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Playground for the Mind
Citation:   D X Meth-Head. "Playground for the Mind: An Experience with 2C-D (exp116019)". Apr 28, 2022.

40 mg   2C-D
I can only title 2C-D as a marvelous drug, in that I marveled at my environment constantly throughout the experience, following every tangent that my mind generated to its most eloquent conclusion. It was rich, vivid and artistic; a playground for the mind. Each idea was tangible and flowery. I cannot transcribe the sum of all events, but I've included some of the parts that most stood out to me.

+ Roughly an hour after ingestion, I head to a hill with my friend, the world around me takes the style of a fauvist painting. I feel like a child and skip around lullabying about how the clouds resembled the golden spiral. It reminded me of the Kepler quote 'the image of man and woman stems from the divine proportion.' My friend hates mathematics, and she became visibly bored by my ramblings.

Wonderful intellectual enhancement, so much intellectual enhancement that I dissociated from my emotional complexes completely and wept for half an hour over the placement of methoxy groups on the 2 and 5 position of phenethylamine. I cried over my hero, Alexander Shulgin, for the beauty he injected into the world in the form of the most profound artistry imaginable - that of chemistry. I placed a copy of PiHKAL on the ground and danced around it wildly praising Shulgin. I chanted





I wanted to scream to the world about how much I love chemistry and how unbelievably important Shulgin's role was, and still continues to be, in the passage of the human story.

The sky was dancing and alive, we saw 2 shooting stars. In a town nearby a large 'drum and bass' festival was underway, they shone bright lights into the sky like Batman's bat-light, we thought it was a UFO, I screamed in delightful terror.

+ We then head to a children's play park. I became giddy and excited like a child, and began to speak largely in metaphors. I referred to my friend as the anchor to my ship, the punctuation to my sentence, yeast to my bread. The swings and slides were named 'entertainment-devices'. We played on the swings ravenously, ululating screams of joy like I did when I was a young child. The world was a mosaic of scenes I had already seen before pasted onto the world around me, like a collage book - making it difficult to differentiate what was in front of me; it was pitch black yet psychedelic imagery was plentiful. We saw some graffiti on the concrete beneath us and decided to investigate - the lettering was brash and abrasive. I had the same psychological response to the writing as I would have to Nazi propaganda, it was unbelievably strong. I looked around the play park and felt an overwhelming presence that I was caged, that my enjoyment could only be contained in this entertainment-area and that cities were no place for the expression of joy, only fear and expressions of judgement onto other people.

I stopped in front of a church and gauped at it for another half an hour, its spire was a funnel of information from the Heavens, channeling sacred information to the masses inside. I'm a staunch atheist and materialist, but religion and religious buildings fascinate me beyond words.

+ Lucid and imaginative, unrestrained imagination. My friend and I spoke about the wonders of Roald Dahl, his contrasting ability to write about both magic and darkness (some of his short stories are horrifying). The world become a Fun-Land, Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. I described the world as creamy, candy cane-ic and sweet.

+ We got home, my friend ingested 19mg 2C-B at the same time as my ingestion of 2C-D but she felt nothing, so smoked a number of joints (I felt that smoking would probably act as a psychoactive muting device, but she thought otherwise). A mosquito was stuck in the kitchen, I cradled him in my hands and tried to hush him to sleep, he was a sweet prince, lost in his travels in a Brobdingnagian palace. I lost my phone on my ventures in the park, and exclaimed


(Which is fitting, phone/social media are entertainment for the sensorily deprived).

My friend was tired and wanted me out of the house, so we said our goodbyes, I was still under the influence strongly. I am scared by cities, I've lived in the rural countryside for my entire life and therefore don't understanding the mechanics of cities. I had no GPS nor map to gauge my whereabouts so attempted to walk to my house using the road signs for navigation. I got lost for 3 hours, meandering through aggressive cul-de-sacs. I started to cry outside a mosque until a man got out his house and shouted at me in Arabic, I cycled away, petrified. I just wanted to know how to get home.

Hours later, I make it home safe. I read Philip K Dick's Ubik and fall asleep at 4 am, 10 hours after ingestion.

2C-D was wonderful. I want to procure more immediately. An intellectual wonderland, inspirational psychoactive character. If the socio-spatial-temporal setting had been different, I would have loved to have written poetry or a science-fiction short story. My mind was so imaginative, yet my creative energy wasn't transduced into anything of permanence.

Each morning I wake up, place my hand on my heart, and sing God Save The Queen in front of a painting of the molecular structure of 2C-D being held by Ann Shulgin.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116019
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Apr 28, 2022Views: 546
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2C-D (103) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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