The Aphrodisiac Queen for Him & Her
Zolpidem, Caffeine & Alcohol - Wine
Citation:   CuriousGeorge. "The Aphrodisiac Queen for Him & Her: An Experience with Zolpidem, Caffeine & Alcohol - Wine (exp116038)". Jun 17, 2022.

10 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem  
  2 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  100 mg oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)
I have long-term experience with rec drug experimentation but in all cases since my teens, I always learned as much about the drug as possible before taking it and if I couldn't learn about it or didn't know if it was 'pure' I'd do small test doses. (I add this in for the younger crowd as a warning - be smart if you are going to experiment.)

Anyway, I normally sleep hard as a rock but went through a period of my life with a lot of anxiety and was prescribed Ambien 10mg to help me sleep. It works well for that and relative to most other sleep aids (due to the short 2-3 hour half life) has very little if any feeling side effects in the morning.

What I didn't expect to find out (as articles, including famous ones about people like Tiger Woods) is this stuff makes me HORNY! But not just horny, it makes me AFFECTIONATE. I'm not a typically physically affectionate male, but 10mg of this stuff, while I'm awake makes me an affectionate puppy.
I'm not a typically physically affectionate male, but 10mg of this stuff, while I'm awake makes me an affectionate puppy.

The other thing about this stuff (also fairly well known) is alcohol (not surprisingly) increases the effect. BUT, I would NOT recommend combining more than 2 drinks (3 at the very most if you aren't a small person) with this stuff. They are both depressants a combination of a high dose of both is a recipe for an ambulance to be showing up at your house (assuming someone is coherent enough around to call one).

The major downside of ambien/zolpidem, is that it can make it very hard to orgasm, especially if I combine it with alcohol. 10mg + 2-3 drinks and I'll be horny and love having sex but will have a 50/50 chance of climaxing. I've never had issues with erection effects and Ambien made it slightly slower to get fully erect but I got there as usual.

I tried taking 100mg caffeine with 10mg of Ambien and so did my girlfriend who's about 165 lbs. And we had about 2 glasses of wine. Without the caffeine, I can tell you, unless I have some stimulus (dance music, outside in the cold air, etc), on 10mg or more, it's very hard not to fall asleep after sitting down. The caffeine seemed to not reduce the aphrodisiac qualities but greatly increased the chance of orgasm during sex. And my girlfriend, who's normally much more conservative in the bedroom got A LOT more open to experimentation and loved every minute of it.

My memory is really good and I usually recall about 75%. My girlfriend remembered 25% at most and she didn't like that because she was like what's the point of having great Ambien sex if you can't remember it later? Good point. We found the key was to limit the alcohol to 2 drinks or less and add 100 mg caffeine; 200 mg caffeine is too much and gives too much of an edgy feeling.

My girlfriend at 165 said she could definitely feel 10 mg still in the morning but she has an abnormality with her liver that makes it so she processes certain drugs slower than the average person.

The other thing I learned is if I take this on a regular basis 4 or more nights a week for sleep I'll build up a moderate tolerance and to get the same effect as someone who doesn't take it regularly, I need 1.5-2X the dose, so 15-20mg. I would be less likely to drink any alcohol at all though with 20mg or more no matter what the circumstance.

These are all just my opinions based on anecdotal personal experience. I'm not a medical expert or scientist.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116038
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Age at time of experience: 49
Published: Jun 17, 2022Views: 1,398
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