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Horrifying Episode
Ketamine & Cannabis
Citation:   flogged. "Horrifying Episode: An Experience with Ketamine & Cannabis (exp115909)". Dec 2, 2021.

  repeated insufflated Ketamine
    smoked Cannabis
I consider myself a reasonably experienced drug explorer. I've had good and bad experiences with all the big ones, lsd, dmt, 2C-B, ketamine, mdma etc. I've had some challenging experiences during my years of use, mostly with mushrooms and lsd. But nothing like this.

I was of sound mind with no major commitments. Happily enjoying time away camping and fishing.

I was Camping with my 2 children and my son's friend, they were all sleeping in a camper trailer together and I was outside in my swag [like a bivy sack].

We were at a relatively rowed campground, close proximity to lots of other campers. There was a caravan next to us, about 4 swags spread out and they also had two large dogs, one named "Sarge" and one named "Roxy" they were huge and Sarge was "in training" this is important later.

The experience:
I had been doing ketamine for about 3 days prior. I was snorting small lines every now and then just keeping a small buzz going while kids played on the beach and I fished. I would do a bit more at night once it was dark. I had never smoked cannabis while on ket before.

After ensuring the kids were asleep I hopped into my swag, I had plans to smoke a joint and do some ketamine that night.
I railed a few lines and got a bit wonky, then lit the joint.

I had my torso out of my swag smoking the joint and about halfway through it I had a thought "what the fuck am I doing smoking a joint, high on ketamine in the middle of a crowded campground with 3 kids in a trailer next to me?" - the nightmare begins.

I finish the joint, fighting off paranoid thoughts. Someone from a camp next to me walked past, probably about 50 meters away with a torch, not looking in my direction or anything, probably going to the toilet. But I thought he was spying on me, I thought he was walking past to check out what I was doing.

I retreated into my swag, the thoughts intensified considerably.

I could hear other campers talking, inaudible chatter. My mind began to create quite a vivid and horrifying scenario. The next part of this story is all part of my episode and on reflection, most of it didn't actually happen, although in my head at the time it was 100% real.

I realised my neighbours weren't happy about me smoking weed, they began to talk about me. I heard them talking and saying how much of a irresponsible person I was for smoking weed with 3 kids nearby. Some of the younger ones (about 18 or so) started getting angry and I thought at any second they were going to come over and confront me. They were pissed that I knew they knew and hadn't gone over and apologised or owned up to it. So that's what I did.

I got up and went into their camp, it was raining and I had just been lying in my swag, stressing the fuck out for about 15 minutes so I must have looked like shit. Half dressed, high as a kite.

I entered their conversation and said "sorry for smoking that joint before" to a group of now bewildered people staring back at me, they said no worries that's cool man we didn't even notice. I went back to my swag.

When I got back I thought I'd zipped it up, but when I looked it over I thought someone had cut it because it was wide open. I thought at the time that someone was sending me a message.

And of course, where do my thoughts go? It must have been the cops.
And of course, where do my thoughts go? It must have been the cops.
They cut my swag and were all around me watching me. I peered into the darkness and could see tiny red lights of video recording happening. I looked at nearby swags and realised that the ones with the head facing me had agents in them. I began to lose touch and thought my lock up was inevitable.

I called my wife who was at our house, and quietly told her someone cut my swag. By now it's about midnight and she's like - what the fuck is going on.

I get paranoid that people can hear me talking so I hang up and text her, "I'm in trouble, I think I'm going to jail" she replies with "how much stuff?" And the moment that text came through my phone went dead. I thought the agents who were watching me had what they wanted and cut my phone off. In reality it was low battery, but I was far too irrational to realise this at the time. It sent me into a panic.

I checked my stash, it was all still there.

I realised that the whole thing had been a setup. The young group next to me were all officers, their dog Sarge, he was in training, it all started to make sense. They knew I was coming, set up camp before me and watched everything I did. I was fucked.

As I lay there thinking of all the time I'm going to spend in jail and how my life is fucked I heard them take my kids away and I heard my daughter's distraught calls for me. I went to check on her and they were all there sound asleep. I returned to my swag.

Because we were about 6 hours from home (a city) I just thought that the local police were waiting for the detectives to arrive from my city. So I wait. I couldn't figure out my swag and was convinced it had been cut so I lay there with the rain falling on my face. Fully submitted to the police and I even said out loud a few times just come and get me and get this over with.

Evidently, I soon fell asleep and woke a few hours later, not high any more and looked at my dead phone, I put it on charge and fired it up.

It buzzed non stop for a long time, text messages and missed calls from my wife who was at home for the last 6 hours freaking the fuck out.

I quickly called her and said I think I had a manic episode or something because I was losing my shit. She said she threw it all out, she flushed everything.

75 hits of acid, 6g ketamine, 2C-B, mdma, bud, seeds, dmt everything. Now I'm in my late thirties and I can tell you that a person can accumulate a lot of drugs and paraphernalia in that time. It was all gone. I had about 12 unique magic mushroom cultures that I had imported from overseas, they were all gone.

I continued my holiday and didn't smoke weed again and haven't done any drugs since. I would like to use this story to advise anyone that even if you think you're an experienced user, take this shit seriously.

I'd done a lot of ket and smoked a lot of weed in my time and never had an experience like this. I hope to never have one again because it was deeply traumatic not only to me but also my poor wife who is thinking I'm being interrogated and she's getting raided at any moment.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115909
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38
Published: Dec 2, 2021Views: 826
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Ketamine (31), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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