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It's a Mild Psychedelic, Not a Stimulant
by Hermitic
Citation:   Hermitic. "It's a Mild Psychedelic, Not a Stimulant: An Experience with 6-Methoxymethylone (exp116010)". Erowid.org. Jan 17, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116010

T+ 0:00
83 mg insufflated 6-Methoxymethylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:50 298 mg oral 6-Methoxymethylone (liquid)


I'm a male in my late 30's. About 120 lbs. I'm on no medications. I take base level nutritional supplements daily.

Previous drug experience: Lots of experience with substituted "cathinone" use and abuse in years past including buphedrone, a-PVP, a-PPP, 4-FA, 3-FA, 2-FA, 4-FMC, 4-MMC, MDPV, Methylone, etc. Some recent (1x week for 3 weeks) use of MDMA and MDA.

So I got some "2-A1MP" from a Chinese company in 2017. I finally decide to try it here in August 2021. I've just had it stored in a plastic zip-style bag in a box. Thank god I labeled it or I'd have no idea what it was. Don't forget to label your drugs, people!

I decide to take this mystery crystal/powder mix which I'm somewhat sure from some internet posts is 5-methylEthylone HCl. ... Uh, ok after checking online... Woops! Now I'm fairly sure it's supposed to be 5-MethoxyMethylone or so says wikipedia. ( I sent it off with cash for testing at DrugsData.org right after using it and it turned out to be 6-Methoxymethylone, so... That's a surprise! Here is the result )


I'm alone at home. I wouldn't mind staying up all night -- in fact, I'm aiming to do so by taking this.

Dosed at 8:50 PM, snorting 83 mg up my nose. It did not burn which is good and nicely surprising. Taste/smell of it is vaguely that "fresh" smell reminiscent of some cathinones / pyrovalerones, which is pleasant.

9:33 PM. Feeling sober. Taking 300 mg orally next.

Dosing based on my knowledge of ring substituted cathinones and wanting to ensure an effect. Not *just* a wild idea, but it wasn't a cautionary one either. I guess I could explain further... All the cathinones I've read about with ring substitutions anywhere but the 3- and 4- positions had decreased effects or no effects (or at least toward stimulant action, anyway) and I've taken confirmed (with H-NMR) 5-methyl-MDA, and it wasn't nearly as good or potent as MDA. So there you go, that's my basis, flawed as it is. Don't try things so whimsically because it could have gone terribly wrong. I admit I was lucky. I turns out I didn't even know what I was taking.

9:40 PM. Dissolved 298 mg in water and downed it. There are some mystery black specs in this powder. I mighta drank half of them, the other half stayed at the bottom of the 3oz cup. Not cool, China. Not cool. Lol I don't wanna take the time and effort to filter them out though I have everything needed within reach. In the end I must blame myself for this, of course.

It's kinda bitter, yuck! It tastes vaguely of "cathinones" in my estimation.

I drink water.

10:00 PM. Maybe something is starting.

10:04 PM. Something's building. Guts a little bubbly.

I'm almost cold sometimes.

10:10 PM. Yeah something's going on. Kinda strange almost visual. Not much euphoria of the stimulant type.

There's a body high. I feel extra nice sitting in my chair.

Teeth chattering. I'm cold though the thermometer says it's 72 degrees F.

10:28 PM. I see light tracers on moving objects and such.

10:40 PM. I feel good, but there's not much euphoria. Very, very slight but certainly not like methylone or another comparable cathinone. And no jaw clenching at all.
I feel good, but there's not much euphoria. Very, very slight but certainly not like methylone or another comparable cathinone. And no jaw clenching at all.

I'm definitely on drugs. I can't say what it's much like though in comparison to others, this seems pretty unique. There is some extra colors with things, almost as if tripping. It's like a light psychedelic.

Intense shivers overtake me suddenly every once in a while.

11:23 PM. I feel good. Euphoria is really in the background, just barely perceptible - not a big factor at all. It's certainly not a defining feature, as it would be with a chain sub'd cathinone or pyrovalerone.

Some introspection is going on. Not exactly the usual thoughts. Seems this is good. Thinking about my life, currently, and if there are things about it that I might want to look at differently going forward. I'm sitting on my bed, just looking around. Thinking.

There is patterning when I look at the specs on the ceiling.

11:53 PM. Effects may have peaked a while ago, declining now?

12:23 AM. There is a slow decline down.

1:58 AM. I'm hungry. I make food and eat. Meal down the hatch. Thank goodness. I feel a lot better.

Effects are waning seriously by now.

I'm a little tired, but not a lot. My sleeping schedule is all over the place often, but recently I've been going to sleep around 2 AM. Or 2:30. Or so.

2:20 AM. I think I would be laying down to sleep about now, and I could, but I have some work to do, so I get to it. I'm not totally at baseline either, but pretty close.

3:03 AM. To bed. There's kinda an "afterglow," but I'm sober now.

Overall, this was good. I do not think I'd like to do it again while I'm alone, but if I was with someone it would be worthwhile. It might be really nice especially outside and during a sunset perhaps.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116010
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Jan 17, 2022Views: 469
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