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An Unexpected Occult Initiation
by Eve G.
Citation:   Eve G.. "An Unexpected Occult Initiation: An Experience with Fasting (exp116352)". Erowid.org. May 19, 2022. erowid.org/exp/116352


I did my first 7-day water fast in 2014. I was fasting out of curiosity since I had a vague understanding that fasting could result in spiritual experiences. To my disappointment, I didn't experience any significant psychic effects. But otherwise the experience was pretty good and I was left with a positive attitude towards fasting.

In 2022 I decided to fast due to certain health problems I was experiencing. I decided that again I'd fast for a week: (4 days of preparation +) 3 juice days + 1 water day + 3 juice days (+ 4 days of returning to normal). Due to my previous experience, I was not expecting to have any ”psychedelic” effects.

The effects of the fast started on the preparation period, when I cut out caffeine and decreased the amount of solid food I was eating. I became extremely tired and needed to go to rest. I could feel that my body was shutting down many of its normal functions for a radical healing process to begin. Throughout the fast, I experienced many kinds of pains in my body. Since I was feeling tired and was often in pain, I spent lot of time in bed during this fast. And as I did, I slipped very easily into the psychic space that exists in the darkness behind my closed eyelids.

I felt that the health problems I was experiencing were due to the restricted flow of subtler energies through my body. The main blockers were my feelings of fear, but the small white lies I had told over the years were part of the problem too. To address my health issues – and to make my life better overall – I'd need to change this. From now on, I'd need to make a deep commitment with myself to act from the places of courage and total honesty.

One important aspect of my fasting experience was about letting emotionally go of my past relationships. For example, I realized that I was still energetically entangled to the men with whom I had had sexual relationships in the past. A piece of them was still with me; and in this psychic space, I needed to give them back that piece of white light. I also pondered a lot over the future of my romantic life. Curiously, around the most intense part of the fast I saw an elf that was observing me from a green dimension. He was clearly doing some matchmaker's calculations in his mind...

During this fast I encountered two types of energy parasites. First ones were humanoid in appearance. They feigned friendliness in an attempt to get near my psychic-space body. Once they were close enough, they would attach themselves to my chakras and start to suck energy out of me. The second parasitic type were entities that could be described as ”demonic”. These had for who-knows-how-long been living inside my body, eating away my energy and my health.

Getting rid of these parasites was at first very difficult. Actually, I was so weakened psychically at this point that I don't know if I would've been able to do that by myself. But when I was fighting the first humanoid parasite off me, I spontaneously did something that I surprised myself with: in the name of Jesus Christ, I commanded the being to leave me. To my even greater surprise this worked: the creature had no choice but to immediately detach itself from me and go away. This sacred name also worked for banishing away the second humanoid parasite, as well as many demonic parasites that were residing in me. I was really impressed by this spiritual power of His name. As the fast progressed, my spiritual strength increased so that I could easily pull out the demonic entities even by myself.

During the most intense part of the fast, I became really worried that my illness might be of a gravely kind. At the noon of the water day I was experiencing intense bodily pains, feeling nauseous and was seriously struggling with the fear of death.
At the noon of the water day I was experiencing intense bodily pains, feeling nauseous and was seriously struggling with the fear of death.
At this point it occured to me that I could pray for Jesus Christ to heal me. So I did – and He heard me.

With my mind's eye I saw Him sitting next to my sick bed. His presense was awe-inspiring, for He was no less than the personification of the Universal Compassion itself. He placed His hand through my body and began to heal the sickness in me. His hand did not cause me pain, but the act of healing did. Later, on several occasions, He sat next to my sick bed; all I needed to do was to call for Him in my mind and He would be there. Besides this healing, He pulled some demonic entities out of me.

I was deeply grateful for Him. However, I also felt an inner contradiction. I told him how – even though He had done all this for me – I would not re-convert into Christianity. I had gone too far to do that. While He didn't say anything (He spoke not even once during my experience), I could feel a gentle amusement radiating from Him. It felt like I was a child who, very seriously, was explaining to her parent how she believes the world works. The parent listens these worries of the child; but he knows more than the child does, and thus that her beliefs are misguided.

Indeed, as I later reflected on this event, I realized that He didn't expect anything from me in return for His help. For love is a gift; and He was an expression of the Perfected Love. I can testify that there truly is power in His name.

All in all, this fast was really intense and transformative experience for me in many ways. As I was arising from the depths of consciousness I had descended into, I felt like I had just gone through a naturally occured occult initiation. Through this experience, I was no longer simply a student of the occult but had earned the right to call myself an occultist.

After the fast, my previous health problems have greatly lessened. I've been feeling stronger, both physically and psychically, as well as more energetic, enthusiastic and joyful. Before the fast I was also addicted to YouTube and fasting helped me to kick off that wasteful habit. This was yet one of the results that I had not anticipated at all, but feel really grateful for.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116352
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: May 19, 2022Views: 390
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