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What a Powerhouse!
Phenibut & 2C-T-4
Citation:   Psychestim. "What a Powerhouse!: An Experience with Phenibut & 2C-T-4 (exp116104)". Feb 21, 2022.

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Smarts - Phenibut  
  T+ 1:30 15 mg oral 2C-T-4 (liquid)
  T+ 10:30 1 mg oral Pharms - Lorazepam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 14:20 0.5 mg oral Pharms - Lorazepam (pill / tablet)

Originally, I planned on trying 2C-T-2 which would’ve been the sixth and final member of Shulgin’s magical half dozen to cross off my list, but a lab-analysis of my product thwarted my plans. It revealed I had in fact a different 2C-T-x compound, namely 2C-T-4. This obscure thioether-phenethylamine is a an unpredictable one judging from its entry in PiHKAL and the very few existing reports. It‘s reported to be unusually dissociating and seems to be a very physically challenging, long-lasting, not particularly pleasant phenethylamine. 2C-T-4 also has the highest affinity for the 5HT2A receptor among the common 2C’ compounds.

I had one test run with 2C-T-4 prior to this experiment with 10mg (mixed with cannabis) which led to an uncomfortable trip. I had smoked the weed to counteract the surprisingly strong bodyload and nausea the T-4 gave me, but instead of alleviating it I was propelled into a confusing and dysphoric trip that lasted for quite a while. What a classic mistake… After battling with the bodyload and the constant urge to vomit for hours I swallowed 1mg of clonazepam at T:08:00 to help shift the focus away from my stomach. The trip itself wasn’t even particularly strong but I took the drug in a pretty stressful time period where I tried to squeeze in trips that I should’ve had at a later date. Bodyload is greatly amplified by psychosomatics and stress, so I took some time off psychedelics and waited for a more relaxed time period to revisit this substance.

Now, two months later, I felt ready for a second trial and decided on a 15mg dose to take things a little further.

**Background information:**

- gender: male
- age: 24
- weight: 77kg
- setting: in my apartment, alone (for the most part)
- set: I’m feeling good, passed a very important exam last week and my holidays just started, but also quite nervous because of the last time I took this drug.
- tolerance: I took 100mg 5-MAPB HCl five days ago where I added 12mg 4-HO-MET fumarate at the end of the roll, so there might be a little bit of cross-tolerance.

*HR measured in the morning - 66 bpm*
I went for a morning run today, and had breakfast (two eggs, four slices of bread, some cheese, vegetables, and a glass of apple juice) ~2.5 hours before taking the 2C-T-4. Aside from my daily vitamin D supplement, I also had 1g of phenibut HCl at T:-01:30 to counteract some of the bodyload and to ease myself into the experience. I’m not overly sensitive to phenibut so that would be a low dose for me.
*HR right before the experience - 86 bpm*
Elevated readings compared to my normal ones, probably due to nervousness and excitement.

**2C-T-4 (15mg, oral) / Trip Report:**

T:-00:20: I drink an apple-ginger shot and start a guided meditation.

T:00:00: It’s 02:15 PM; I take 7.5mL of my 2mg/mL 2C-T-4 vodka solution by mouth. Haven’t been this nervous before taking a psychedelic in quite a while.

T:01:00: A slight tension in the back of my head makes itself present. So far I've had little to no nausea or any other complaints, but let's see what happens next. I know that phenethylamines often take a long time to kick in, and 2C-T-4 seems to be no exception. Stretching feels very nice.

T:01:40: Until now, this substance has actually been quite gentle on the body. No excess stimulation and the bodyload is also acceptable. Aphrodisiac qualities are present. Slight visual changes are perceivable, but still a bit reserved. Headspace is peaceful and dreamy, everything happens very slowly and patiently. T-4 is good natured, my first trial has not been representative at all. It has a strong physical presence but not at all unpleasant or toxic, on the contrary, it actually feels very pleasant if you don't fight it and surrender to the heaviness.

