A Light, Horny High
4-Fluoroamphetamine & 3-Chlorophenmetrazine
Citation:   gazelleadhesive. "A Light, Horny High: An Experience with 4-Fluoroamphetamine & 3-Chlorophenmetrazine (exp116102)". Erowid.org. Feb 17, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116102

T+ 0:00
2 capsls oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine  
  T+ 1:25 1 hit smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:40 58 mg oral 3-Chlorophenmetrazine (powder / crystals)
1:50 AM Ė Dosed 160 mg of 4-FA, tested right, sold in two 80 mg capsules. I didnít scrape everything out to weigh and it looks a little light to me, but maybe this is a heavy chemical. I last took a drug a week ago (400ug acid, so my overall drug tolerance probably isnít fully back at baseline).

2:20 Ė Getting hot and need to take my cardigan off. This coincided with a major increase in my usually awful sense of smell. I feel like a dog: I can smell so many things I normally never notice.

2:30 Ė Weirdly feel it moving through my lung and started coughing and gagging.

2:40 - Felt it move through the back of my skull and felt like I could feel a big electric surge through my corpus callosum.

2:50 Ė Petting my cat suddenly seems much more rewarding; Iím smiling for no real reason. Getting much hotter and ready for shorts now.

2:55 Ė Iíve shit on a lot of different drugs, and itís always a unique experience (my first acid trip is most memorable for feeling my asshole on my ribs); this was a first: shitting as an almost erotic pleasure). I feel very connected to my body and vital. Not shaky, but full of energy for the hour of the day.
I feel very connected to my body and vital. Not shaky, but full of energy for the hour of the day.
Start listening to hip hop. Slight music enhancement, nothing crazy. Feeling more social, I start hitting up my group chat that has some people up late usually.

3:00 Ė Major wave of nausea from moving.

3:15 Ė A little shaky now. Very stimulated and motivated, but not rolling. That burst of happiness lasted about ten minutes and faded. Going to switch to a podcast because the music isnít anything special. Iím disappointed at my lack of euphoria. Thinking about adding another stimulant on to see if it would push this over my edge, but I doubt anything I have would help. I have some 3-CPM, which I find just keeps me awake with no other cognitive effects, and rapť snuff, which Iíve never tried but assume would be similar to other nicotine Iíve tried. I take a hit of weed and gag way harder than I should: snot and tears running down my face, trying to hold my stomach contents down. Amphetamines always do this to me.

3:25 Ė Some nice brain tingles. The less I focus on examining the experience the more I seem to actually experience, though itís still quite light. Even though Iím a daily weed user and donít experience much noticeable psychoactivity (just anxiolytic and sleepy effects), every hit makes me have a good pulse of pleasure through my body.

3:30 Ė Getting muscle tension. Dosing 58 mg 3-CPM orally, all that remains in my bag. I wish Iíd have put it in a capsule. Itís so unpleasantly alkaline and feels weird on the tongue for a while after.

3:44 Ė My entire mouth is mildly numb. I find this podcast Iím listening to depressing because itís about COVID and it reminds me of an unpleasant incident a few hours ago when a gentleman who claimed to be a surgeon who quit to refuse the vaccine convinced a cashier Iím friendly with who has lupus not to get her booster. I might switch to something more neutral and intellectual like philosophy, because Iím getting horny and I donít want to ruin it with negativity.

3:53 Ė I notice my heart rate elevated I measured it at 105 bpm.

4:00 Ė Iím getting a lot more scattered. Starting one task and leaving it midway for another task.

4:15 Ė Drank a meal replacement shake.

4:30 Ė Threw up, not sure if it was the drink of if Iíd have done it either way.

5:35 Ė Masturbated for a while. Hard to get an erection and my extremities are cold. I feel more in touch with my feminine side and put on a dress. I start a bath to see if it will loosen my balls up and get my feet warm.

5:50 Ė Not in the bath yet, but weirdly feeling renewed, full of purpose, hopeful, not worried about the things Iíve spent months stressing over. I notice that Iím not so much grinding my teeth as tapping them to the beat of my music.

6:10 Ė Bath helped with my body temp, but didnít help much with the stim dick. Oh well, try again.

7:00 Ė I am fully down. No major negative side effects besides sweating.

8:00 - Feelings of doom. Masturbate them away mechanically with no major pleasure.

10:15 - Came and going to bed.

3:00 - Awake again, sad that I slept so poorly and so little. I woke a lot. I'm functional but my ears burn, which is odd.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116102
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Feb 17, 2022Views: 1,271
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3-Chlorophenmetrazine (954), 4-Fluoroamphetamine (276) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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