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Life in the Ravine
4-Ho-MET & Cannabis
Citation:   Etazhi. "Life in the Ravine: An Experience with 4-Ho-MET & Cannabis (exp116050)". Erowid.org. Feb 5, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116050

15 - 20 mg insufflated 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
    repeated vaporized Cannabis - High THC (extract)
Meprocin: life at the ravine

I decided to snort the rest of my meprocin, I got word that the ketamine I had ordered was mixed up with a much larger order of MDMA. I didnít mind since he said heíd replace it at a generous double the quantity I ordered.

If I got to keep the MDMA (I didnít know yet) it wasnít of any use to me. This was probably a good few hundred bucks I just came into, that is if I was still selling. Still well connected, the opportunity to make money came along often but since I quit around 4 years, I wouldnít be able to offload it quickly.

I didnít mind, but I wasnít ecstatic. But since I started doing psychedelics again, my fiendish, undying yearn for the needler ammunition looking crystals of ketamine. For around a year the ketamine had been cut heavily in my area. After one particularly shitty bag of k I stopped buying it off my long time connect, going on 5 years as that point. Itís both crazy how loyal and how easily I broke that loyalty once I reached my breaking point.

Yes I had left him after one really bad bag but I hadnít after countless mediocre to shitty ones. I just got tired of consistently shitty k, and then the really bunk bag just put me over the edge.

I decided that Iíd snort the last of my 4-Ho-MIPT, an unknown amount but from what I remember, I had taken just over 80mg in 4 trips. So Iíd estimate ~17mg.

My mother was out for getting groceries. Having payed my share of the rent in most part, with only a hundred left to pay: I decided to take my rare third day in a row off to trip. Also because I was itching to trip whether on ketamine or a psychedelic.

It hit me almost instantly but the full effects that confirmed I absorbed the dose wasnít until I used saline nasal spray.

I got dressed and set out to brave the winter conditions, dressed in winter clothing. I was quite dismayed at first to see the powdered snow had been turned to slush by rain. The ground was wet and the overall mood was not as quiet and calming as the snowfall. Still I had decided I was going to go out in the weather and I havenít gotten the ability to trip in the snow for so long. So I decided Iíd go to a park. At first unsure of where I was going, I decided Iíd check out the ravine park for the first time.

It didnít take long to arrive by train, one stop away from the station near where I live. I walked along the path/trail that goes along the east side of the park. It was a nice walk, the visuals began ramping up in intensity. I took a hit of my dab pen: 80% THC I got from the government dispensaries. It hit and I began tripping fairly hard considering I had a 2x tolerance factor.

The white snow began to breathe on the ground, the trees swayed and bent in ways that their solid matter could not allow for. The entire park was now as fluid as the river that flowed through it. To my content and surprise, the snowfall began dropping large, fat snowflakes onto the land. The water from the rain still flooded into puddles and pools on the ground but this was ignorable. I was glad I had not called off the trip because of weather.

I walked by a few people and despite my entire face being covered, and my expressions and actions obviously hidden, I was still mildly paranoid of those passersby as I managed to conjure up a thought that my pupils were visibly dilated. My eyes are extremely dark brown and unless theyíre directly in the light and one looks for a few seconds, theyíre hard to tell if theyíre dilated or not.

I continued on anyways, marvelling at the various facets of nature that came to life from the meprocin. The ravine however is one of the smallest ones I recently found on google maps. So it didnít take long to reach the north side. It took around 15 minutes but it felt like 30 due to my time dilation. A few more hits from my dab pen intensified my trip more but I wanted to try and take a blinker from my pen. So when I saw the stairs leading down to the ravine I was excited to say the least.

The snow covered stairs, recently rained on and now slightly icy, weíre precarious to go down. In my state however I was weirdly care free. I didnít slip luckily. At the bottom of the stairs beside the rushing creek, a long platform of grate metal was visible through the few holes in the snow that blanketed it. The shapes in the snow breathed and morphed and colourful though faint patterns manifested in them. Rotating fractals and shapeless forms of colour danced around as I slowly walked over the bog that the rushing creek flooded into until I reached the end. There sat the only piece of unfolded land at the bottom of the ravine. A pair of benches as well on a platform over the bog off the shore of the small island in the bog.

