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The Electric Fog
by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "The Electric Fog: An Experience with 3-Me-PCE (exp116001)". Jan 13, 2022.

T+ 0:00
15 mg insufflated 3-Me-PCE (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:45   vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   repeated vaporized Cannabis  


Preface: The design for 3-Me-PCE is a straightforward low-risk bet for an active arylcyclohexylamine. Basic structure-activity relations dictate this, this is clear from a glance at related compounds like other 3-methyl substituted arylcyclohexylamines and other PCE-based compounds. This likely was developed to plumb replacements for 3-MeO-ACH’s, whose future is in question with looming bans. 3-Me-PCE joins a whole suite of 3-Methyl substituted compounds that have been developed in the last few years, entering the ranks of compounds like DMXE, 3-Me-PCP, and 3-Me-PCPy, which could be considered 3-methyl analogues of the better known MXE, 3-MeO-PCP, and 3-MeO-PCPy. It is also a PCE-based compounds, similar to MXE, DMXE, 3-MeO-PCE, and 3-HO-PCE. It is in my opinion, in good company among these ranks.

Worth a quick mention is the relationship between 3-MeO compounds and their 3-Me counterparts. In my experience, there is an apparent relation between the two, with the 3-Methyl versions tending to be shorter in duration, more potent, ‘shallower’, less insightful, and more euphoric and hedonistic than their 3-MeO cousins. This pattern certainly holds true for 3-Me-PCE when compared to 3-MeO-PCE.

3-Me-PCE is predictably short acting, stimulating, manic, and euphoric. I found it made for an excellent party and social drug, I found it wonderful for any high-activity setting, even just going for a long walk. It is perhaps not well suited to just sitting inside. It is remarkably potent, with a steep dose-response curve. I found that 15 mg intranasally was my upper limit, anything beyond that was confusing and overly disorienting.
It is remarkably potent, with a steep dose-response curve. I found that 15 mg intranasally was my upper limit, anything beyond that was confusing and overly disorienting.
This report covers that dose, what I would consider a high dose for any person- this drug serves its purpose perfectly well at lower doses and is much more manageable that way, probably in the range of 10-12 mg. The powder is exceptionally caustic- I mainly dosed it intransally. A sublingual dose did quite a number to my mucous membrane and I would absolutely not repeat that as an ROA- I found it less potent when taken sublingually or orally anyways. While snorting it is no picnic either it is manageable with a saline rinse and the pain fades quickly. Overall it is a fun little casual-use compound, the short duration is really a plus in situations where I can’t commit to something with longer legs like 3-MeO-PCP or 3-MeO-PCE.

T0:00- Dose taken intranasally, it stings a lot. This is a pretty caustic substance. My eyes are watering and I am wincing in pain. It fades quickly though.

T0:10- Onset, feeling a bit lightheaded and dizzy. Feeling it entirely within my skull for now. I am just hanging out with my partner while they get ready or bed.

T0:12- This accelerates so rapidly, I am feeling all of the burgeoning dissociative sensations more intensely in just a span of 2 minutes- what a rush! It is such a sudden sense of dizziness and spaciness, of numbness in my extremities. It feels like I am hanging on the outside of a speeding vehicle, all I can do is sit there and ride it out as the room spins around me, clinging for dear life on a hurtling and disorienting ride.
It feels like I am hanging on the outside of a speeding vehicle, all I can do is sit there and ride it out as the room spins around me, clinging for dear life on a hurtling and disorienting ride.
I find myself unable to engage in many other tasks. I feel like I am being baked in the glaring heat of a solar lamp.

T0:15- The rush is something unparalleled. In just a span of 3 more minutes it seems to build impossibly high, gaining momentum that was inconceivable just minutes before. I am grateful I am strapped in and prepared for this. Such excitement! My heart races.

I am rewatching scenes from Indonesian action movies I have been obsessing over lately (eg; The Raid: Redemption, The Night Comes for Us, etc.)- they are raw, gritty, and giga-violent, some of the goriest and most unrelentingly brutal media I have ever seen. The fight choreography is sublime, fast, visceral, and viciously intense. The speed and fury of these movies resonates with my experience as I take in these heart pounding scenes of unthinkable violence. Thoughts flow quickly into one another in an electric mania, my mind effortlessly dances from one topic to another through vague association- I think about how much my Malay cousins would love that kind of movie, and then I am obsessed with visiting the old country, the markets where we would buy cheaply made bootleg DVD’s, how much I want to take my partner there with me… They said I have become irreverently chatty, typical of my behavior during a dissociative comeup (and in conflict with the fact that they’re about to go to bed).

T0:30- Yes this is a bit much. I am maybe a little overwhelmed now, grateful for a controlled setting and my home comforts. My heart is pounding, the room spins ever faster, my muscles feel tense and I can only type in a disjointed staccato. The visuals sear into my eyes, the world flashing and strobing with the heat of a pulsar, vague swirling forms cooking in at the edges. It’s a kick in the face, the force blasts my consciousness through the back of my skull, with all the fun and fury of the first peak of a roller coaster. It build and builds, it twists up and down, it spins off into oblivion shredding itself to fragments with a maelstrom of centrifugal force. What a ride! It is hard to think about much else now. An auditory effect sets in now, a constant reverberation in the background, a subtle hissing generated from a high frequency flange, the sound of heatwaves over a steady flame. It is a dry noise, it sounds like the sizzle of my neurons crackling under the warmth of the stimulation.

