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Piña Por Favor!
Mescaline hydrochloride
Citation:   Psychestim. "Piña Por Favor!: An Experience with Mescaline hydrochloride (exp116343)". May 3, 2022.

T+ 0:00
300 mg oral Mescaline (capsule)
  T+ 8:00 1 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 9:00 1 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
I didn’t change much from the original notes I made during the trip so you have a better understanding of how I felt during the trip. My conclusion is at the bottom.


Despite being such an old and famous psychedelic, legitimate synthetic mescaline is pretty hard to come by in this day and age, especially in Europe. It was extremely popular in the 60’s but faded into obscurity over the years as the more profitable LSD took over the world. Nowadays, synthetic mescaline can be considered a novelty and is highly praised by many for its lovely and gentle character.

I have not tried Peyote, San Pedro or any other mescaline-containing cacti, but anecdotal reports suggest that the effects of mescaline HCl are noticably different due to the many other missing alkaloids. I do have some experience with other psychedelic phenalkylamines though. Namely, mescaline’s amphetamine homolog, TMA, as well as TMA-2, MAL, 2C-E, 2C-D, 2C-C, 2C-B, and a threshold dose of 2C-T-7. My girlfriend, who partook in this experience with me, has only tried 2C-B as far as phenethylamines go, but as she usually handles herself pretty well, I decided to give her the same dose as me.

This experience took place during our three week-long vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico at a beach in Puerto Escondido. The mescaline was obtained through the deepweb, lab-tested in our home town, encapsulated and brought into said country. The following report gives insight to my perspective of the trip.

Background infos:

- gender: male
- weight: 76kg
- setting: a beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.
- set: very, very excited to finally try the dinosaur psychedelic, mescaline. I’ve been looking forward to this day for months! I studied very hard the last half year and this was my well-deserved vacation after passing two very important entry exams. Emotionally I felt great. The only thing that worried me a bit was the unforgiving sun in Puerto Escondido.
- tolerance: none

We had a very small breakfast (consisting of a cup of coffee, fruits and a slice of banana bread) an hour prior to dosing. Other than the cup of coffee in the morning (T:-01:00) no other substances were consumed before this experience.

Mescaline (300mg, oral) / Trip Report:

T:-00:15: It’s 09:45 AM and already extremely hot so we rent a sun umbrella and look for a relatively secluded place on the beach to make our little camp.

T:00:00: My girlfriend and I both swallow a capsule of 300mg mescaline hydrochloride.

T:00:45: My girlfriend is already feeling sick. I hardly feel anything besides a slight queasiness. Light stimulation and muscle tension are setting in.

T:01:25: My girlfriend is lying on her back and can hardly move because of the nausea. She also has a headache and feels kind of dizzy. I must add that the temperature is around 32° Celsius and the humidity is exceptionally high today. Apart from a few unpleasant burps I haven't felt much stomach discomfort at all. This is a slow-climber like TMA, TMA-2, 2C-T-7 and MAL.

T:01:50: My girlfriends nausea is now subsiding a bit and the intensity is slowly picking up. The surfers and waves look amazing. The ease with which the surfers glide over the huge waves is very impressive and aesthetic. Color enhancement and slight geometry are starting to become visible in the blue sky. The sand also looks much more detailed and every little sand corn is clearly visible.

T:02:20: The comeup is tediously slow and feels a bit tiring. The nausea, dizziness and headache are now completely gone for my girlfriend. I still have almost no stomach issues or side-effects. Compared to the relentless nausea and almost painful retching of methallylescaline, mescaline’s comeup is tame and almost pleasant, at least at this dosage. Inner unrest is still present, however mild. The visual effects are manifesting more and more.

T:03:05: The effects apparently stopped increasing now. The color saturation is strong but other visual effects like morphing, drifting, etc. are still subtle. I had hoped to experience stronger effects by now, but let's see what happens.

T:04:00: I was swimming in the strong waves and it was very exciting. Every time a big wave came at me I dove under it and was graced by strong, colorful geometric patterns. This is the moment where I realized I was peaking, I just had to give the mescaline a little more time to shine. I leave the water and become overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of my field of vision. The wet sand looks like a huge oil painting that’s constantly changing appearance due to the waves. I spot a plastic bottle on the ground which makes me a little sad.

T:04:30: The visuals are similar to MAL, but they are clearer and more distinct. The OEV's are not particularly strong but still absoute eye-candy. The clouds are morphing into different animal shapes, the sand looks like glitter and the waves beautifully reflect the sun. I move my hands in front of my face and they are followed by strong tracers. I am surprised how bright and beautiful everything looks. But no matter how beautiful this drug is with your eyes open, the CEV's are even more gorgeous. It's incredible how elegant this soup of colors intertwines and synergizes with the music we‘re listening to. Mescaline rivals the CEV's of LSD, 2C-D, MAL, and 4-HO-MiPT.

