One Crazy Night
LSD, MDMA & Beer
by Mark
Citation:   Mark. "One Crazy Night: An Experience with LSD, MDMA & Beer (exp116085)". Feb 3, 2022.

T+ 0:00
2 hits oral LSD (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 1 hit oral MDMA (liquid)
  T+ 3:00   oral LSD (liquid)
This is a trip report for the time I accidentally took an undetermined amount of liquid LSD. It was the last time I ever took acid, but not the last time I’ve taken hallucinogens.

The trip took place in the winter of 1998, shortly before new year’s. I was 20 years old at the time and I am a male. About 5 of my friends and I went to a dance club in Hollywood and my friend brought a vial of L with him to sell. All of us took 2 hits each and a hit of X each at around 11pm and had a blast at the club.

The club closed at 2am and I caught up with my friends who had all taken 1-2 more hits each, so I asked my buddy for the vial…I went to drop one on my tongue but nothing came out. My friend who owned the vial said “just take off the cap, chew on the cap and fill the vial with water and drink that.

Now I should mention that at this point I was not an amateur when it came to psychedelics. I had started taking LSD at age 16 (kids, don’t try this at home. Your brain is still developing and I don’t recommend starting at such a young age) and at this point I had done LSD over 200 times, mushrooms like 50 times and mescaline (microdots) once. So I figured I could handle a couple more drops. (Turns out, it was WAY more than a few drops)

We heard about an after party going on a few miles away and decided to check it out. We got to the after party and headed inside and that’s when things started to turn.

We walked to the back of the club where there was a balcony with seating and we all wanted to sit and chill for a while. There were two staircases leading up the the balcony, one on each side. One side had 4-5 huge steps that you had to basically crawl up, and the other had like 100 tiny steps that you could barely fit half of your foot on. I still don’t know to this day if that was real or part of the trip as I’ve searched for a club that has those stairs but never could find anything on it.

So as we were sitting on the balcony, I was watching the crowd and I noticed a man by the entrance on the opposite side of the building, staring at me. He began to weave his way back and forth in the audience, the whole time getting closer and closer and never breaking eye contact. The man looked exactly like Paul Bearer, The Undertaker’s Manager.

I had a huge wave of paranoia and told my friends that I needed to get some air. Two of them came with me because they could tell I was not in a good place. We crossed the street and sat down against a wall. We sat there for maybe 10 minutes and my visuals were getting heavier and heavier so as a last resort I asked if we could go get some milk somewhere.

We got up and started walking down the street towards a McDonald’s that was 2-3 blocks away. As we were walking, the bricks in the sidewalk were popping up to about 3 feet in the air and then popping back into the sidewalk. Kind of like a whack-a-mole. It took me forever because I was trying to dodge the bricks. All the times I had done LSD before had been 1-3 hits and I had never had visuals that weren’t actually there.

We finally walked up to the door at McDonald’s and it was closed. My friends pounded on the door until one of employees came to the door. My friends explained the situation and the employee was nice enough to let us in so we could buy a milk. We walked up to the counter and as my friends were paying, I had the feeling of something watching me and slowly turned around to find that the restaurant was full of diners, and they were all silently staring at me. This was at around 3:30-4 am and there were definitely NOT any diners in the restaurant. I told my friends I’d be outside and noped right out of there.

Once my friends were outside they gave me the school sized milk and we began to walk back to the club. As we were walking back the carton slipped out of my hand and fell at super slow mo speed. It took about 10-15 seconds to hit the ground, and then the milk splashed out, also in slow motion and hit the sidewalk 4-5 times. Also, the whole time this was happening, cars were driving by at normal speed.

As we walked up to the club there were several ambulances outside and we sat across the street. My logical explanation for the ambulances were that everyone in the club had taken bad drugs and we had all died. I panicked and got up running down the street yelling that I needed to say goodbye to my parents before I died. I lived about 15 miles away and I had no idea where I was. Luckily, my friends were able to chase me down and convinced me to come back somehow. We got back to across the street from the club and we sat down again. The ambulances were gone. My friends were trying to comfort me by telling me I just took a little too much and that I’d be fine in a few hours. The thing was, that’s NOT what I heard them telling me.
My friends were trying to comfort me by telling me I just took a little too much and that I’d be fine in a few hours. The thing was, that’s NOT what I heard them telling me.
In my mind, and to my ears, they were saying “You took too much man. And you candy flipped?! You are probably gonna die,” and things similar to that.

As I sat there full of existential dread, guess who decides to come out of the front doors to the club. That’s right! Paul Bearer! He slowly crosses the street as cars zoom by him and he stops a foot away from my friends and I and just stares at me for what felt like 15 minutes without saying a word or my friends acknowledging that he was there, then he turned around and went back in the club. After a while my friends saw a Mercedes pull up in front of the club and my buddy said it was his X supplier and we needed to go with him into the car. Afraid to leave my friends I had no choice but to comply. We got in the car and the dealer was visibly upset. He told my friend he needed to pay him what he owed soon or there would be consequences. Then he turned to me and offered me a hit of GHB. I just shook my head no and he kept insisting and I kept refusing which made him mad. My friends were explaining that I was having a bad trip and I didn’t want to take it. He finally, frustratingly agreed to let us out with a final warning to my friend.

We went back into the club and found our way back up to the balcony where the rest of our friends were. We sat there for a bit but I was still having a bad time and I asked if we could go home. They said “Yeah, but we don’t have enough room in the car for everyone. You’ll have to ride in the trunk.” I said nope, I’m not riding in the trunk. My friend said “Well it’s either the trunk, or you have to go home with this guy.” I looked to my left and wouldn’t you know it, Paul Bearer is standing next to me. I quickly agreed to ride in the trunk and we left the club.

When we got to the car, everyone got in the car and I stood at the back waiting for them to pop the trunk. After a minute or so, the driver popped his head out and said “What are you doing man? Get in the car.” I told him I was waiting for him to pop the trunk and they all laughed. “What are you talking about?! Man you are REALLY fucked up huh?” This is when I came out of the main peak, but I was nowhere near finished tripping. I had never tripped so hard I had visuals that weren’t actually there, let alone auditory hallucinations where I was hearing something completely different than what they were saying.

We drove home and the visuals were EXTREMELY strong still and would be for several more hours but I was at least somewhat back in reality now. When we got home I had my friend buy me an 18 pack of beer and over a few hours I drank most of them trying to quit tripping so hard. All that accomplished was my mind was totally sober (aside from the acid) but my body was DRUNNNNK. I stumbled around the apartment for several more hours and finally fell asleep in the late afternoon.

I stopped the acid after that and it was several years before I would try another hallucinogen. I’ve done shrooms maybe 10 times since and DMT twice.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 116085
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 3, 2022Views: 672
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