Stuck My Tongue Into Bag, Went Into Psychosis
Unknown/NBOMe? (sold as LSD)
Citation:   loose screw. "Stuck My Tongue Into Bag, Went Into Psychosis: An Experience with Unknown/NBOMe? (sold as LSD) (exp116316)". Apr 26, 2022.

  oral Unknown (powder / crystals)
I had a life changing experience about five years ago and I think about it every day to this day and I wanted to share this experience with everybody.

Five years ago I was 16. I was always fascinated with acid, I thought the idea of "seeing things" and "hallucinating" was awesome. I use to always ask all my friends around town if they could get a hold of it, and they never could. Until one day, my "friend" (lets call him M), hit me up saying he finally has it! I was excited! I made my way to him, and he pulled it out.

Now, I do my research. I've found by researching that LSD usually comes in liquid form or tablets. This guy pulls out a tiny plastic bag (it looked like a plastic wrap made into a box with a bottom on it) and the bag itself is literally empty, however there is white dust sprinkled on the wrap. It looked like as if someone dumped baby powder in the bag and dumped it out, how there was white dust speckled all over the insides of the bag. He tells me when I take this, to stick my tongue in the bag. I thought this was VERY odd, but I TRUSTED him. So I head over to my other friends house (lets call him V), and show him my prize.

We observe the bag together, and he says he thinks that M ripped me off, because there was nothing in the bag. I was planning to take the drug at school (yes very stupid), however V's doubts made me want to do it right then and there to see if it was fake. So, I take the bag and put the whole thing in my mouth, and swish it around. I feel my tongue getting very numb
I feel my tongue getting very numb
, so I take the bag out, and throw it away.

My tongue was feeling VERY NUMB and TINGLY until the trip started! Which was about after 15 minutes. Our other friend J comes by with his girlfriend right after I take it and I tell him what I did and what I felt like. He says cool, didnt really care that much. Our other friend P also comes by few minutes after J, then leaves shorty after. I also told him what was going on and he basically said good luck and have fun.

Ten minutes after I take the drug, J decides to go across town in his car for him and V to find out information on joining the army. THIS IS WHERE EVERYTHING STARTS GETTING CRAZY!! Bear with me trying to explain the unexplainable.

5 minutes into the car ride I start feeling EXTREMELY STRANGE. I get this strange sensation in my back, and it was very uncomfortable, and I tried to shake the feeling off by repositioning myself in the back seat. I'm sitting there squirming in the back seat next to V, and hes asking me if I'm ok. I tell him I feel weird, then I started to notice the world was looking like it was fading, but the colors were very bright. (This was my first time ever doing real drugs.) I look at my hands and they look distorted, out of shape with a small rainbow trace going around my fingers. The visual was STRONG. The uncomfortable sensation started to flow through my whole body, and I just lay back, helpless.

I ask V to hold my hand to make sure I dont die. He puts the seat back for me and holds my hand and I squeeze it as hard as I can. (I dont really know why, I was just scared.) He lets go of my hand and I lay back helplessly. They show up to the place, but it turns out no one was there, so J dropped V and I off back at V's house, which was literally a couple houses down from mine. And that's exactly when I lost my mind.

I started to black out and enter a different dimension. I kept popping in and out of reality for brief moments. This part is very hard to explain.

What happened was my reality was 100% replaced by these images in my mind
my reality was 100% replaced by these images in my mind
. I was no longer at V's house. First, I remember seeing myself pixelated, with a all black background, and I was repeatedly grabbing my chest and with my right arm and throwing a whole bunch of small blue pixelated boxes in the air and it was falling to the ground. I'm sitting here watching this like wait, wtf is going on right now? While viewing this world replacing image, at the same time, I feel EXTREME HAPPINESS like never felt before. It was as if I had a happy button and was smashing it relentlessly. I was just HAPPY. I didnt know what the hell was happening, but I was happy as hell.

Then for a brief moment (literally like two seconds) I snap into reality in V's room to see my cell phone ringing. Everything looked like it was literally under water, and at the time I looked at my phone, I seen it ringing and vibrating, but it didnt occur to me that it was my phone. I didnt even know what a phone was, and I didnt really care. I snap back into the new dimensions instantly.

