Consumed 50 of the 90 Tablets Oer 5 Days
by Josh
Citation:   Josh. "Consumed 50 of the 90 Tablets Oer 5 Days: An Experience with Carisoprodol (exp115983)". Dec 14, 2021.

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Soma Blackout

A while back in 2020 I was prescribed 350mg tablets of Soma to treat my muscle spasms. I got a 90 day fill so when I picked up the prescription, I had 90 tablets. I got the idea to try getting the euphoric effects from it. I remember taking 2 pills and then blacking out.

My roommate said he found me asleep on the bathroom floor a few times. I told myself ďThis bed is very hard has my bed always been this hard? I guess it is Iím going to sleep now.Ē I was told that I went into the bathroom to take my regular meds and I had a seizure and fell banging my head on the tub splitting my head open and giving me a nasty concussion.

I donít remember going to the hospital, being there, or coming back. I just recall waking up in my bed and feeling my forehead and felt the stitches and I got really confused because I couldnít remember anything.

A few days later my mom came to my apartment and opened the door and woke me up. My mom said I was blacked out and really messed up for 5 straight days. This is the closest Iíve been to time travel. My room looked like a tornado went through it. I learned that during the 5 days I consumed 50 of the 90 tablets. Other medications were also dispersed around my room. I found-pictures on my phone and conversations I donít remember having. Needless to say, I plan to be very careful with Soma. It can cause severe amnesia and a long-lasting blackout. I never felt the euphoria consciously but I could have been during that blackout. It caused me injuries and much trouble. Several months later I refilled the Soma and had a similar situation where I appeared really drunk. After that, I never touched Soma again. Itís so risky and Iím glad that during my blackout I didnít do anything stupid that could have killed me. I should have used more harm reduction practices, or better yet, avoided the Soma entirely.

The author reports taking a total of 17.5 grams (350 mg per pill * 50 pills) of Carisoprodol over the entire five day experience.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 115983
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Dec 14, 2021Views: 1,655
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