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Citation:   nervewing. "Loading Screen: An Experience with MALT (exp116003)". Jan 8, 2022.

50 mg vaporized MALT
Preface: MALT is the base form of the Methyl-ALlyl Tryptamine family, unsubstituted for pleasure. The allyl group it bears has the distinction of containing a double bond. This is better known in the di-allyl tryptamine family, DALT.

The other relatives of MALT that I have encountered were 5-MeO-MALT and 4-HO-MALT. While 5-MeO-MALT has been around for many years, 4-HO-MALT is a more recent development, and the base compound MALT has mostly been extremely rare and only become easily available very recently. 4-HO-MALT was a short acting and mild psychedelic that was curiously nearly devoid of any bodyload. 5-MeO-MALT was interesting, intense, and dissociating but ultimately felt pretty uncomfortable. I had little idea what to expect from the base MALT.

I only encountered this compound as a fumarate salt. While it is seemingly common knowledge that one should never vaporize fumarates due to the formation of irritating and potentially toxic maleic anhydride, I find this risk to be greatly exaggerated. A reasonable amount of almost any vaporized fumarate salt of a tryptamine would not produce a meaningful amount of maleic anhydride that would post any serious threat to health, or even any irritation. There is some loss in potency vs. the freebase due to the weight of the fumarate salt, but this is the only negative effect that holds water in my opinion. While the best amount of toxic maleic anhydride to be exposed to is none, I decided for myself that vaporizing this amount just this one time did not present significant risk.

There is a conclusion of the experience at the end. Overall it had a very short duration, was somewhat mild and boring, and was surprisingly visual, unlike many base tryptamines.
Overall it had a very short duration, was somewhat mild and boring, and was surprisingly visual, unlike many base tryptamines.
My brain mostly did not know what to do with itself, though this substance did not lead itself to much activity beyond just lying around. This is a very short report for me because it was a very short experience, I do not have too much to say.

T0:00- Melted a puddle in an oil burner pipe and vaporized it, this one isnít too bad to vaporize. Muted flavor, mild and smooth.

T0:15- I spent the last 15 minutes nursing and swirling and cooking the melted tryptamine, sucking off the little swirls of vapor. This seems to take a decently high temperature to really get going and I was able to pull a few large hits. Effects crept up as I vaporized it, bits of stimulation and discomfort. At last, when the puddle is finally dry, it crashes in. I hurtle towards a looming peak. It comes down on me like a diaphanous avalanche, a sudden sunken feeling. I am so suddenly sweaty, jittery, and shaky. There is a sensation of cooling and rising all over and across my body.

Faint visuals begin to display on the ceiling- drifting and dancing fractal forms like the sutures of certain ammonite shells, wriggling and determined lines that wave and drift across its surface, cast in deep violet. I close my eyes and I am greeted by cavernous spaces decorated with large, simple forms in dull colors placed in regular patterns. There is little motion beyond the drifting one might expect from a wide river, there is little light, just a hollow. Visuals do seem to arise more with my eyes open, they are glassy and ghostly but they are present- I gaze at my ceiling and see fronds and palmettos radiating and shooting off into drifting infinities, faint violet and pulsing with stripes of green. The fronds, the sutures, the fractals, the radials, they all lazily drift across the ceiling, bumping, swirling, intermixing; faint and hardly discernible but certainly there. It is like a parade of diatoms slowly drifting by, all of them flowing past and amongst each other, no direction, no intention. The forms swirl and billow in their drifts like vapor.

T0:20- The intensity peaks more and more, I begin to feel a little uncomfortable- perhaps Iíve overshot it? I feel cold, all I want to do is bundle up with blankets and cuddle up and wrap myself in soft things. I am lying here, splayed out on the bed, tossing in the tumults of the MALT-ocean, the biting crests and froths and sprays of its waves pepper my face, it all adds up to what should be an uncomfortable experience but ultimately, it really isnít. I feel at ease, I feel comfortable, there is a pleasantry to this.

My mind is just completely blank. I donít know what to think about, I feel like I should be thinking about something but I canít really affix myself to anything. I donít feel any urge to ponder memories, to consider my surroundings, to read about the wider world around me, I just sit there and exist. Not in any Zen sense, there is an anxiety to it, an impatience, it is like my brain is anxiously waiting for something that it knows deep down will never come. I am adrift in this transitional purgatory until the whole ordeal can be sorted out, my brain rendered to a loading screen replete with some nice imagery like the hold music on a telephone.

Maybe I donít need to think, maybe I donít need to engage. Many psychedelics give me compulsions, a compulsion to go outside, expend energy, better myself- this is just a blank slate. Perhaps I am not seeking anything in my life as it stands, and that has manifested in this space, a mind in an empty room with no purpose. I am at a loss for words. I am at a loss for thoughts. I feel like I am perhaps wasting my time here. If I stroll into MALTís office with no questions, I will receive no answers. Though a part of me wonders what answers this compound would even have to offer- is it that my mind was simply absent, or that the compound lent itself to my absence? But I have no choice but to linger as the chemical flows through my synapses. I look at my screen and the words are rising and drifting off of it.

T0:30- The discomfort across my body has given way to a warmer and more soothing sensation. This is nice, I am rolling around on the bed, taking pleasure in the sensation of soft things against my body. The cat is here too and snuggling with him is another warmth and delight. This seems to be the comedown phase of the experience already. My flow of thoughts has changed too, from that blank absence now to a more familiar psychedelic state, in which my mind flows free and builds connections and associations naturally and organically with great articulation and logic, this is a curious thing to meditate on and ponder. That the peak was almost inhibiting, but once its grip had been released, the neurons can stretch and breathe and form something insightful and meaningful with one another.

T0:40- It is quietly filtering out, it is nothing but a gentle and nostalgic relaxation by this point
T0:40- It is quietly filtering out, it is nothing but a gentle and nostalgic relaxation by this point
, visuals are present but muted. Nausea has receded mostly. Stimulation lingers.

T0:50- There are still occasional visual flashes and flutters, this is nice, one visual that stands out is purple and green stripes on my blinds and pulsing vibrating stripes like guitar strings on the walls, but there is little else. Most of the physical sensations have faded by now.

T1:30- Back to baseline.

Conclusion: MALT joins the pantheon of base tryptamines as yet another mild and short-lasting experience. While it is more visual and introspective than many other base tryptamines, it still pales in comparison to any tryptamineís 4-HO or 4-AcO analogue. I gained little insight into the overarching qualities of the MALT family. Beyond the visual flourish, there was little to be gained from this compound in such a short amount of time. All I could really do was sit or lie in a daze and think, save for the end when a pleasant state of psychedelia settled in, displacing an initial slight discomfort from the initial administration of this compound. This was a simple and novel curiosity and not one I will likely be revisiting except perhaps in combinations with other drugs.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116003
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Jan 8, 2022Views: 1,516
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