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Slow Burn
by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Slow Burn: An Experience with 3C-P (exp116112)". Feb 10, 2022.

40 mg oral 3C-P (capsule)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  



I was debating whether or not this experience warranted a report, as it was overall pretty mild and I found myself struggling to describe the subtleties of it- if they were even remarkable enough to address. I managed to wrack my brain and churn out 5 pages about it anyways, since I donít think Iíll get the chance to try this compound again. Even if I could try it again I donít think I would take the time to do that.

While the name 3C-P might suggest some relation to the more popular 2C-P, the name is misleading. In reality, is the amphetamine analogue of Proscaline, which is in turn an analogue of mescaline, with the methoxy group on the 4 position extended into a propyl group. A similar compound I have tried is 3C-E, which is the amphetamine analogue of Escaline.
I am yet to try Proscaline, though I am sitting on a sample that I am saving for a day when I can afford to feel uneasy. The general relationship seen with amphetamine analogues of psychedelic phenethylamines is that they are significantly more potent and longer lasting. 3C-E was more potent and longer lasting than escaline, and should I try Proscaline, I am sure that the same correlation would hold true. I expected to be in for an experience that was long lasting, highly stimulating, less visual, and rough on the body, and this is exactly what I got.

Most accounts I read through my research suggested the comeup time was similar to that of most 2C-x compounds, average for any psychedelic. Typically, longer lasting compounds have a long comeup-despite my research, the latter was true for me, as I did not feel full effects until about 4 hours in.

Overall it was fun, stimulating, warm and articulate, though ultimately light and subtle. There was little in the way of visuals, it felt like a long-lasting stimulant with a psychedelic edge (similar to how I would describe 3C-E). There is a more thorough generalization of its effects in the conclusion.

T0:00- Dose taken at my house on an empty stomach.

T0:20- Onset, first notes as a bit of stimulation

T0:48- Not feeling much yet but there is definitely something there beyond placebo effect.

T1:13- There actually hasnít been much progression in effects since the last timestamp. Perhaps what I felt was just placebo, or the fleeting tastes of a threshold dose. Thereís a familiar twisting discomfort in my gut that usually signals that I have taken a psychedelic but beyond that, there is nothing I can be certain about.

T1:30- My good friend who I have tripped with many times before comes and picks me up for my mission of the day. Itís one of the last warm days of the year and we are taking advantage by going for a hike in the woods. I gear up in outdoor clothes, quietly try and sneak past a contractor working outside, and get into the car. The change of scenery seems to inject some life into the experience. I feel that awkward sort of frazzled where I want to avoid strangers, where my first words out loud seem confused and strained before I can really settle into socializing.
The change of scenery seems to inject some life into the experience. I feel that awkward sort of frazzled where I want to avoid strangers, where my first words out loud seem confused and strained before I can really settle into socializing.

T2:12- The drug rises through me in heat waves as we drive, the slightest visuals baking into the background of my screen, indistinct forms moving and shifting and drifting ever so slightly, cast in a faint violet and red. There is a buzzing and a warmth in my head as the world rushes around us, it is a warm but overcast day, with rain forecast to come pounding down later.

We reach our destination, a woodsy park with steep trials and hills, a rocky creek, and crumbling stone ruins of centuries-old mills. There are a couple of other people here, trying to enjoy the weather before the looming clouds spring their deluge. We chat as we follow the winding trails, I smoke some cannabis as we go, saying hi to people we pass. It is beautiful to be in nature, it is wonderful to have the sky stretching out over me, the dry autumn leaves in the treetops rattling in the wind. I pass a cluster of woolly aphids hanging out on a tree branch and revel in their hypnotic synchronized defensive dance. We explore the ruins of a stone mill building, now little more than 3 walls with the remnants of windows and doorways. We climb and play among the structure a bit, wary of how unstable it is. Ripples work their way into the stones around me, luring this human artifact into the realm of being some psychedelic temple, a monument to the lurking sky, storm-grey stone bearing the full weight of the saturated clouds above. It feels like the air is breathing down on us. I smoke more as we sit on the rocks and the walls, poking through the leaf litter and moss and lichen around us. Moving, running, jumping, climbing all feel so good. I feel like a dog thatís been pent up in an apartment all day- now that Iím out I have so much energy to spend, I just want to run around and use it all up. This is a wonderful way to work through all the excess stimulation and tension that has been building up in me for the last few hours. It doesnít feel like the experience has plateaued yet, rather it is still building and climbing. We eventually reach the creek and I instinctively start turning over rocks to look for macroinvertebrates.

