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First Time for Everything
MDA, Alcohol & Cannabis
by TG
Citation:   TG. "First Time for Everything: An Experience with MDA, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp115905)". Jan 18, 2022.

  smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  4 shots oral Alcohol - Hard (extract)
  1 line insufflated MDA  
    repeated vaporized Cannabis (extract)


About me: I am 21, 162 pounds of pure fit muscle as I climb trees at a wonderful height of 5'7. I consume 0.5-1g of medium strength cannabis daily and have since I was 13 years old. I took acid twice in high school which resulted in a complete life change for the worse. I have since dug myself out of that hole from acid and recently this year after getting with a new company, met some wonderful new friends who have accompanied me through my first experiences with Cocaine, Cannabis (dabs) and now MDA.

It started on friday night I had arrived at "N" and "S"'s apartment where N S and "JJ" were standing outside looking kind of sketched out. I approached them as I normally do and showed off my night's accomplishment of a bottle of high quality irish whiskey, schnapps and lemon-lime soda for "green teas".

I entered the apartment after a short conversation over cigarettes in which I noted to my friends that they had seemed super uncomfortable to which JJ remarked with having just consumed some pure MDA and were unsure if it was cut with any foreign substances. I asked if I could partake and JJ cut me a 1" long line that was maybe 1 CM in width. I snorted the powder and it stung like no other substance; Cocaine is pleasurable compared.

Immediately I felt nothing other than the stinging burning in my nostril. Once the pain had subsided I began to pull disgusting tasting matter out of the drip of my throat.

T+ 40 : I am sitting on a couch and suddenly our other friend "G" walks in the door much to our delight. A few minutes after, G's sister, "M" enters along with her friend "A" I am still not feeling anything aside from a generous alcohol buzz from consuming approximately 4 shots worth of 45% whiskey and schnapps combined.

T+ 1:30 : N JJ and I have set up beer pong and began playing, I sat out the first game due to a back injury I received on thursday. I am highly intent on JJ playing beer pong. I was almost completely dissociated from reality at this point from consuming multiple hits from a marijuana cartridge, which is normal for me and not at all unpleasant.

T+ 2 : I feel slightly odd and notice in the restroom that my pupils are extremely dilated. I love the sight and began giggling. I leave the restroom and announce with joy my eyes being dilated. JJ prepared 1 more identical line for those who had wanted them, including myself.

T+ 2:13 : I sat on the floor in front of M and she braided my very long hair into wonderful french braids. I was entirely content with my existence in that moment and I felt as if there was not a single thing in the world except me getting my hair braided, it was very profound.

T+ 2:30 : My friend "I" messages me on my phone requesting to join our gathering, consensus of the room was yes he may join. I says he will be here shortly, I can feel a burning ball of energy in my chest from anticipation. I is one of my favorite friends.

T+ 3 : I feel like my body specifically behind my arms feels like there is just "good" the feeling is as if someone is pushing gently on the back side of my arms but the resulting force instead of pushing my arms forward just sends pleasure signals to my brain.

T+ 4: I messages me again saying he has finally arrived, I go outside and realize quickly just how confused I am. Completely lost after taking 10 steps away from the apartment, I say to I on the phone: "I think I am hallucinating" even though visuals consisted of gentle light beams coming from the night city lights.

Nothing of interest happened for the next few hours, I ended up driving my car home at T+6:30 which was at around 03:30AM with no feeling of having consumed any substances, the drive very calm and I just felt completely normal. I went inside of my home at around 04:00 AM and proceeded into my bed and immediately fell asleep.

The next day I purchased 3 grams worth of the most clear crystals with ever slight purple streaks in them, they appear like refined amethysts, and I have sent a sample to a laboratory for testing. Reagent testing shows that it is positively MDA.

Reported Substance: MDA, SASSAFRASS

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115905
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 18, 2022Views: 191
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MDA (34), Alcohol - Hard (198) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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