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99% Good, Combinations Ranked
Nitrous Oxide & Various
Citation:   Johnny. "99% Good, Combinations Ranked: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide & Various (exp115924)". Jan 12, 2022.

  repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
This is not so much an individual experience report, but a quick summary of experiences and things I've learnt over the past 20 years using Nitrous oxide with other psychedelics.

Nitrous oxide bulbs (aka. N2O, nangs, cream bulbs, laughing gas etc) can be purchased online in bulk for whipping cream. I also like the blueberry flavoured ones one can get. Nitrous oxide when combined with other psychedelics has produced the most profound and enjoyable experiences of my life.
Nitrous oxide when combined with other psychedelics has produced the most profound and enjoyable experiences of my life.
It has an amazing synergistic effect with other psychedelics. As with any psychedelic experience one can have good (AMAZING) or bad (PSYCHOSIS), but 99% of mine have been good. The effect only last up to 2 minutes, usually less.

B12 safety-

Nitrous oxide prevents the body from using vitamin B12, so you can end up with serious B12 deficiency symptoms if you use too much. I like to binge (up to 100 nangs) in one session no less than 2 weeks apart. I also take B12, methionine and folate supplements before and after ingestion Nitrous to help minimise the effects of B12 deficiency. A few 1000mg tablets on the days up to and after ingestion of Nitrous.

Preferred method of ingestion-

In my opinion the best way to inhale Nitrous is using an A3 sized ziplock bag to huff the Nitrous for a maximum of 60 seconds. This is obviously not the safest way, but it is definitely the most pleasurable, since I don't have to hold my breath or re-breathe forcefully back into a balloon. I use a nang cracker to open the Nitrous bulb and drop it inside an empty large ziplock bag, then expel the gas into the bag. I open 4 inches of the corner of the bag and place the open section of the bag over my nose and mouth. Then breath normally for about 60 seconds. The only time I wouldn't use this method is if I have had a bigger than 200ug dose of LSD. Simply because being that high I could forget that I am still holding a bag over my mouth. This method is better suited to MDMA and lower does of LSD/ 2C-B shrooms etc. I have never had an issue huffing Nitrous solo, but I always make sure that I am seated in an upright position so that if I pass out the bag will fall and not get stuck on my face.
I always make sure that I am seated in an upright position so that if I pass out the bag will fall and not get stuck on my face.

Quality of nangs-

The quality of nangs are luck of the draw, but sometimes I will get a batch that tastes like chemical and leaves an astringent taste in my mouth and lungs. It should taste sweet and pleasant. There can also be contaminants like oil in most nangs, so I always filter mine though a clean thick sock into the ziplock bag. This also improves the taste if I get a bad batch.


It's why they call it hippy crack. Once I start, I probably won't stop until they are all gone.

Nitrous oxide combinations that I enjoy. Ranked:

1. MDMA- Orgasmic and insightful- I need a high dose to have what I call "brain orgasms". Best when I am peaking on the MDMA. I usually take 150-300mg (I am about 210lb), I have obviously developed a serious tolerance to MDMA.
2. LSD (150-250ug)- "Gacid" is similarly orgasmic with breakthrough moments similar to DMT.
3. 2C-B (30mg) similar to LSD in my opinion not quite as good as with LSD.
4. Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms- Good but not orgasmic
5. DMT- I'm usually too far gone to self administer N2O after smoking DMT.
6. Cannabis- waste of time using with cannabis
7. By itself- Nitrous is pretty lame when used only by itself. Not worth the damage it could potentially do from overuse.
8. From experience Nitrous does not enhance experiences on alcohol, heroin, valium, benzos or meth.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115924
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Jan 12, 2022Views: 962
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