Mellow Yellow
Citation:   Psychestim. "Mellow Yellow: An Experience with 2C-N (exp116312)". Jun 15, 2022.

125 mg oral 2C-N (capsule)

2,5-dimethoxy-4-nitrophenethylamine is an unpopular member of the 2C family. It was made available for a short period of time by some RC vendor(s) many years ago but never reached the popularity of other analogs such as 2C-E, 2C-I or 2C-T-7. The two old reports on Erowid describe it as a physically taxing, rather unpleasant psychedelic and Alexander Shulgin basically wrote it off as lackluster. In contrast to that are two new reports published by the same individual on Bluelight. According to them, they didnt experience any unpleasant physical side-effects at all and noted that the bodyload was even milder than the one felt from 2C-C or 2C-D. 2C-N was portrayed as being a mild but worthwhile substance with an emotional and communication-facilitating character.

I still find it worth noting that NO2-groups are becoming less and less common in medicinal chemistry because they have lead to toxicological issues in clinical trials more often than other substitutions. This does absolutely not mean that all nitro-group containing drugs are harmful because there certainly are safe and approved pharmaceuticals on the market (e.g. clonazepam), but caution is definitely advised when using aromatic nitro compounds.

The fact that Shulgin tried it though, and plenty of others have too, made me conclude that the health-risks associated with taking it less than a handful of times are probably moderately low. Nevertheless, toxicity and pharmacokinetics are still a big question mark and using this substance frequently, and/or in overly high doses is not a good idea, but that applies to most psychoactive substances anyway.

**Background information:**

- gender: male
- age: 24
- weight: 77 kg
- setting: in my apartment, with my girlfriend
- set: feeling pretty well, I had a cleansing therapy session three hours before I took my dose.
- tolerance: probably none, I did an 80mg 2C-N test run exactly ten days ago.

My 2C-N consists of little, shiny flakes and has a noxious, bright yellow color (it appears gold under light) due to the presence of the nitro-group. It pretty much looks like a nitrostyrene with a consistency of other 2C-x compounds. Its quite beautiful actually but does look sort of hazardous. Intuitively I wouldnt want to ingest a substance that looks like this but of course curiousity got the best of me.

I did a little "allergy test a couple of months ago where I put ~5mg on my tongue to see if I somehow responded to it. The taste was reminiscent of other 2C-x compounds and unsurprisingly, it didnt induce any sensory changes or unwanted physical reactions.

Three weeks after that I had my first experiment with 80mg 2C-N nitrate and had a very subtle, but enjoyable experience. I had no physical complaints at all, the body-feeling was actually very relaxing and smooth. Mentally, it reminded me a bit of mescaline but without any visual effects and a much shorter duration (3 hours). Light, pro-social and non-visual, I can see this being a good drug for talk-therapy if it indeed shows to be physically harmless.

Because my previous 2C-N experience has been nothing but gentle, I feel pretty comfortable with upping my dose to 125mg. The HNO3 salt of 2C-N has a molar mass of ~288 g/mol so its ~9% less potent than the more commonly found HCl salt. This means 125mg of the nitrate salt would be equipotent to around 114mg of the hydrochloride salt.

Its been 10 days since my last 2C-N trial and because most 2C-x substances have very little tolerance buildup I figured this should be enough time between the two trips. I went for a run in the morning to get my blood flowing and sweat out the fatigue from the edibles I had yesterday night. Right after that I ate some leftover Gan Bian chicken with rice and went on with my everyday life. No substances apart from a cup of coffee in the morning were consumed that day.

My girlfriend joined me on the ride and decided to take the last 24mg 2C-B HBr I had left in my baggie.

**2C-N (125mg, oral) / Trip Report:**

Its 05:40 PM, my girlfriend takes her 24mg 2C-B HBr capsule by mouth. I will wait another twenty minutes or so because 2C-N has a faster comeup than 2C-B and I want our peaks to overlap.

Now, a gelatine capsule containing 125 milligrams of those gorgeous looking nitrate crystals is swallowed by yours truly.

I need to burp. Yuck, it tastes like chemicals.
Something is unfolding.