I was in this place, that was undescribable. It looked like a really Fd up image of I dont even know, and I heard weird loud laughing noises, but not regular laughing, more like insane, psycho, trippy laughing. It was SCARY as hell!! I remember thinking "wait a minute, I was just at V's house! How did I get to this place? Where am I? What street did I take or what house did I walk into to be in this, THING?" I was aware of myself not being in reality. I was just there. Thinking damn, I have absolutely no idea whats happening in the real world right now, but I sure hope I'm ok.

Next thing I remember seeing is broken and melted bits and parts of V's living room, but in a Green, then switching to blue, then different color TINTS, still with the scary laughing going on. Its like my vision was a camera filter, EVERYTHING was INSANELY AND UNBELIEVABLY changing different colors, RAPIDLY. I'm thinking damn, my brain is literally FRIED right now, I cant tell what's happening.

Next thing I remember seeing was this GIF of me my brain was playing in full screen of my reality, replacing my body and awareness of earth. I saw myself in third person standing in front of my old house, and this GIF or moving image was blinking different colors like red blue purple green extremely rapidly like changing color every .1 seconds. What I saw myself doing was, my shoes would untie, Then I saw myself going to tie my shoes, then my belt buckle would undo. Then I’ll go to fix my belt, then my hat would fall off. Then I would get my hat and put it on, then my shoes would untie. Then I’ll tie my shoes and this loop went on for what felt like (time felt unlinear) 1-2 minutes?? It felt intense and as I watched this happen it also felt like it was happening to me. It was insane!

It turns out I was suppose to go out to eat with my mom and family, and my mom was the one who was calling me earlier. (I ALWAYS answer the phone for them, but V told me he was literally holding my phone in my face saying my mom was calling and I kept saying I don't care and actually threw my phone.) I remember V pointing out the window saying my grandma is walking up the street for me. We both get down on the ground behind the couch and I checked out again, while he was a trying to figure out what to do. He had no choice but to open the door, so he did. My grandma barges in the door yelling at me and snatches me out the house. I didnt even have my shoes on. Shes yelling at me walking back to my house, with no shoes on, and I kept blacking out, but remember seeing these fat psychedelic bumble bees hovering over my head turning their head along with my face of direction.

I meet my mom at my house whos going crazy trying to figure out whats wrong with me and puts me in her car to go to the hospital. V walks down with my shoes, and just told my mom I came there like that and he didnt know what was wrong with me. So it gets even WORSE!!!

Next thing I remember, I black out, and I seen this EXTREMELY VIVID scene of myself being in court wearing an orange jump suit, hands cuffed behind my back. I was being convicted about to be given a life sentence for killing someone. I have no idea who I killed or why, but I was about to get sentenced to life. I see my mother in this scene pop up from behind me all of a sudden and asked “what did you do?! What did you do!?” I replied “I killed him” not knowing what the hell was going on or why I even said that. She asks “why did you kill him!?” I said “because he was talking shit” she says “really, you killed him because he was talking shit? Everybody talks shit! You ended up jus like your father, now let’s see what you do!” Her exact words. I felt the worst feeling I ever felt in my entire life. It felt like how it would feel like to be sentenced to life in real life, no one could of told me this wasn’t actually happening, it was right in front of my eyes! Then out of no where, I swear I can’t make this up, a black text box like a video game appeared in thin air and it said “would you like to exit?” and it had “yes” in white letters on top highlighted white, going in and out like it was highlighted in a video game about to be selected, and it had “no” on the bottom white letters just all black like it was not selected. I mentally press “yes” with my mind and I instantly appear in the hospital hallway, having MASSIVE OPENED EYE VISUALS.

When I appeared, it feels like my brain is completely shutting down. I seen a lighting bolt across my field of vision, and remembered my brain feeling fried and I was having extreme massive open eyed visuals.