T:05:00: My girlfriend and I get a little hungry so I cut up an Asian pear and peel a few lychees. We start talking about the ridiculous monotony and neutrality of the nashi pear. The whitish-yellow skin, acromatic flesh and the neutral and bland taste of this fruit are just hilarious. Lucky for us, a guy who sells pinapples randomly comes by. I confusedly look into his eyes before stuttering out the words "Piña por favor", which are three of the ten or so Spanish words I have in my vocabulary. We delightfully eat the pineapple and laugh while thinking about what just happened. I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I stare down the long coastline and keep emphasizing how happy I am. The euphoria of mescaline is very similar to that of MAL and TMA-2. Very entactogenic and warm, but even more cheerful and the euphoria comes more from within. Mescaline produces an exceptionally organic and primal feeling for a phenethylamine. One is also not as forcibly stimulated. It‘s up to me if I want to lay down or move around. The stimulation is rather encouraged and natural, feels very pleasant.
It‘s up to me if I want to lay down or move around. The stimulation is rather encouraged and natural, feels very pleasant.

T:06:00: The effects are still going strong, but it feels like I’ve reached a comfortable plateau. A bird lands right next to us. Its shimmering purple-black feathers look absolutely stunning. It angrily chirps for a minute before flying away. I briefly think about Alexander Shulgin and the hippies of Haight-Ashbury and how mescaline once was a really popular drug that sort of vanished from the mainstream. Would be really interesting to live in the 60‘s for a week or two.

Synthetic mescaline is an extraordinarily expensive substance but totally worth the money in my opinion. The loveliness, tranquility and smoothness are unparalleled and are what makes this psychedelic so special. It's headspace is barely noticeable at this dose and yet, to my surprise, the substance feels greatly profound and magical.

T:07:00: Although we basically didn’t do anything while tripping, this day is outright glorious. Certainly not the strongest or deepest trip by any means but for sure one of the most beautiful.

I make my way to a nearby mini-market where I buy some water, beer and nachos in preparation for the sunset. Talking to strangers wasn‘t that difficult, but the language barriers made it a bit awkward. After buying the stuff I return to our little spot.

T:08:00: Two friendly locals sold us delicious tamales which we consumed in conjunction with the nachos. When coming down off of a psychedelic a small amount of alcohol is usually really nice so we both open ourselves a can of beer and enjoy the phenomenal view. I was filled with so much euphoria and gratefulness that this day turned out so well.

T:09:00: We drank another beer and looked into the distance as the sun slowly set. Some people now also came onto the rather empty beach to view the spectacle. The effects of the mescaline notably decreased the last two hours but it doesn‘t bother me at all. This substance lasts all day and it has a very gradual and mellow comedown.

T:09:35: The sundown is so stunning I am nearly moved to tears. It is marvelous! The orange sky slowly fades into a dark red as the sun disappears below the horizon.

Mexico is just a wonderful country and this backpacking holiday couldn't be any better. Besides the sunburn I caught today there really is nothing to complain about. I almost feel guilty for writing off the mescaline too early because this trip turned out to be one of the best I‘ve ever had.

T:10:15: The sun is gone and the mescaline has basically run its course. There are still some physical and psychological effects but the mescaline is basically ignorable at this point. We walk the way home to our Airbnb. We are still very hungry but decide not to go out for dinner.

T:11:00: I developed an annoying headache as I know it from other phenethylamines.
T:11:00: I developed an annoying headache as I know it from other phenethylamines.
It could also stem from the heat and/or dehydration. Both of us drink plenty of water and swallow half a pill of Parkemed (mefenamic acid, 250mg).

T:13:30: I am lying in bed and can hear the sound of the ocean. Nearly 14 hours after intake the mescaline still hasn’t completely subsided. I can still discern slight CEV's and my head displays matching scenarios to the sounds I hear. I see waves that go together with the sounds of the sea and it puts a smile on my face.

T:14:00: I fall asleep at around midnight.

The day after:

T:22:00: Wake up at 08:00. I slept well and feel refreshed today, although the stray dogs barked very loudly during the night. Phenethylamine headache was still there, but my morning shower, a cup of coffee and some breakfast took care of it.

T:30:00: All day long me and my girlfriend were a bit irritated. The sun was unbearably hot and I was sweating more than usual. This is not necessarily related to the mescaline, however.


Mescaline is a wonderful and valuable chemical. I can absolutely see why it’s a member of Shulgin’s magical half dozen and why he put so much work into the modification of this molecule. The high price and rarity of mescaline are a shame but the substance is definitely worth seeking out. Of the 25+ psychedelics I‘ve tried, mescaline makes it among my favorites. Its gentleness and affability are very enjoyable and unique. Once you get over the long come up phase, mescaline unleashes a magic that I have only felt from very few substances. Treat it with respect like any other psychedelic but don't expect it to challenge you like an indole would. 300mg was the perfect dose for my girlfriend and I loved it too, but I think I would go for 400mg next time.

The most similar substance to mescaline I have tried is methallylescaline, however its effects are a bit more rough around the edges and they’re not as refined. MAL has a heavier, more aggressive bodyload and the nausea is also more pronounced. Additionally, the effects of mescaline are longer-lasting and more visual. Mescaline is undoubtedly the superior compound which shouldn‘t mean that MAL is not a worthwhile compound! It definitely is a great substance and a worthy substitute IMO. Mescaline and TMA-2 share some similarities too but they are definitely way different. Their bodily sensations, visuals and headspace are not at all alike. TMA-2 is not as cheerful and overall a stranger and harder-to-classify substance. I find the TMA-x distinctly different and overall less friendly, but very fascinating nonetheless.

I am very curious to see how San Pedro or any other cactus differs from pure mescaline HCl.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 116343
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: May 3, 2022Views: 2,718
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