T0:37- I am now alone downstairs, listening to music and trying to read the news- there is so much going on in the world right now as always, I am enthralled to embed myself in each story and let it take me away from myself, view the world as a grand interconnected system that I can seamlessly pass myself through in my dissociated state. Border tensions between Poland and Belarus, a record number of opioid overdoses in the U.S., another spike in new COVID-19 cases in the Northeastern U.S., a looming verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case etc… Each tale spun into the world around me is enthralling and engaging, but it feels like I am trying to read everything while sitting on a jet ski, the wind and spray blasting my face and blinding me, the world flowing around me with such unrelenting force. I am so spacey; my fingertips feel so distant from me.

T0:45- Things have leveled off, I am securely in the peak now but the sense of acceleration seems to have slowed. This drug is pointy, rushed, tense and tight, stretched to a breaking point over jagged angles and austere edges. The air feels thick, my muscles pulling at the world around me, a tension I could slice with a knife, a tension that would fling my consciousness to splatter on the wall were it to break. Oddly enough it is a pleasant feeling, it if focused and stimulating and fills me with a smoldering potential energy. I feel compelled to do something, anything. It is the lovely masochistic burn of putting rubbing alcohol on a burn, a heart-rushing excitement that makes me have to catch my breath. I can’t help but grit my teeth and turn to a tight grin. But rather than clench my teeth I hold my jaw a bit slack, just slack enough for my teeth to just barely touch and vibrate together.

The visuals are spackles and spatters of visual snow, asters and radials of blurred, warping, flowing textures in muted colors, drilling their way into my retinas. An electric excitement barrels down my optic nerves, blistering with joy at receiving information my ravenous brain can consume and distort with the giddiness of a child scribbling on the walls.

It is difficult to read or process information, I am so overwhelmed with stimulus. Turning off the lights doesn’t help, phosphorescent green phantoms linger in the spaces of the silenced lights, forms appear in the dark, like embers glowing in a pitch black night after a campfire has been extinguished. The world is enveloped in an electric fog, my fingers are cold and my skeleton is disjointed and I am rushing with euphoria just from the sheer sensation of it all. I can’t just sit here, I need to do something, I don’t know what to do with myself.

T1:30- I put on some music, my classic favorite “Untrue” by Burial. I try and lie there with the lights off and immerse myself in visuals. I hardly make it through the entire opening (non intro) track, “Archangel” one of my favorite songs of all time. I simply cannot let myself just lay still there, despite how nice the music is, I try to immerse myself in the darkness of the visuals, but my mind clutches to my body with its talons, cold and tight, it cannot be taken away into the formless void. I am just sitting here, as myself, a witness to vague shifting angular protruding geometry with fiery glowing accents, immense and sharp and stark against a vague night sky, but blurry, grainy and pixelated as though it were a low quality video. Within just a few minutes though, I have the headphones out, I am back on my laptop seeking stimulation and information to take in. Music is nice to take in but only as an accompaniment to other things/ I am short of breath.

T1:45- I vape some cannabis, I am certainly still well within the throes of the peak, but the edge is receding. Things are beginning to stabilize as the initial turbulence and fire smolders out. The peak begins to sputter and falter.

T2:00- I decide to go for a late-night walk, probably just to the convenience store and back. I feel like I am on the downturn of the experience but immersing myself in a new setting stirs the dust and renews the drug’s churning intensity. It is a beautiful moonlit night, there are sparse windswept clouds high in the sky in regular patterns, catching the beautiful silver glow of the moon and the city lights beneath. The sky is a deep creamy violet, and the air is glassy with the late-November cold, occasionally taken by great buffeting squalls of wind that sweep up the piles of trash and debris and leaves in the street in creeping pulses like some black serpent stalking the night through the filthy asphalt undergrowth. Getting up and moving and walking feels natural and wonderful, at this point it is inconceivable to me that I spent so much of the experience just lying still. I always should have been in motion. There is a spring in my steps, I feel like I am gliding along the sidewalk automatically, my muscles guided in automatic cycles driven by my own momentum. I swagger and jubilantly swing my arms about, I must look deranged but that’s okay
There is a spring in my steps, I feel like I am gliding along the sidewalk automatically, my muscles guided in automatic cycles driven by my own momentum. I swagger and jubilantly swing my arms about, I must look deranged but that’s okay
, that affords me a measure of safety walking around the city at 2:00 AM.

There is a psychedelic presence in my mind, I am taken with the beauty of mundane settings I walk by every day, there seems to be a distinct harmony and significance in each view my eyes lay upon as though they are perfectly shot frames in a movie. I snap pictures of the empty parking lots, the silhouettes of buildings against the night sky, lonely graffiti standing tall in empty spaces (upon viewing these pictures the next day, they really were just mundane and nondescript). In this moment these compositions are things of immense beauty, bearing profound meaning that I can’t quite discern.