I was alone, from anyone and all of civilization. I spent 30 minutes just getting absolutely stoned off my pen. Taking blinker after blinker and coughing up a lung each time. And the visuals got more and more intense though I suspect because of my dose it wasnít as dramatic and increase as with other times Iíve tripped. Owing to my tolerance.

I stood because the bench was wet. The entire time the sense of the nature around me breathing as if alive. The look of it all was absolutely beautiful but it was not the most impressive Iíve had. But honestly, it didnít really need to be. I was content, this was enough. I didnít need the massive visual collage of fractals and patterns that I would shoot for as a youth.

Oddly, what interrupted this whole experience, around an hour and 20 minutes later was me noticing a treehouse in a tree that I had somehow missed the entire time. And I was unsure if there was an occupant, if there was he could have been watching me the entire time and the spiral of uncertainty made me uncomfortable so I decided to go back home as I could feel the comedown.

So I did, taking care not to fall into either the bog on my right nor the rushing creek on my left as I walked across the metal walkway covered in ice from the rain earlier. I walked back up the stairs and walked back to the trail and headed back to the train station.

I noticed the same visuals but now the yellow incandescent lights of the various street lights and peoples house motion sensor lights light up the walkway in occasional, unevenly spaced out intervals as the falling sun behind the grey sky was slowly dimming. The dawn light was drawing close and the interval before it was a beautiful light level. Though in the dark I couldnít really see the detail of the visuals as it wasnít dark enough to provide a contrast or backdrop. Though the breathing of silhouettes, shadows and the fence I walked beside confirmed I was still tripping.

Not much else happened until the walk home. The train ride was quick and my ticket was still valid.

4-Ho-MIPT is an erotic psychedelic, on my way home I kept thinking of the female figure, girls I was interested and dwelling on past lovers. Specifically the image of the green fishnet leggings a petite girl wore to the first time we had sex. I remember taking off her clothes her wearing a matching set of underwear, the image of me removing her red panties flashes through my head before I was thrust back to the park beside the ocean in which I lost my virginity to a non-binary person whom I had a crush on, they were in the grade above me and oddly they were also attracted to me.

All of this was on the latter half of my way home so I had an uncomfortable erection, which was visible through my khakis, the meprocin did not help with my self-consciousness.

When I arrived home it was empty still. I went to my room and began to embrace the erotic behaviour of meprocin. Using various sex toys, masturbation on meprocin was unmatched.
Using various sex toys, masturbation on meprocin was unmatched.
Iíll spare you the graphic details, at least for this report. Iíll just say that I have no shame nor should any male feel shame for owning sex toys of any kind (though I myself donít identify as one, I do use male sex toys as I was born one) as one female friend of mine quite accurately pointed out ďwhy is it normalized for women to own dildos, and all sorts of other sex toys but men canít own a flesh light or else theyíre weird?Ē She was right, she then explained that it was nothing more than a social construct that one sex is ok to own devices to aid in sexual self pleasure while the other is shamed. It has no inherent or good reason that this should be the case. It was nothing but arbitrary. After a struggle with my gender identity and then a subsequent liberation in my sex life. Freedom from the ridiculous societal constructs that made me miserable. This included the full indulgence in self pleasure in all its forms and using all the devices we created for each sex to use.

I dwelled more on these thoughts and all the shame I had for my sexual and erotic thoughts and tendencies was washed away. It is a shame Iím currently not seeing anyone as this would be a great couples trip.

I continued to indulge in self pleasure as the trip waned. It ended around 3 hours after ingestion and left me with a great refreshed feeling the rest of the day and day after. Allowing me to get an early sleep.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116050
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 5, 2022Views: 1,153
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4-HO-MET (436) : Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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