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A Yuletide Visit With Ska Pastora
Salvia divinorum (40x extract)
Citation:   Deacon Hitchbight. "A Yuletide Visit With Ska Pastora: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (40x extract) (exp116017)". Jan 15, 2022.

200 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
As I have not visited with the Lady for over a year, I thought Yule might be a fine time to renew my acquaintance.

At about seven in the evening I loaded a small bamboo pipe built just for this session with about 1/5th gram of 40x Salvia Divinorum. This had been stored in a tin and placed in a cool, dark part of the house for at least five years since preparation.

I had loaded Kraftwerk’s Autobahn on the sound system, a twenty-plus minute piece I have enjoyed often. T. was my sitter and I had spent the last six days eating simple foods and avoiding any kind of stimulant or depressant, including caffeine and OTC sleeping medications. The lamps were lit providing a warm, brassy glow to the surrounding walls and furniture. I felt relaxed and comfortable and looked forward to the experience. The computer screen had a photo of local forests displayed and I started the music track.

I flashed the mixture with a small torch lighter and inhaled the bitter result; I exhaled after 25 seconds and in a very short while, (5 seconds, perhaps?) the computer wallpaper began to pixelate and come apart like colored sand on a beating drum. There seemed to be a spreading paralysis that started in my lips, then spread to my eyes and outward, as if my limbs were being filled with warm quicksilver. There is a memory of no memory, then a gradual awareness of vibration. The amplitude of the sensation increased rapidly and I became immersed in fluttering membranes, each thin film moving in harmonics of multiple background rhythms and covered in changing colors. The hues also had a regular pattern of change and became searingly pure, like the coating of oxide on heated titanium: chromium yellows, royal blues and deep glowing shades of glistening crimson. I recall no green in evidence. There was an idea that I had always been in this place and always would be: I found this idea acceptable and somehow comforting.

A hint of self returned, and I recognized that some of the rhythm I was immersed in was not part of me, but those that were part of me intersected and followed it; upon this realization there came a sensation of pulling; as if soft suction cups were trying to lift several parts of my body such as eyelids, the top of my forearms and the dorsal surface of my legs. I had the beginnings of a body again.

I developed a curious puckering sensation in both my lips and fingertips, this feeling was pulsating with some part of the music I was hearing. I recalled someone was with me, and attempted to tell them I was all right, but my speech engine seemed almost impossible to operate. I thought of the colored sheets and I was back, but now they were more like the pages of a book being blown about by a fickle wind. The pages all seemed to be covered with symbols of some kind, but moved so fast I could recognize none of them. I was not really observing these pages and membranes, I WAS the pages and membranes, I WAS the colors flowing along their surfaces, I WAS the rhythms they were moving to. My entire self seemed nothing more(and nothing less) than the confluence of my internal and external perceptions.

As I drifted back to consensual reality, I tried my voice again and thought it had worked, reassuring whoever was out there that I was in no distress. My words were slurred as my lips and tongue still felt numbed. I lifted my massive eyelids and recognized the slightly distorted image on my monitor, I also recognized T. sitting in a chair nearby. The experience had lasted about twenty minutes. Everyday consciousness rapidly returned and I sank into a pleasant lassitude, perhaps even a small nap. I slept well and woke the next morning in fine spirits. I noted that my immediate environment seemed somehow new and more interesting; as if I had become more attentive to the world around me. I was looking forward to the day ahead for no particular reason at all.

Though the entire experience was both fascinating and deeply moving; I have no desire to repeat it in the near future.

Set and setting is considered to be of great importance in any psychotropic venture; with Salvinorum A this is doubly this case. Overwhelming immersion into the mechanics of perception requires a calm and supporting atmosphere. Attempting to use this material in any kind “party” situation would be like tossing the cloud of mind into a hurricane.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116017
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 64
Published: Jan 15, 2022Views: 1,287
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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