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The Jack of All Opioids
Citation:   Miggy. "The Jack of All Opioids: An Experience with O-Desmethyltramadol (exp116005)". Dec 27, 2021.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral O-Desmethyltramadol (capsule)
  T+ 0:45 50 mg oral O-Desmethyltramadol (capsule)
  T+ 6:10 30 mg insufflated O-Desmethyltramadol (powder / crystals)

As someone experienced with most of the low-end and midrange opioids, I’ve been looking for alternatives to hydrocodone or oxycodone to help bridge pain-relief gaps. While prescribed 15mg of oxycodone daily, I’ve been taking between 30 to 60mg daily instead for the last two or three years. Recent price fluctuations have made this unsustainable, and I really didn’t want to mess around with harder things like heroin, fentanyl, and the like, so I went searching for a substitute.

I got the substance from two separate vendors, both American, in order to compare the quality and results. I’d heard of some problems with purity/price, but I did not have either of these issues. Both arrived and look essentially identical—a pure-white fluffy powder, fairly fine but with occasional “lumps” interspersed. I tried the second vendor the day after this report and found the difference negligible, so it’s excluded for redundancy. I started at a threshold dose to ensure safety, then took the regular dose, with a “boost” several hours later. All of this was taken in my home on an empty stomach.

Trip Report:

+0m: I ingest approximately ~10mg orally via capsule.

+45m: Slight sedative effects, mild physical euphoria, minimal cognitive euphoria or pain relief. Can immediately confirm it isn’t anything like its cousin, tramadol, which I don't like much. At this point, I take a second, larger dose (~50mg, same method as previous).

+70m: Effects limited but becoming more pronounced; begins to resemble the body high of hydrocodone without the cognitive euphoria, and already feels more mentally stimulating. No uncomfortable itchiness or nausea at this point. Body begins to feel “heavy” without notable impairment.

+80m: The come-up is readily apparent now. Physical euphoria ramps up as numbness, warmth and comfort flowing from my stomach out across my body. Strength of analgesia is in the same realm as hydrocodone and the weaker end of oxycodone, with a distinct profile: virtually all pain up to a point vanishes, while some of the worst “spikes” of pain persist, albeit blunted.

+95m: A generous mix of anxiety-relief and bodily euphoria rises up within, giving a relaxing sense of “not caring” about my problems. A mix of dullness and desire is set ablaze in my mind, piquing my interest in things as worries fade.
+95m: A generous mix of anxiety-relief and bodily euphoria rises up within, giving a relaxing sense of “not caring” about my problems. A mix of dullness and desire is set ablaze in my mind, piquing my interest in things as worries fade.
Sedation is present, but not overly obstructive. Cognitive euphoria appears, and while not very intense, it is remarkably “clear” with a wonderful sense of wellbeing and control. Fine motor function slightly slowing.

+110m: As effects increase, there is a continued “clear-headed” feeling, as though my mind is not as high as my body. While I like this effect, as it makes it a more “functional” high, I could see less-experienced users may be tricked into thinking they aren’t as high as they are. Body euphoria approaches similarity to oxycodone, though decidedly weaker and without a significant “rush” during the come-up.

+150m: Peak begins approximately an hour and a half after taking “regular” 50mg dose. Sensation of happiness, comfort, warmth, and a “carefree” attitude flourish. Sedation at this level is significant, but there is no “nodding” or failure of motor skills; I’d argue it is less sedating than comparable strength in most other opioids. I’m able to easily hold conversations, play games, make food, and with effort I can multi-task most things. The internal headspace here is familiar to other opioids, but unique: not quite as calm and “stoned” as hydro, nor as joyful as oxy, and thankfully not as stimulating as tramadol, but you can feel a bit of all of that.

+220m: Effects plateau for a surprisingly long time; I expected a drop-off for a while, but it still feels almost identical to peak. As time progresses, certain minor side-effects have appeared: itchiness, mild nausea and accompanied appetite suppression. I also notice that while overall anxiety is decreased, annoyance occasionally pops up at minor inconveniences. This both appears and disappears rapidly, though I imagine annoying situations or higher doses would probably exacerbate this as well.

+300m: I am thoroughly surprised that the effects remain this pronounced for so long. I’d read some previous, conflicting reports—some arguing it wasn’t particularly long-lasting while others countered that it had good legs—but this exceeded all my expectations for consistency. I have almost no compulsion to redose, despite almost always feeling it by this point in most other opioids, barring extended-release. There does not even appear to be a “creep” of desire to redose at this point, although this may be partially related to the delusion of sobriety that this brings on.

+360m: Effects noticeably wane. Euphoria and stimulation begin to subside, while sedation lowers steadily but at a slower pace. Feeling of general “tiredness” takes their place. No unusual come-down effects. Desire to redose begins, but is still relatively weak compared to hydro or oxy. I’m still very happy with how long it lasts, if nothing else, but decide I really want to experience this in full and get ready to take more.

+370m: I rinse out my nose and snort 30mg. I normally do not enjoy insufflation, and as such have limited experience with it, but it goes down very easily. Unlike with the first come-up, I feel a rush of euphoria almost immediately. This is probably the only time throughout the trip I felt an elated sense of joy. Pain relief also kicks in almost immediately, and while I can feel the sedation rising again, the act of snorting the substance puts a bit of a damper on that. I feel ready to make the most out of my night!

+380m: After approximately 10 minutes, the rush of joy dissipates and the familiar contentedness takes its place. This is fine, as that initial rush also causes a surge to my emotional wellbeing long after the physical pleasure wears off. I feel confident, happy, and comfortable.
I feel confident, happy, and comfortable.

+460m: A wave of exhaustion hits me all at once. For the first time, I start nodding—I think more due to the late hour than anything else. As I begin to phase in and out of sleep, trying to get up the gumption to head off to bed, I keep seeing indistinct geometrical images, especially right after opening my eyes. I don’t normally get so high that I nod off, so I’m not sure if that’s unique to this drug or just something that routinely happens. Either way, I finally force myself to get some sleep, and am out within seconds of hitting my pillow.

Next morning: I had a very deep and intense sleep, finding it difficult to get myself up. However, once I finally pulled myself out of bed, I noticed I didn’t feel my usual wake-up cravings, and still just felt very relaxed. I decide I’m going try to replicate my results today using the other vendor’s bag. I repeat the process and experience very similar results.


I think O-DSMT is a jack-of-all-trades within the opioid class. It’s significantly pain-relieving and euphoric, but not as much as oxycodone (and potentially hydrocodone). It’s stimulating, but not overly so—just enough to either aid in functional use, or limit its potential to completely shut your mind off. The one thing it does excel at is providing a very consistent, long-lasting experience; for the folks who say this doesn't have legs, I really don't know where they're getting that from.

While I enjoy this drug immensely, I can see it being divisive. If one is seeking immensely powerful euphoria, an all-consuming trip, or something to melt away all one's troubles, one will probably be disappointed. But if you're like me, and just need something to consistently take the edge off pain and the doldrums of life, I honestly can’t think of a better option on the market right now. It’s now my second-favorite opioid, only behind oxycodone.

I can see how an overdose might happen, given that this drug can really make me feel like I'm not as high as I am. Personally, I didn't feel much compulsion to redose, but the relative lack of cognitive euphoria does sort of entice me to keep taking more. Also, don't forget, I'm a big dude with a relatively high tolerance. I think it's a great addition to my psychoactive catalogue!

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116005
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Dec 27, 2021Views: 10,885
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