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A Letdown with Great Potential for Combos
3C-P, LSD & Cannabis
by gazelleadhesive
Citation:   gazelleadhesive. "A Letdown with Great Potential for Combos: An Experience with 3C-P, LSD & Cannabis (exp116101)". Feb 14, 2022.

T+ 0:00
40 mg insufflated 3C-P (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 100 ug oral LSD  
  T+ 0:40 4 mg   Ondansetron  
  T+ 2:35 50 mg rectal 3C-P (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:35   repeated vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 6:50 100 mg oral Pharms - Trazodone  
  T+ 9:50 200 mg oral Pharms - Trazodone  


Previous experience: This is my 42nd recreational substance tried, my first time with 1-(3,5-Dimethoxy-4-propoxyphenyl)propan-2-amine . I have extensive experience with LSD and a few other tryptamines, ketamine, prescription opioids, a variety of amphetamines and RC stims, and a small amount of benzo experience. I vape weed most hours I'm awake. I have never done mescaline, 2C-X, DOX, or any FLY drug. I was a severe alcoholic for the better part of a decade, so I tend to find that I need higher doses to experience what others get with lower doses.

Setting: I'm at home, comfortable, with my wife and pets. A bit nervous because of the extreme stimulation others seem to get.

Set: I'm a mix of excited and nervous. I have Raynaud's syndrome, so I don't get great circulation in my extremities to begin with, especially during the cold winter months. As a result, I preloaded with 1000 mg l-citrulline and 400 mg magnesium, and I plan to add 500 mg l-arginine, and if things get bad 1 mg Prazosin. I'm hoping to use this trip to get over my writer's block or to get some work done around the house with the stimulation.
I'm hoping to use this trip to get over my writer's block or to get some work done around the house with the stimulation.

11:10 PM Sunday - Dosing 40mg by nose. It came as a clumpy white powder that sparkles in direct light. I used a mortar and pestle, but it was still a bit hard to totally break up due to the stickiness, and made sure to be judicious in choosing the most finely ground powder for insufflation. I am also adding 100 ug of LSD swallowed, because there's a broad theme that people wish the substance had more visuals, and all reports of co-administration with other substances have produced far more positive reports, ones with less anhedonia and more euphoria (except many say weed makes this substance too vasoconstrictive, which is why I'm sticking with 1/3 of my usual LSD dose, and trying to keep the vapes out of sight; but I wouldn't be shocked if I break down and vape later). Holy shit this burns! Felt like snorting glass and I taste like I have blood in my post-nasal drip. 3-MEO-PCP was worse for burn, but this is the second worse I've personally experienced.

11:20 - I feel like the back of my throat is chemical burned. Tears continue to stream down my face.

11:30 - I'm starting to feel serene and the burning is subsiding. There's a slight breathing to my closet door. My hands are getting quite cold, as are my toes. My left bicep has started to ache and my stomach has a fluttering feeling. My hands are getting a little shaky.

11:40 - I'm getting nauseated, a little. I feel an uncomfortable pressure around my heart. Nothing awful, just a little uncomfortable.

11:45 - The sweating begins. I feel uneasy emotionally, but music is helping to keep me grounded. I'm noticing more texture in the notes, and especially the air between notes is becoming noteworthy. I find myself starting to cough and nearly vomit.

11:50 - Taking 4mg Zofran. Noticing a lightness of body.

12:00 AM Monday - There are some moments where I feel like this is a tidal wave that will crush me on down the line. And there are moments where I can feel like maybe this will end up in a nice ++++.

12:20 - I threw up and feel much better for it. But I also feel like that may have just been round 1. I'm starting to notice the crackling shimmer of color I associate with LSD. I'm underwhelmed by how stimulated I am. I'm actually a little sleepy, if anything.

12:50 - I mainly took this as a stimulant. so I'm pretty disappointed. Definitely some small psychedelia, but not much, mainly crackles of another screen or flashes of color periodically. My skin is a bit numb all over, this is maybe the mild opioid type high I've seen others allude to.

1:45 - I boofed 50 mg more to see where we end up, may or may not do anything at this point. My vision is getting a lot brighter and my thoughts are getting more chaotic. I feel a strong desire to hang out with my wife, and we'll see how socializing works on this drug. I'm noticing my auditory imagination has grown; I'm imagining lots of those cavernous noises that are part of rap music like Travis Scott where the bass just sort of echoes through space. It's weird to have this auditory imagination, yet music is not enhanced one jot beyond its usual.

4:50 - I rewatched Phantom Thread with my wife and had a lovely time. There was a nice opioid like body high (I tested and I don't think there's opiates in this) I was cursing this chemical as dull and a waste of money until I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be carried away by the soundtrack. There were DMT-like visuals. As the movie progressed I felt my high fade, but there's still a major lightness of body, mild euphoria, surfaces breathing and colors have been fading into pure white, as this is a very bright high. Smoking weed brought out nice curlicues of colorful wisps framing things. I'm struck in contrast to many previous reports at how sedating I've found this. I've been feeling sleepy all while feeling like I need to keep readjusting my body. There was a tightness and rigidity of my neck, pretty characteristic of stimulating drugs to me. There is no headspace to this drug; it's all body and visual. But at the same time I feel very calm and ok making commitments to change my life for the better. But it doesn't have the wow, I'm gonna change my life energy I get from a good trip. I think this would be a good substance to use in combo with the psychedelic of one's choosing at higher doses. In contrast to earlier reports, I've found the cardiovascular effects of this drug to be minimal. I feel like I could go a lot higher and it would provide a nice long-lasting body high underneath a more cerebral psychedelic (I think I'd have had a much better night if I had done my customary 300 ug in addition to this). But it's good that we START LOW! GO SLOW! (harm reduction PSA)

6:00 - I take 100 mg Trazodone to sleep; I feel like I won't need it.
7:00- I'm more awake than ever and I randomly jizzed while not even erect.
7:30 - The sudden and intense arousal feels like an amphetamine, especially in terms of "the kinkier the better!" I masturbate three or four times to completion.
9:00 - I take 200 mg more Trazodone and fall asleep somewhere around 10.

2:30 PM - I wake to my alarm and must get up, but I feel I could sleep the rest of the day. At the same time, getting up is not hard, and I have an afterglow that is nice. I feel serene and mildly optimistic. My heart aches a little, especially when I vape cannabis.

Summary - I would not recommend anyone run out to buy this chemical, but if you already have it, I think it could contribute a nice body high in combination with another psychedelic with more headspace at your usual dose. It seems possible to kick it up a bit by redosing even a couple hours into the experience. There were no immediate cardiovascular effects for me, but some damage showed up the next day that makes me hesitate to push the dose on this chemical too high. Closed eye visuals are where this drug shines, but they only emerged when I redosed.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116101
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Feb 14, 2022Views: 337
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3C-P (320), LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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