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In a Different Society
DMT, Cannabis & Alcohol
Citation:   Capt Mandelbrot. "In a Different Society: An Experience with DMT, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp115989)". Jan 9, 2022.

  repeated oral Alcohol  
    repeated vaporized Cannabis (extract)
    repeated vaporized DMT  
Coming off about a year off of cannabis, I had a few beers as well as some whiskey and hit my cannabis extract pen. After several drinks and a few hits off of the pen, I began thinking about the DMT cartridge I knew I had around. I wondered how it would affect me while in my current state, After a lot of thought, I retrieved it from the spot where I stored it. I sat down at my desk and looked at it. I knew I needed to think about whether I really wanted it or not, as I didn't want to throw my whole night off with a bad trip.
I knew I needed to think about whether I really wanted it or not, as I didn't want to throw my whole night off with a bad trip.
After some consideration, I decided I wanted to see how the DMT would affect me.

At this point I had tried DMT several times before, but had had nothing more than a small amount of alcohol in my system beforehand. This time I had alcohol and cannabis in my system before I consumed the DMT

To start my DMT experience I put on a Mandelbrot fractal zoom YouTube video. When I started this video it didn't look that impressive to me, but I had watched it before while on DMT and found it to be incredible, so I decided even if I didn't see it now it would be a good choice. After a couple minutes of watching this video and mentally preparing for my trip, I took my first hit of DMT.

I held the first hit for as long as I could, and was definitely starting to feel something different. I exhaled and immediately took another long draw from the DMT cartridge. After this hit I felt like I took off. The fractals on my computer screen expanded and filled the room around me, occupying the entirety of my vision. I no longer registered the existence of my body, all I knew was I was moving through a wonderland of geometric shapes. I began to feel as though I was in another world. It is very difficult for me to explain or properly put into words, but I will do my best.

In this world I was some kind of spiritual leader. I was aware of the DMT, but in this world I was tasked with using DMT to communicate with other beings, and I was to report what I learned back to the citizens. When I was at the peak of my trip, the fractals filling my room turned into faces that spoke to me. We all spoke with a certain accent that is very different from the one local to where I live, though at the time I am writing this I do not remember what it sounded like. We spoke in English, though I cannot remember the exact words we said.

Throughout this experience I continued drawing on the DMT periodically. I would occasionally feel like I should stop because it's late or some other reason, but whenever I felt this I would be hit with a renewed wave of euphoria. To me, this was a sign that I should take more, and so I did.

I struggle to remember the details of my time in that world, but I remember having a family I spoke with. I believe I was the patriarch of this family, and we discussed the meaning behind our existence at length. My memories of this are all very vague, and though I wish I could remember more I can't.

After a while (I believe it was only 20-30 minutes but I wasn't keeping an eye on time beforehand and my perception of time was severely distorted) my DMT cartridge started to have less of an effect on me. It also started to taste burnt, which I believe is a result of it running low. Though I wanted to keep using it, I knew I wouldn't be able to reach the level of euphoria and detachment I achieved at the beginning of my trip, so after several weaker hits I finally convinced myself to put it down and let it wear off.

Overall I found this to be an incredible experience. DMT is always a spiritual journey for me, and this time was no exception. I was, however, surprised at how intense this was as well as how well cannabis complemented it. I have not combined cannabis with psychedelics before, but I have combined it with MDMA, and I found this experience to be significantly less enjoyable than MDMA alone. Because of this, I felt somewhat averse to the combination of cannabis with psychedelics, however after this experience I am more open to the idea, and may try combining cannabis with LSD or mushrooms in the future.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115989
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Jan 9, 2022Views: 463
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Cannabis (1), Alcohol (61), DMT (18) : Unknown Context (20), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3)

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