Then I remember blacking out again! The world was replaced again, this time what I seen was a Grey Metallic background, with a pink brain in the middle of it with a lightning bolt going through the middle of the brain. At this same time, it literally felt like someone put my brain inside a fryer at Wendy’s. Like literally, someone took my brain and dropped it in a Wendys fryer. It felt like sparks were just popping off badly, very very physically as I was looking at this image for a few moments. I thought I died and the image was confirmation, but I was wrong, thankfully!

I appear again in the hospital hallway!

I started to HEAR REAL VOICES. I heard the voices of all my friends and people I care about. All the friendly voices were saying VERY fucked up things about me. I heard my best friends saying I'm a drug addict, saying I aint shit and making fun of me. The voices were so real I thought they actually came with me to the hospital and I overheard them speaking in the other room. This was extremely confusing.

I black out again!, and I wake up in the bathroom with my mom. I ACTUALLY believed that I DIED from the drugs, and the bathroom was some kind of place of the afterlife. I thought this because the whole room was BREATHING intensely. My mom is trying to ask me whats wrong with me but for some reason I kept ignoring her, I was so lost in my mind. Every time I went to the toilet or the sink, I LITERALLY felt like my life was being drained from me. I would go to the sink to look in the mirror, and feel myself being drained, then go sit on the toilet top, then get up immediately because I forgot it was draining my life. For some reason, I literally believed every thought that came to my head. I looked in the mirror once more and for some reason thought I got jumped. I saw blood dripping from my nose and I looked beat up. I go to wipe the blood with my hand and nothing was there.

Then my mom was asking me again what's wrong with you and I looked at her and she started AGING EXTREMELY QUICKLY RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!! She started growing grey hairs, was getting wrinkles, and getting old all within about 5 seconds. I looked back in the mirror and I swear to god I see a HUGE GREEN THICK ENERGY SURGE JUST FLOWING ALL AROUND MY BODY like some shit from dragon ball z! And I was getting taller and getting huge muscles all within a 5 second time span. Then, (my mom was pregnant) I thought I ruined my life and died as me by drugs and I was going to be given a second chance at life by becoming my little sister. I look my mom straight in the face and tell her I don't want to be a girl. Shes like what are you talking about? Lets go!

Suddenly I hear the voices of my FRIENDS again! Theyre saying that as soon as I open the bathroom door, they are gonna beat the living shit out of me and they were telling each other "let me hit him first, no let me hit him first!" And heard them pounding their fists. I thought my mom was setting me up! I told her I'm not going out there! Shes like come on come on trust me whats wrong with you? And I'm like no I'm not going, screw that. Then for some reason this idea came to my head that this 6'7 guy I know, was gonna come in the bathroom and rape me if I didnt go out there. I finally decided ok screw THAT! And walked out the bathroom door with my mom looking for my friends, and they were nowhere to be found. I got a sense of relief.

After that, I remember sitting in this bed giving my mom and stepdad the finger. (I'm VERY respectful, wouldnt even THINK about doing something like that). I knew I was doing it but I was so fucked up it felt ok. I then tried to get up and leave the hospital and my stepdad had to get me, and then hold me down in the bed to keep me from trying to leave again. Then I remembered a nurse coming to me trying to get me to pee in a urinal, and I thought she was trying to play me or fuck me up so I kept saying no. I also remember thinking that I was in the hospital for YEARS and this random girl (Call her D) that I knew from school became a nurse and was trying to act like it wasnt really her. The nurse asked me some question, and I said no, D!!! In a way as if I just blew her cover. She laughed and said "I'm not D, I'm some complicated shit." and showed me her name tag and I was blown away in disbelief.

After that I started to come back to reality slowly, thank GOD! We didn't stay long enough to find out what the drug actually was. But whatever that shit was, it was DEFINITELY not acid, found out its some "street drug called candy," I'm not sure what it actually is though. Many people believe the drug to be 25i-Nbome. I took real acid plenty of times after, and nothing came even CLOSE to how that shit had me!! Doctors said I could of been permanently brain damaged or even dead! I'm just happy I can be here to tell the story, in a good mind.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116316
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Apr 26, 2022Views: 1,276
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