me at all but the carbonization and staying still keeps the nausea away. We watch a movie to distract me from the pain.

Every time I stand or move my vision "moves" and the dizziness increases. I quickly realize the dizziness is psychological and I'm able to talk myself out of the mild ones. With the worst ones I can barely keep my balance. After another hour, I realize the best way to take the controls away from my brain when it came to all this nervous vomiting was to smoke some weed. After about six puffs off a joint (pretty mild for my level of tolerance). The dizziness almost completely disappears and I'm able to eat some more pizza slices. Another hour and the pain in my head has increased to an unbearable point and I'm back to vomiting (I notice that the vomiting is very quick, it's almost like a cough. Some of them I only get a little dribble and others I projectile).

I decide the only way to escape is to go to bed. Sleeping feels exactly how it does when I try to go to bed sick from being drunk. My heads pounding and I'm easily woken up. If I move too much I have to vomit again. I wake up a good number of times but I fall asleep again, I wake up once with tears in my eyes. I remember one of my dreams being kind of disturbing where my eyes were filled with crust and rot where I couldn't see.

The next morning I wake up with the same groggy, dizzy, nauseating headache. I throw up a few more times. I also try to drink a glass of water and immediately projectile vomit it out, it's still as cool as it was when I drank it. This is also the first time I get repeated dry heaving where nothing comes out but you can't stop. This happens a few more times. I start to get pretty hungry and take a single sip of soup and my body rejects it like I have rabies. More dry heaving. I finally decide to smoke some more of that joint and I almost immediately feel better. I go back to my soup and I very quickly shovel the noddles down into my stomach and it stays. A few more hours pass and my brain gets heavy and I'm having trouble reading and typing. My eyes are still a little blurry and "shaky."

I toke a power nap for 30 mins and than leave to get married at the DMV. I didn't drive but I was still feeling a little bit dizzy and I was no longer nauseous. This was at 2:30. It slowly slowly subsides, I'm a little shaky and nervous about eating still at 5:00. I drink some strawberry milk and I gain confidence again. When I get back to my apartment I start distracting myself with a little cleaning, I start to feel better from the distraction, and I do a couple large cleaning projects. At 7:00 I drive my freshly acquired husband to a steak dinner. Driving my car feels brand new again, in fact, it feels incredibly strange. I actually start to swerve a bit on the highway trying to remaster what it feels like to be behind my Cherokee. At the restaurant, I actually have a proper appetite and I notice colors a lot more for some reason. It's very light but they just seem more vibrate. The very average customer service I recieved felt like I was at a 5 star hotel in Tokyo Japan. It was like this life or death experience had reawoken my senses. Or was that the phenibut come down?
It was like this life or death experience had reawoken my senses. Or was that the phenibut come down?

At 12:00 am I still felt a bit dizzy and worn. My eyes are back to normal. I start wondering if I'll ever feel the same again, if this weird nervous fear from a slight feeling of dizziness will ever go away. For the past few hours and onward until I was finally asleep, I felt like I was underwater.

By the time I woke up at 7:30 my body finally felt back to normal.

Never again... Almost 30 hours of being trapped at the bottom of a rocking swimming pool.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115894
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Dec 4, 2021Views: 2,112
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Smarts - Phenibut (379) : Combinations (3), Hangover / Days After (46), Multi-Day Experience (13), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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