*Heart rate slightly elevated - 95 bpm*

T:02:20: I'm listening to the Pink Floyd album "The Dark Side Of The Moon" with my headphones on and it's glorious. Every little nuance, every fine musical detail is clearly discernible. The music is so clear and polished, it’s just great. Visually, this substance doesn't give much away yet but the music enhancement is really cool. The bodyload now unfolds a bit more and takes on a heavy and tiring character. The closed eye visuals show themselves much more now and accompany every note perfectly. They take some time to fully come out, but when they ripen they are very detailed and gorgeous. Abstract geometry and dark colors are dominating. The patterns and how they arrange themselves, and the color shifts remind me of other long-lasting phenethylamines like 2C-T-7, mescaline, or the TMA-x. The classic 2C-x, such as: 2C-B and 2C-C usually have brighter, faster moving and more synthetic CEV’s in my experience.

T:02:40: These closed eye hallucinations are special. T-4 displays peculiarities and details like I have never seen it before, however it is very hard for me to pin point any specifics. The dark colored objects stand out and bend themselves into complex shapes and take on mandala-like structures. Small, colorful objects that move from left to right, dancing along the music and constantly changing colors. Very, very impressive.

I am very happy and greatly enjoy this moment. Besides the strong euphoria, my thoughts are slowed down and all over the place, and my head is dull, as if I had smoked a bunch of marijuana. Headspace reminds me a bit of TMA-2, very hypnotic and strange yet very euphoric, nearly entactogenic. Although 2C-T-4 is undoubtedly the more dissociating compound of the two. A very unique substance, I must say.

*Heart rate measured - 85 bpm*

T:03:00: I am at a definite +++ on the Shulgin rating scale. This substance is physically demanding however I can handle the bodyload better than last time. The headspace is crushing me in an overwhelmingly confusing way. I can only observe at the moment, but I don't mind. I’m not riding this ship, I’m strapped to a seat and will be taken wherever the 2C-T-4 wants to. Now the classic phenethylamine stimulation manifests itself, it’s a bit milder than with 2C-B or 2C-E at this point.

T:03:45: OEV's are now fully pronounced. Strong tracers when I move my hands and the morphing/drifting effect that I know from other phenethylamines is everywhere I look. An absolutely full-on trip, I underestimated the intensity a bit but actually I’m very glad I did.

I’m having constant flashbacks to my first solo trip on 1P-LSD about 5 years ago. The bodily sensations, the music enhancement and the feeling of contentment are definitely comparable, only everything is stronger and more in-your-face now. There is no breather here, 2C-T-4 just goes forward and forward without consideration.

T:04:30: An incredible experience, I have sooo much fun! I am very confused and have trouble talking to my roommate, but I am in such a good mood that I don't care. I can't find words right now, my head is a clusterfuck of thoughts, feelings and other signals that don't go where they should. Very atypical for a phenethylamine, I can barely see any clarity in my thinking despite the apparent stimulation.

This compound is very, very euphoric! Insanely euphoric! Not comparable to my first 10mg attempt. Unbelievable CEV's, so colorful and dynamic. Damn, words can't describe how great I feel right now. It seems like after my first, disappointing attempt, the 2C-T-4 is really going all out today to prove to me what it can really do. What a great substance and what an exciting day!

T:04:40: I've been kinda horny since the beginning of the trip and haven't masturbated on a psychedelic in a long time, so why not give it a go. It's worth a try. Aphrodisiac effects are out of the question, but the orgasm was not really prolonged or otherwise enhanced compared to 2C-B, LSD or 5-MeO-MiPT. Regardless, it was still nice.

T:04:50: My girlfriend is coming over now and she’s a little hangry. Thank goodness my roommate ordered Indian food for us half an hour ago, since my fried brain wasn't able to.

T:05:15: I am so confused, almost a little too confused. Effects are still going strong, peak is still not over. I'm hungry, but the bodyload is strong and my appetite still suppressed, so I'm holding off on eating. Talking is difficult, words come out before I can think.

T:05:33: I managed to eat a banana and a tangerine that my girlfriend prepared for me. My incapacitated body feels like it’s digesting itself. A grin appears on my face with with every little slice of tangerine I shove into my mouth.

T:05:45: Intensity is waning a bit now but I can't complain, this experience was more than I could have hoped for. I watch an episode of “Queer Eye” with my girlfriend. Bodyload, visuals and headspace are still going strong. There’s incredible power behind those 15mg.

T:07:20: Indian food tastes excellent, but my appetite is still suppressed. Bodyload is still very much there so I only eat a few bites.