We sit and linger here for about half an hour, talking about life and math and science, of evolution and ecology and biodiversity. I find I am very talkative, I feel like we veer off onto so many tangents that we cannot keep track, thoughts and words flow like electricity across a power grid, I feel articulate and like my recall and cognition have been enhanced. This is a nice substance for an intimate social setting
This is a nice substance for an intimate social setting
. I could not imagine how tedious this experience would be were I cramped up alone and indoors all day.

I begin to grow more wary of strangers, perhaps as the smell of cannabis sticks to me more and more. Being around people makes me nervous, and I am content when the first notes of the rainstorm begin to hit, heralding our return to the car. The forest begins to shine and shimmer as water coats the dead leaves and branches. It is solidly showering by the time we get back to the car, I feel invigorated and energized but also I feel that Iíve spent enough energy that I would be content to relax and sit still now- which is perfect as that is exactly what we planned to do.

T3:40- We reach his house, the sky is shrouded in a premature twilight as rain comes down steadily. It is a great comfort to be inside somewhere soft and warm, well decorated and ultimately dry as the rain patters down on the windows. Yet again, it seems a change of setting has kicked the experience into another gear. Without even smoking more weed, I am feeling this drug stronger than ever, a new wave of nausea wells up, I am shaking more and feel more and more off-base. It finally feels like it is plateauing though, no longer building up. If I had to call a portion of the experience the peak, I would say it crested over about now. Above all though, this is not an experience I would describe as being particularly intense or groundbreaking. It is not much more than a drawn out stimulation, the usual jarring rush tempered a bit by a pleasant, euphoric, and articulate psychedelic edge, granting a certain profundity and joy to what would otherwise be something exhausting and tedious.

T4:30- We want to play Super Smash Bros. Melee like we always do when we hang out, but cannot find his GameCube. We turn the house upside down, delve into the murky basement and poke out into the warm rain to check his car. After our search fails, we settle for just playing Smash Ultimate for several hours. We smoke a bowl of weed, which instills little more than a greater sense of euphoria. There is no enhancement of visuals, no psychedelic dissociation or entrancement like cannabis can sometimes induce, just a little more depth. There is a sense of pulsing and rising in my body like I am being buoyed by a waving, flapping flame or the pulse of a steadily glowing and receding radiator. I feel like I am being tossed about on heat waves, bubbling up and drifting down.

We are laughing and joking the entire time. It feels so nice to talk and laugh ourselves to tears over the silliest dumbest little things. These are the timeless little interactions that weíve maintained through almost two decades of friendship. I am in this world of comfort, familiarity, warmth and joy and love, I am in the trance of this euphoria, the rest of the world fades out around me, I donít even feel compelled to check my phone as I always do.

T7:02- I set out for home, my friend has to go to bed very early to get up for work at 4 AM. I have to take a train back home. It is misty and rainy out, I am alone at the station for half an hour. Everything is dark and silent, the only lights coming from the station. Vague forms in the distant mist, barely lit, trigger my imagination- looming figures, pale and still, staring directly at me, Sadako-esque beings stalk me from the shadows, shrouded in dark hair soaked in the dark rains. Iíve been binging Japanese horror movies lately and perhaps it is leaking into my consciousness.

I am cold and wet. I am pacing around looking over my shoulder. In the last 2 and a half hours of playing video games with my friends and now into half an hour of pacing around this train platform, I donít feel like Iíve come down at all. Itís been one long steady peak. The fire in me is still burning plenty of fuel, the heat tickles my brain and stimulates my thoughts. Nausea wells and rolls in waves. My muscles are tense and I am still shaking a bunch. Perhaps it is the dark and the blurriness of my surroundings and my overactive imagination but it seems like there are more discernible visuals now than at any point before- still little more than indistinct drifting textures, gentle fractals and occasional patterns rising out of the chaos like vortices spiraling off a swirling fluid. The visuals breathe and heave with the steady motion of the hazy drizzle. I eventually get bored of pacing and warm up a little so I settle down and look at my phone and scroll aimlessly through social media.

