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Quantum Slap
Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
Citation:   TriUrban. "Quantum Slap: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp116008)". Dec 29, 2021.

1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  6 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
Quantum Slap

Context: I had been doing nangs about 2-4 times a week after finishing at work, chasing a powerful trip. Doing up to 10 in one of my sessions, and an average of 2 per session. This was on the same night of a full moon, almost exactly 28 days after my powerful trip.

This was my experience with some cannabis and nitrous oxide last night.

Headphones already in, full box of nangs in my pocket, I excitedly rush up the old staircase to the upstairs office. I close the door behind me and take a seat, preparing to have a cone of some really dank weed. I start thinking about the experience I'm about to have while I exhale, and rush two pack to canisters into the whipped cream gun. I load one in, and follow quickly with the second. A bit of gas always escapes, I wonder how much I lose from that. I start some gentle breathing exercises to prepare myself to hold the gas in.

I slowly pump the trigger while holding the gun to my mouth, I inhale steadily, while allowing some fresh air to come in through my nose. I hold the hit in deep, for as long as I can. I try to breathe in as much oxygen as I can on top of the breath, really pushing my lungs to their edge.

I can feel the effects coming on quite quickly. My body starts to feel warm and light, and my sense of self slightly disintegrates as I feel the rush of the waves slowly roll over me, a strong sense of warm, encompassing euphoria is felt. My visual field begins to coalesce into the regular patterns I experience, an almost 'shimmer' over my field of view, a repeating pattern of vibration. There is a repeating sound, not like a 'nang' that my friends report, but I hear a shimmering sound, almost like the sound of fairy dust or something. It almost always reminds me of Kirby. Things begin looking warp as I finish off the gas, I look down, slightly disappointed, thinking, "Was that it?".

While still coming down, I pack another one in, followed closely by a second. This time, I prepare a third, but only twist the bulb just enough so it doesn't pierce the nang yet. As I begin to hit the canister, the effects come on incredible quickly. This time, it's intense. The euphoria was amazing, the bodily high felt incredible. I was relishing the experience of feeling strong waves 'walk up and down' my body. I could hear that sound, the shimmering of the effect - this sound kinda makes me feel as though I'm in this lobby, this in between world which connects our physical reality to a more true and simple version
this sound kinda makes me feel as though I'm in this lobby, this in between world which connects our physical reality to a more true and simple version
, yet we get stuck in that lobby because of our physical beliefs that hold us back. I pierce that 3rd nang, and quickly breathe the gas in. I was definitely peaking at this point, and wasn't holding the gas in, but rather quickly inhaled and exhaled the entirety of the bulb.

I felt a sense of deja vu, that I had a very very similar high when I was on MD + Nitrous, I started thinking about that experience, and that's when everything stopped. My train of thought was no longer 'mine', my sense of self entirely disintegrated any understanding that I existed in that moment anymore.

I reached the end. I had hit the precipice of reality where I'd gone so deep, I got stuck in the infinitely repeating pattern of our existence. The experience was physically painful, I could 'feel' my neck being hit badly, and I could even hear the sound of wood hitting me, or the sound of a piece of thing plywood smacking against things. What I was hearing made sense to me at the time, and it felt so similar to what I heard in another experience, so it didn't necessarily alarm me at the time.

What I could see was an incredibly strong visual hallucination of basically the end of reality, repeating and repeating and repeating. This experience was generally scary and intense, but, the strong sense of deja-vu ( I had literally been in this exact place before in a past trip) allowed me to step out into my more rational mind, and I realised that all I can do at this point is just ride it, and enjoy it. As soon as I had the realisation, I noticed that my physical body felt like it was falling backwards, which I allowed it to do. I fell into a filing cabinet really bad, and I quickly realised that I had stood up in my experience, and fallen over about 3 or 4 times. My glasses and headphones had been flung off in the experience, and I stopped myself from falling, from giving in to the experience so fully. As I was coming to, I was so shocked with what I had done, I panicked slightly, but quickly grounded myself by lying down. I quickly realised that the cleaner downstairs was calling out to me, so I yelled out that I was okay. I quickly got up, afraid that people may come and walk into the office, and see the mess around me.

In my drug-induced haze, I had fallen onto the desk in front of me, somehow shattering my small bong, getting the water everywhere, all over the laptop and printer. Everything had been knocked off, and there was nangs and papers all over the floor. Furniture had been pushed over where I had fallen into the floor. A hole was kicked into one of the walls, the place was literally trashed. I allowed myself to come down, sitting in the office chair and just taking it all in. This experience was essentially what I had been chasing, and it felt as though it was this huge cosmic slap. Like, my higher self was almost saying, "these drugs are not safe". Which is interesting, because when I was coming up from my intense experience, I told myself that if I can buy this drug in a supermarket, it must be pretty safe!

What was so surreal to me, was that I thought I had thrown myself around the office, thinking that this was the experience. After thinking about it, I realised that I was so high I was almost unconscious, and when I had my trip, it triggered some anxious response where my reaction was to stand up. Due to the intensity of the high, I was unable to coherently navigate my body, which basically meant I kept falling over. The trippy part is, that I KNEW I was falling, because I could see it, BUT, everything I was hearing, feeling, seeing and experiencing fed back into my subconscious that this was my reality now, and all I could do was accept it, and allow it to happen. Realising that I was falling was very disorienting. I couldn't remember standing up, and I had no idea how I caused so much havoc around me!

I was certainly shaken up, I had not expected to trip this hard - literally rivaling the combination of LSD and Nitrous that I've had in the past. This experience will be one of the most intense I've ever had. In my exploration of the drug recently, I noticed that the sense of deja-vu makes me believe I'm having the same experience, but it's this version of events this time
the sense of deja-vu makes me believe I'm having the same experience, but it's this version of events this time
. It's an incredibly strong feeling, and I love experiencing and being in that space. It makes me feel as though I am uncovering truth about reality, and the true nature of everything. However, following this experience, I think I may take a break. The most surreal thing that happened, was that I had experienced this trip before, even hearing the wood smacking, and feeling as though my head hurt, yet the first time I experienced this, I was sitting the whole time and just scared that I was stuck in the edge of reality. This time however, in my more experienced and prepared wisdom, my thoughts could follow a more rational line of thinking. When I came out of the experience, I felt as though I had just time travelled from that first trip, and that I was finally coming out of the trip now. It could've been years that passed in just a moment. I really did lose myself in that experience for a moment feeling as though this was it, this was the final experience... yet in my drug induced haze, I had trashed my office at work, bruised my body at my shins, hips, leg, neck and head, and pulled a muscle in my rotator cuff which made it very unpleasant driving home afterwards.

I went to visit a friend, who I told about the experience. It was interesting talking about it. Spending time with him, I noticed I kept spacing out to the trip again, thinking about what just happened. Then I would realise, and come to, and have no idea what we were even talking about. I left after a couple of hours, but was still feeling off, so I drove down to the water and messaged some of my close friends about the trip to try and integrate everything. I finished off the night by meditating briefly next to the water before heading home.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116008
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Dec 29, 2021Views: 2,071
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