*Heart rate measured - 75bpm*

T:08:10: Carpet on the toilet still dancing around like there is no tomorrow. T-4 has insane strength, I'm not sure if the peak is even over yet. The effects are going to stay with me for a couple more hours at least. After this day, I'm even more hyped for my next 2C-T-7 trip. Thank god I still have a 25mg capsule left.

T:08:30: Watch two episodes of “Better Call Saul”. My girlfriend does some uni work behind me. She wants to go to sleep around midnight, so I will probably have to take a benzodiazepine to be able to go to bed at the same time. The stimulation is quite comparable to TMA-2 and 2C-T-7, but it stays for a little longer.

T:09:00: Took a 1mg tablet of Temesta (lorazepam) to slowly come down now. Hopefully that will be enough to be able to sleep. Let's see, it was definitely enough on my last trip. I have a tummy ache because I ate very little all day, but I still don't want to eat.

T:09:50: It’s five minutes after midnight now, 1mg lorazepam was not enough, because I am still wired and feel the strong bodyload. My jaw is tense and I grind my teeth à la MDMA. Will try to fall asleep anyway.

T:10:45: Still wide awake.... Need to eat, can only think about food. Will try to sleep anyway, I don’t want to wake my GF. The remaining hallucinations are mocking me. Silly faces that laugh at me for not being able to sleep. Great, now the 2C-T-4 is taunting me, sure as hell won’t make it easier to sleep now.
Great, now the 2C-T-4 is taunting me, sure as hell won’t make it easier to sleep now.

T:11:45: Still awake…. So much remaining energy. I cramp up strongly and have these annoying twitches, or jolts of energy, however you want to call them. Should I go for a walk? Take another benzo? My mind is racing, but I am in a weird hypnagogic state where I don’t really care for it. I‘m mentally exhausted but my body is still active.

T:12:50: I take an additional 0.5mg Temesta. I’m stretching my whole body, clenching my fists and contracting every muscle in my body. I don't know where to put all of this tension.

**The day after:**

T:18:30: I don't know exactly where to start my "the day after" section because I'm not sure if I slept at all. I most likely did because I don't know what happened from 04:00-08:30 AM, but restful sleep definitely feels different. The overstimulation and twitchiness are still there and I'm pretty dizzy from the benzos and the insomnia. I just couldn't lie still. What a miserable night. 1.5mg lorazepam just wasn't enough, next time I’m not gonna mess around for so long and just take 1mg flualprazolam. That should certainly do the trick.

T:20:00: Twenty hours after my initial dose and I'm still feeling some residual effects. God, I feel like crap. I am an emotionless shell of a human being. Maybe a little overly dramatic, but I’m not feeling great. I’m tired, hungry and weak, yet I can't sleep, eat and hardly want to move. Yesterday was very draining, but definitely worth it!

T:23:45: I ate a noodle soup and some breakfast earlier. I still have no energy and cancelled all my plans for today. Will try to pick myself up later and maybe do some yoga. After that I will smoke some hashish and melt into my couch. Wow, what a trip that was, I’m still a bit shell-shocked.

T:27:30: Fell asleep during my meditation but still had a few convulsions in my sleep. Ate a large meal, smoked a joint and feel fine now.


This is a very physically heavy and demanding psychedelic, not a great choice for inexperienced trippers. It was a very novel and unique experience, and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to try this obscure psychedelic, but I have no desire to revisit this drug any time soon. I only have ~8mg left in my solution, so there’s not much to play with anyway. I will probably either discard it or mix it with some acid when the time is right.

All in all, it was a very rewarding, rich and strong +++ experience. I would not want to take more than 15mg (as of now), this was more than enough for me. I think the duration is a little extreme considering how confusing, almost disorienting it is. Dissociating would also be a fitting word. The stimulation and the bodyload drag on for a little too long as well in my opinion. I had no trouble sleeping after DOM, mescaline, or the TMA-x, but 2C-T-4 was very stubborn in that regard. I would say, the main duration is around 10-16 hours with a few hours of residual effects. I don‘t think 2C-T-4 would become a fan favorite among casual trippers, or even experienced trippers, but for people that enjoy heavy and weird phenethylamines with a long duration and novel effects this might be really interesting.

I enjoyed it very, very much. It might have even been one of my favorite psychedelic experiences, but it‘s definitely not among my favorite psychedelics, if that makes sense.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116104
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Feb 21, 2022Views: 1,640
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