At last, the train comes, at least one other person has finally joined me on the platform, and we thankfully pay each other no regard. The great behemoth first announces itself by ringing the cold, wet tracks at an incredible frequency. A great golden light cuts through the rain as it bears down on me, bathing me in its furious energy. I can feel its vibrations crashing through my bones, resonating with the vibrations buzzing through my nerves. Streams of cold water cascade from its roof, but I am invigorated with the energy of its warmth, thrown into a shock at the sudden transition into the dry interior, lit with sterile fluorescents, stifled in the silence of strangers trying to remain strangers, quietly whispering among each themselves and aggressively ignoring one another. I settle into a tucked away seat at the end of the car where I can easily be ignored and listen to music on my headphones for the duration of the eerily peaceful ride.

T8:30- Walked home through a peaceful rainy neighborhood at night. Itís chilly and quiet. There is a fiery push behind each step, eager to return home. Visuals have for the most part dissipated entirely by now. I come inside, feed my cat, feed myself, and flop down on the couch to watch TV and browse the internet. How I love my screens. I didnít have much of an appetite until I smoked some cannabis. It only just now that it feels like the peak is trailing off.

T9:45- Stimulated and nauseous, what else is new. Sensory effects have passed. I am intensely focused on certain trains of thought, a sort of articulate hyperfocus and steady stream of smooth association that typically comes with psychedelics. My thoughts come out of my mind perfectly and work their way into conversations I am having online with friends. Like a long stimulant with an edge of cognitive enhancement. Most of the inherent euphoria has drained out by now too. Everything is on a steady downward trend but I am enjoying the experience for what it is. My thoughts are mostly occupied with analyzing J-Horror and Found Footage Horror films, which as I mentioned I have been binging quite a lot lately, it being the spooky season after all. Bless my friends who were willing to talk to me about it, I really had way too much to say. The state of being of churning out paragraphs to friends is likely familiar to anyone who has dabbled in stimulants.

T10:30- Things are petering off. The descent feels like it is passing faster than the peak did.

T12:00- The only sign of the drug left in my system is that I am definitely stimulated and wide awake and couldnít sleep right now if I wanted to.

T13:00- I would say I am entirely back to baseline by now.

Conclusion: 40 mg of 3C-P was mild overall, but it yielded an enjoyable enough and fairly novel experience that made for a pleasant day out of the house with a dear friend. The overarching sensation of the experience was stimulation. Much like 3C-E, this was a stimulant with a psychedelic edge, rather than a psychedelic with a stimulant edge. The most noteworthy thing about the experience was the duration, a long comeup, a very long and drawn-out peak, and a shorter drop to baseline. The peak is jovial and fun. It was wonderful for socializing and getting outside and moving around. This would be a terrible drug to spend on a day cooped up inside alone like I usually prefer. That would be both incredibly uncomfortable and incredibly boring.

The psychedelic aspect of the experience mostly manifested cognitively, in how I processed and relayed thoughts.
The psychedelic aspect of the experience mostly manifested cognitively, in how I processed and relayed thoughts.
My brain felt like a well-oiled associative machine, able to synthesize pieces of information and produce ideas and reactions in one swift move. Feeling so articulate was a pleasant sensation, offering euphoria to the experience that was otherwise absent. Visuals were for the most part hardly discernible and even when noticeable were unremarkable- just some deepening and drifting textures. There was a pervasive low-intensity bodyload throughout the duration of the experience, mostly as nausea coming and going in steady waves across the hours, though it never veered past being a mere nuisance. I expected much worse and was pleasantly surprised in this regard. Perhaps this heralds well for when I eventually try Proscaline- Escaline exacted a toll on my digestive system, and 3C-E wasnít particularly kind either. If 3C-P is more merciful, so too, perhaps, will be its close cousin Proscaline.

I donít think I would revisit this compound. It made for good socializing and good conversation with a dear friend, but the duration was simply inconvenient and the other effects really were not remarkable enough to warrant trying a higher dose.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116112
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 10, 2022Views: 1,093
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