Comeup takes much longer than last time, maybe because I ate a banana right before dropping the capsule. Im starting to feel first alerts now, a euphoric warmth is making itself present. My stomach is a little fluttery and uncertain and I can feel the 2C-N spreading in my body. No nausea per say but I can feel something rambling about in my digestive tract. Like last time I can feel a pleasurable tingling in the back of my head and spine.

Im yawning a lot and my stomach isnt happy but it could be much worse. For the last twenty minutes my girlfriend had considerable nausea from the 2C-B but its subsiding now. In terms of bodyload and stimulation this is much milder than most other phenethylamines Ive dabbled with. Im not sure if I hit the peak of the experience or if Im still in the comeup phase but Im enjoying this.

This is undoubtedly the peak of the experience but the effects are still very delicate. Its not much stronger than my last 80mg trial. My girlfriend and I talked about some light topics and laughed a lot. We actually wanted to force some deeper conversations but always went back to being silly. There is some euphoria and sociability enhancement reminiscent of 2C-B and mescaline albeit more subtle than either of the two. Visually everything looks pretty normal.
There is some euphoria and sociability enhancement reminiscent of 2C-B and mescaline albeit more subtle than either of the two. Visually everything looks pretty normal.

2C-N has a very comfortable body feeling not at all like I imagined it to be after reading the older reports. My girlfriend feels cold and has some temporary shivers but I experience nothing of that sort. My temperature regulation is intact and there is no physical malaise. This is entirely pleasant but I feel like I need to eat something because my stomach is growling. I snacked on some grapes but they are very sour and taste artificial, they are not satisfying my needs.

My girlfriend and I made ourselves a couscous-salad which went down surprisingly easy. I couldnt eat as much as I usually would but the taste was unaltered and filling my stomach with food felt good.

I lay down on the couch and close my eyes. There is some simplistic but unique imagery that I have not encountered with other 2C-x compounds. It starts out with basic visual noise and evolves into red, pink and orange colored patterns that are dissimilar from 2C-B and its brothers.

OEVs are barely noticeable but remind me of mescaline more than anything else.

There is also no headspace as far as I can tell. My thoughts are calm and collected and there are no communication barriers whatsoever. My girlfriend definitely experiences stronger effects from her dose than I do.

Theres a drop in intensity, I dont think its gonna last much longer. We talk about a few different topics and watch an episode of Criminal Minds on the side.

At this point Im starting to become really tired. I think Im already back to baseline. My girlfriend is not really tired yet, it seems that 2C-B acts quite a bit longer than 2C-N considering that I even took my dose after her.

After I brushed my teeth I went to the toilet and was shocked to see that my pee was brightly yellow, almost neon-colored. Definitely not the same kind of yellow when you drink too little, Im certain it was colored by the 2C-N. Anyway, I wasnt too concerned about it and went to bed afterwards. I fell asleep almost instantly.

**The day after:**

I wake up at 07:50 AM after a set of weirdly realistic dreams. I slept alright but I did have a few moments where I was awake during the night. I have a headache and feel a bit tired, it surely wasnt the most restful sleep Ive had.

Some coffee and a shower fixed my headache and fortunately my pee looked normal again. I have no desire to do anything today, I think Ill just spend the rest of my day at home alone.


After two trials I am still uncertain about 2C-N
After two trials I am still uncertain about 2C-N
and I dont really want to give my opinion on it yet. I feel like Ive just scratched the surface with this one but I dont have any more material to experiment any further, and to be honest Im not too sad about it. Maybe my worries about 2C-Ns safety are unjustified but I feel like there are better phenethylamines out there that do similar things and are less sketchy. Its mellow, warm and emotional character is quite nice and forgiving. The duration is very manageable and would be useful for therapy, just like the absence of distracting visual and bodily effects at low-moderate doses. Although for me personally, these arent necessarily positive effects as I like my psychedelics longer lasting and more "apparent. If I would do it again Id go for a 160mg dose to check out its full potential but I have a feeling that its not going to become a favorite of mine at any dose. Its awesome that I got to try such a rare substance but for the most part I would agree with Shulgins commentary in PiHKAL that its not really a winner.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116312
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Jun 15, 2022Views: 958
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