I poke into a 24-hour 7/11, the clerk has to unlock the door to let me in at this hour. I gather up my snacks under his vigilant gaze, dodging around a man mopping the floor. I must look disheveled and insane to him, my gait is off-kilter, but I also must be passable, they have the discretion to just keep people they don’t trust locked out at this time of night. We make small talk as he rings me up. It is a little awkward, I feel too out of my mind to respond in kind, I just try to be friendly. It doesn’t feel like I am really here to get anything specific, I am just acting out a part, playing the role of someone going to the store rather than actually going to the store. There is such a sense of dissociation like I am walking about in some slightly adjacent reality, something intentionally composed by someone else beyond my understanding.
There is such a sense of dissociation like I am walking about in some slightly adjacent reality, something intentionally composed by someone else beyond my understanding.

I decide to extend my walk a bit, walking to another convenience store further in the heart of the city. I pass all sorts of figures in the night, homeless people shuffling about in various states of clarity, some quietly going from place to place, others gesticulating wildly into the air, having spirited conversations with voices I cannot perceive. Doctors and nurses flit between the hospitals like honeybees in their scrubs, working hours I cannot wrap my head around. Scantily glad men in couples filter out of the gay clubs clustered around this part of the city, eager to escape the frigid night and return to the warmth of their date’s homes. The bass from the clubs shudders the block. I am walking and constantly thinking about each of these sights I witness, wondering about each person’s life leading to this point where our lives intersect, what struggles and triumphs they have faced, the love and pain they have felt or expressed, how their lives will continue to play out from this point. I am centered in myself, centered in thinking about each person as they relate to me rather than considering them as their own entities. I feel like I am the protagonist of the world, that it is a virtual reality unfolding around me.

I get some more snacks at the second convenience store, this one near the major hospital complexes. The only other people here are medical staff buying their late-night snacks to continue on punishing shifts and a few street people sheltering from the cold. I stay silent this time, grab my wares and get out, dodging the pensive eyes of others. The walk home feels more like a trudge just to get to my destination, I am down further and the energy behind my muscles has deflated and receded. I feel like I would be content to just be comfortable and sit still at this point. The tension and stimulation has steadily released its grip to relinquish me back to the real world.

T3:00- Made it back home, I take off all of my layers, crank the space heater and bask in its warmth. I am still definitely dissed, but on the downturn. My extremities feel fluid and grainy and my skin still tingles with numbness but the stimulation has died down, my brain has lost its fire and now it quietly retreats into the night. I am content in this state, happy to just relax, listen to music and play Minecraft.

T3:30- Still on a descent. Every aspect of the experience decreases in intensity, not much else to note.

T4:00- All that lingers now is what’s left of the stimulation, most of the dissociative effects have faded to nothing, but I am still certainly wide awake, much more than I should be at this hour of the night.

T5:30- Completely back to baseline. Lie down to sleep.

Conclusion: 3-Me-PCE is short, fast, intense, fiery hot and electric. It is consistent in its effects no matter the setting- though I find it too restless for quietly sitting in my house. It’s a great drug for going out or being around friends. It’s fun for watching intense and exciting movies. My preferred dose for functioning in some setting is around 10 mg. 15 mg, as reported here, is a bit too intense and can preclude some activities, just from the degree of mental dissociation- such an intense rush that at times it can be quite incapacitating and distracting. This joins the canon of lucid, active, manic and stimulating dissociatives like 3-MeO-PCP, 3-Me-PCP, 3-MeO-PCE, or 3-Me-PCPy. It follows the seemingly standard pattern of a 3-methyl-substitution vs. a 3-methoxy-substitution, where it is a shorter, faster, more potent, and shallower version of its 3-methoxy counterpart. 3-Me-PCE can be warm and sociable, but breaks into the territory of being disorienting once a certain threshold is passed with dosing. It is somewhat less manic than any of the PCP compounds or 3-MeO-PCE, it has an average and understated degree of euphoria and a great deal of heart pounding stimulation. It does little to impede movement or motor skill, and despite the rushes of intensity, if I can focus myself I can hold conversation perfectly well. It is not particularly visual, with the entire experience being cast in a noisy, grainy, lo-fidelity blur, but the visuals that do present are reminiscent of 3-MeO-PCP or 3-Me-PCP: With eyes closed, angular forms looming in the dark, adorned bright lights and immersed in a crackling potential energy. With eyes open are bursts of drifting textures and a constant strobing. There is a persistent noise that accompanies the experience, a sort of reverberating auditory fry, a high frequency flanging constantly hissing and vibrating quietly in the background. The experience can be a bit edgy and toothsome, but it is ultimately quite enjoyable in the right setting, with proper outlets to expend excess energy.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116001
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Jan 13, 2022Views: 246
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3-Me-PCE (958) : Various (28), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2)

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