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Boofing Bees Ruined By Weed
2C-B & Cannabis
Citation:   PseudoBoofer. "Boofing Bees Ruined By Weed: An Experience with 2C-B & Cannabis (exp116135)". Erowid.org. Feb 20, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116135

T+ 0:00
tablets rectal 2C-B (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:00 1 hit vaporized Cannabis  
I finely crushed half a 2C-B pill (about 7-10mg) and then measured out 1mL of tap water, mixing it with the powder. At this point I was aware of the possibility that these pills specifically were under-dosed (the seller claimed they were 20mg), as I had taken a full one orally on two other occasions with only very mild visuals and less pronounced effects. However I also kept in mind that 2C-B does not scale linearly in its effects, so I opted for just a half a pill for this route, since a measly +/- 2mg can make a large difference. After having mixed the powder into the water, I drew it up into the syringe, and went into the bathroom.

I will spare the details, as it takes little imagination to deduce how I administered the 2C-B. After 'shooting' it, I spent a couple minutes clenching to make sure it'd be absorbed. I have very little experience with boofing substances, so I was surprised how easy and painless it was. I had a small amount of subsequent discomfort, and felt like I had to poop for a minute, but it subsided as quick as it came on. I decided to take a shower, assuming that it would probably pair well with the enhanced tactile sensations of 2C-B - it did.

About 10 minutes into the shower I was already feeling the effects. I was surprised how smooth the come-up was. I usually have a lot of nervousness, nausea and abdominal trouble coming up on psychedelics, but this time: zero. The tactile sensations were very pronounced, and although I didn't have any visuals, I immediately felt like I had entered the 'trip state'.

I didn't expect to have any visuals from this amount, and my presumption was right. However, every surface had an unmistakable noisy 'potential', as if they were just waiting for someone to come and put some geometry inside them. Everything was heavily saturated, colors were more vibrant and lines of objects seemed slightly arbitrary. Breathing was also apparent once focusing on objects. Everything had also attained a strange buoyancy, combined with a difficulty grasping sizes of, and distances between objects. These effects continued on nicely with no distress and no real discomfort.

The rather mild effects had neither intensified nor subsided, so I thought perhaps toking a small amount of weed might kick it up a not. Unfortunately, this just made everything worse.

Almost immediately after taking 1 small hit from a vaporizer I noticed my heart rate rise. I didn't really even notice any novel effects or synergy between the 2C-B and the weed, instead it just felt as if I had gotten a strong weed head high on top of what I was already feeling. The effects intensified further, and suddenly my heart rate had increased to 135bpm. Among other physiological effects, I also felt a tightness in my chest and throat. This sensation was both overwhelming and insistent.

I didn't have much anxiety or nervousness about these sensations at this point. Yet this is exactly why I became nervous. I asked myself how I felt all this if I wasn't anxious. This freaked me out. I was gonna die I thought, get a heart attack. I had never felt this tightness in my chest before or such a high heart rate. I calmed myself shortly after, yet remained very wary and aware of my body until it subsided.
I calmed myself shortly after, yet remained very wary and aware of my body until it subsided.
I recalled that it was highly improbable, if not impossible, that either weed, 2C-B or them combined would kill me. It was very disorienting to be calm in my mind, yet feel as if my body was going through a panic attack. I've had a similar experience once when I was younger and accidentally ingested a large amount of caffeine. Maybe I just don't know how to enjoy stimulants.

My heart rate steadily decreased as time went on, and I attributed this to the 2C-B losing its hold. I wasn't bothered a whole lot by the heart thing, but it had put me in a bad mood since I'd wasted, and would continue to waste, the evening on worrying about my heart.

I didn't expect the weed to be so stimulating, usually it is the opposite. Surprisingly, 2C-B is also usually somewhat sedating and even seems to lower my heart rate once I settle into the peak. The two together was an odd experience, completely unexpected. It is unlikely I will pair weed with a psychedelic again ever, considering my proneness to tachycardia.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116135
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 20, 2022Views: 2,052
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2C-B (52) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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